Legend of Swordsman - C.5527 - : Prison Break

Legend of Swordsman

C.5527 - : Prison Break

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Chapter 5527: Prison Break

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Thinking about it sounds beautiful.

The couple were both tier 6 Emperors, a romantic tale within the Elder Palace.

Moreover, Gong Miaoyi’s potential was good; he could even arrange for Gong Miaoyi to go to the Grave God Mountain.

Just get a spot; this matter isn’t difficult.

Everything in the future is good, but there are unexpected changes.

At this time, outside the Enforcement Hall’s prison, two groups of people had already taken their positions.

One group was personally arranged by Emperor Lu Hua, and they were trusted subordinates. The other group was composed of powerful agents of the Shadow Sect lurking within the Elder Palace.

Among the group arranged by Emperor Lu Hua, there were three tier 6 peak-level Emperors, enough to break the restrictions here. Moreover, there were over ten top-level tier 6 Emperor experts, enough to hold off the people from the Enforcement Hall.

At this moment, Wu Zuo was not present; he had gone to the Longevity Hall.

Over the years, he had become close with Tie San, naturally wanting to show his support.

Now, inside the Enforcement Hall, there were only Deputy Hall Master Zhong and three tier 6 Emperors in attendance.

The strong individuals of the Enforcement Hall were mostly in the Northern Region, while those in the Elder Palace were in the minority.

The Elder Palace was teeming with formidable individuals, and no one dared to act recklessly here.

Outside the prison, there were no guards, as there were restrictions in place, not fearing anyone daring to attempt a prison break.

Even if someone dared to come, once the restrictions were attacked, the Enforcement Hall’s experts could arrive at the scene in no time.

Both groups of people were very patient, as if they were waiting for a command.

“Take action!”

“Take action!”

Emperor Lu Hua seized the timing and directly gave the command.

At the same time, the hidden supreme-peak expert in the shadows issued a command.

Two groups of people simultaneously appeared in different locations, but their goals were the same.

Breaking into the prison!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ferocious forces suddenly attacked the restrictions outside the prison.

Deep within the prison, Jian Wushuang suddenly opened his eyes.

Although unaware of the situation outside, the arrival of attackers meant that today might be the day he would leave, a crucial part of the plan.

Inside the Law Enforcement Hall,

On this day, Vice Hall Master Zhong was not surprised; he had long anticipated a rescue attempt for Jian Wushuang, so he was well-prepared.

With a command, several tier 6 emperors and hundreds of tier 5 peak-level Emperors emerged.

“Follow me to capture the rebels!”

Vice Hall Master Zhong, rugged and carrying a mountain-splitting battle axe, led hundreds of Emperor-level experts, tearing through space and arriving outside the prison.

At this moment, both sides were somewhat surprised.

“The intelligence is incorrect!”

“Who are the opponents? Could the Palace Master have made other arrangements?”

However, with the same goal in mind, there was no immediate conflict; both sides exerted all their efforts to destroy the restrictions.

But now, Vice Hall Master Zhong and his hundreds of people had arrived.

The majestic Dao Image erupted directly, and Vice Hall Master Zhong’s strength was comparable to a supreme-peak expert.

His appearance startled many.

The mysterious supreme-peak figure in the shadows couldn’t act recklessly; they could only command the crowd to intercept the enforcers from the Law Enforcement Hall.

Vice Hall Master Zhong’s Dao Image, towering for millions of miles, slowly raised his hand and struck with an axe, causing the lake water to retreat, directly hitting the two groups of attackers targeting the restrictions.

“Let me see who has the audacity to do this!”


A violent aura directly forced back several tier 6 Emperors.

The means of concealing their auras on their bodies also shattered.

“Wang Han, you’ve got quite the nerve to dare to rob the prison!” Vice Hall Master Zhong, at a glance, recognized the leader of the peak-level tier 6 Emperor.

He was the first fierce general under Palace Master Lu Hua. freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

With peak-level tier 6 combat power, he was only a hair’s breadth away from him.

Seeing the opponent recognized him, Wang Han didn’t bother hiding and rushed forward.

“Continue attacking the restriction, I’ll stop him!”

Vice Hall Master Zhong sneered, “You think you can defeat me on your own!”

“Haha, although I can’t defeat you head-on, I still have the means to stop you!” Wang Han was very confident.

In Beiwang Tower, Wang Han had reached the tier 6 complete strength by reaching the 60th floor.

Vice Hall Master Zhong, on the other hand, reached the 61st floor.

The difference between the two was just one floor.

Although he would be suppressed in strength, he wouldn’t instantly lose. It was easy to stop Vice Hall Master Zhong for ten breaths.

Breaking the restriction required ten breaths.

Two groups of people outside exerted themselves to attack.

Jian Wushuang in the prison was tense.

As long as the restriction was opened, he would tear through space and escape directly.

He would head straight for Longevity Hall.

Wu Zuo was already waiting there.

Moreover, most of the enforcers from the Law Hall had been mobilized to the Northern Region. People like Vice Hall Master Zhong couldn’t stop him at all.

Even if he killed some people, the Inheritors and the powerful Emperors from the Four Great Secret Realms wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Even the strong from the Elder Palace, there were few who dared to come forward and stop him.

The Destruction Origin Source would bring about the collapse of the entire Longevity Hall. When that happened, the strong would scatter, causing chaos. Taking advantage of this, Jian Wushuang could lead Gong Miaoyi directly to the central hall, ride the teleportation array, and head straight to the Northern Region.

However, teleportation was only possible to the Northern Region from the Elder Palace. Only after reaching the Northern Region could they travel to other major states.


The external battles raged fiercely. Two groups on the prison raid worked simultaneously: one attacking the restrictions and the other intercepting the members of the Law Enforcement Hall.

“Li Mizhou, it’s you!” Vice Hall Master Zhong, splitting the space with an axe, revealed the supreme-peak expert behind him.

Vice Hall Master Zhong was astonished. Li Mizhou was a rare peak-level tier 6 expert in the Northern Region, comparable to the Shangqing Grand Ancestor. Unexpectedly, he had concealed his strength, turning out to be a supreme-peak powerhouse. Moreover, he dared to plot such a world-defying event as the raid on the prison.

There must be other secrets behind this.

The group led by Wang Han raided the prison because of Emperor Lu Hua. However, Li Mizhou and the other native Emperors of the Northern Region had no connection to Jian Wushuang. How could they dare to raid the prison?

“Vice Hall Master Zhong, you shouldn’t have discovered me!” Li Mizhou’s eyes contracted, his exposure evident. At this point, he couldn’t care about much. If they didn’t release Jian Wushuang, they were all finished.

A terrifying supreme-peak aura instantly descended, charging towards Vice Hall Master Zhong.

The disturbance caused by the appearance of the supreme-peak expert spread instantly.

But when the aura spread for thousands of miles, it suddenly stopped, replaced by an even more horrifying presence. Within that aura, faint demonic sounds resonated.

“Divine General Moyin!”

Everyone was startled. According to common sense, the ancient beings like the Demon Sound Divine General should not intervene in the matters of the Elder Palace.

However, a fight at the supreme-peak level had broken out, and it was related to Jian Wushuang, so the Demon Sound Divine General had no choice but to act.

He directly suppressed the situation here.

Li Mizhou, who had just exposed himself as a supreme-peak expert, was heavily injured directly.

Simultaneously, the restrictions began to shatter amidst the fluctuations of the demonic sound.

Although only slight cracks appeared, Jian Wushuang seized the opportunity. Before the cracks could heal, he tore through the surrounding space without restrictions and escaped.