Legend of Swordsman - C.5533 - : Have You Ever Been Afraid?

Legend of Swordsman

C.5533 - : Have You Ever Been Afraid?

Chapter 5533: Have You Ever Been Afraid?

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In this city, there was an Emperor at the pinnacle of tier 6.

Moreover, this Emperor had a connection with the Elder Palace.

Speaking of which, not long ago, Jian Wushuang had encountered this City Lord. It happened in Beiwang Tower, where he was still the arrogant pride of the heavens, while the other was just an ordinary tier 6 Emperor.

The native Emperors of the Four Great Secret Realms were considered ants if they didn’t reach the supreme-peak. Not to mention comparing them to the Inheritors, even the elders of the Elder Palace looked down upon these individuals.

Yet, Jian Wushuang had lost all his status, akin to a dog without a home.

He couldn’t even compare to a native Emperor.

In the dilapidated courtyard, Jian Wushuang now wore coarse clothing, while Gong Miaoyi had changed her appearance into that of a short-haired, agile woman.

“I need time!” After a few coughs, Jian Wushuang continued, “I’ll have to trouble you these days!”

Gong Miaoyi crouched on the doorstep, appearing lazy, but her mental focus remained on the outside, vigilant at all times.

Upon hearing Jian Wushuang’s words, she felt a bit dazed.

She didn’t know if escaping with Jian Wushuang was a good or bad decision.

However, the moment she left with Jian Wushuang, she felt an unprecedented sense of relief.

Especially when Jian Wushuang informed her that her father was in the mines, providing a name and even a portrait.

Initially, Jian Wushuang did have a few encounters with Nie Yuan, memorizing the latter’s appearance.

He knew that the only way to keep Gong Miaoyi in check was through Nie Yuan.

Not only did he draw Nie Yuan’s portrait, but he also fabricated a story.

Back then, Jian Wushuang had only exchanged a few words with Nie Yuan.

At that time, Nie Yuan’s identity was awkward, and although there was admiration in his heart, they didn’t form a deep friendship—there wasn’t even a nod of acknowledgment.

However, this didn’t stop him from creating a story of chivalry and courage.

Gong Miaoyi listened attentively, completely captivated by the tale.

Unconsciously, she even revealed her mother’s background.

With this, Jian Wushuang became even more certain.

Nie Yuan met his tragic end because of a woman.

Initially, Nie Yuan had asked him whether there were means on the Grave God Mountain to reverse time and space.

Perhaps the other party thought that Gong Miaoyi and her mother had already perished, leading to such thoughts.

Afterward, he was busy escaping and didn’t meet Nie Yuan again.

Later, he inquired and learned that Nie Yuan had been captured by the powerful figures of Longevity Hall for some minor matter, forced to work in the mines.

Jian Wushuang exaggeratedly recounted this to Gong Miaoyi.

“Longevity Hall!” Gong Miaoyi’s expression darkened.

She had almost become the Dao Companion of the Hall Master of Longevity Hall.

Fortunately, she and Jian Wushuang made the judgment together.

“We’re not far from the mine. Without using the teleportation array, I can take you there within a hundred years with my speed!” Jian Wushuang said sincerely because he truly intended to go to the mine. 𝓯𝘳𝘦𝑒𝓌𝘦𝘣𝓃ℴ𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝓬𝘰𝑚

It was not just to mimic Nie Yuan’s swordsmanship but more importantly to let Shen Ling know that he cared about Gong Miaoyi. It was this concern that led him to judge the Elderly Palace.

Once the other party believed it, they would arrange for someone to rescue him.

Following the clues, as long as the other party still needed his Origin Source of All Things, they would definitely make him meet Fuego. By then, with the descent of Zhen Ling, everything would be complete.

But he had thought too simplistically.

Currently, Shen Ling was observing everything. Not only did he not come to rescue him, but they also informed those Emperor-level experts pursuing him of his location.

“Deputy Hall Master Zhong, Babi has sent a message. Jian Wushuang’s hiding place has been found and is currently in Giant Gate City!”

Deputy Hall Master Zhong of the Law Enforcement Hall had long arrived in the Northern Territory. Upon hearing Giant Gate City, his expression turned cold, and he spoke, “This thief probably planned it for a long time. The teleportation array in Giant Gate City was destroyed by that condemned thief a thousand years ago. The Central Hall has never repaired it. It’s likely related to Jian Wushuang!”

“Hall Master, should we notify Vice Hall Master Wu Shan to join forces in the capture?”

“No need. We are sufficient to deal with him. Let’s depart immediately!” Vice Hall Master Zhong was excited. He then glanced at the group before him. Ever since many traitors appeared in the Elder Palace, he had become wary of trusting his entire team.

“Everyone, surrender all communication tokens. This matter must not be disclosed to anyone. Also, inform Babi to watch over his people. I won’t allow them to move. If you want 10,000 cubic cosmic crystals, I must have them too.”


However, no matter how Vice Hall Master Zhong calculated, he couldn’t foresee that his immediate superior, Wu Zuo, was the ultimate traitor.

As he made his move, Jian Wushuang received the news on his end.

At this moment, he was clearing the purple thunder within the Origin Source while discussing Nie Yuan’s matter with Gong Miaoyi.

After receiving the message, a smile involuntarily appeared on his lips.

Vice Hall Master Zhong’s group would take at least a year to arrive. He was in no hurry to leave.

For safety reasons, he would leave just before the other party arrived.

At this time, Gong Miaoyi, breaking from her usual demeanor, spoke, “Jian Wushuang, is this time really for me?”

Looking into her eyes, Jian Wushuang knew what answer she wanted.

Without saying much, he just nodded.

According to his experience, actions spoke louder than words, and a sincere gaze was more important than verbal assurances.

“Actually, I’ve been paying attention to your father’s matter for a long time. Since you told me about it, I asked Senior Qiuhuang to help me track down Uncle Nie Yuan’s whereabouts. Now, we’ve finally found him. We can reunite in a hundred years!” Jian Wushuang revealed a smile, looking at Gong Miaoyi.

Gong Miaoyi stared at Jian Wushuang, her rare almond eyes blossoming like flowers. “Aren’t you afraid of an ambush at the mining site?”

Now that they were wanted throughout the region, they would definitely investigate Jian Wushuang’s motives and previous plots.

It could be speculated that Jian Wushuang would go to the mines, and perhaps a heavenly net had already been laid there.

“Is there anything to be afraid of? Have you ever seen me scared?” Jian Wushuang said indifferently. “All the way from my hometown universe to this mysterious Qishen Temple, I have not been afraid!”

Gong Miaoyi curiously asked, “Have you ever been afraid?”

After Jian Wushuang finished speaking, it seemed that he remembered something. His gaze focused on Gong Miaoyi, and he said with deep affection, “Once…”

“There was a difficult choice once, I was afraid, but now I’m not afraid anymore!”

Gong Miaoyi stared at Jian Wushuang with her twinkling eyes, waiting for his answer.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t come with me!” Jian Wushuang’s voice was somewhat low, and his face became a bit flushed.

He hadn’t said such cheesy words in a long time.

However, Gong Miaoyi was not embarrassed at all. She acted as if she hadn’t heard anything, turning her head away from Jian Wushuang.

It seemed like she had found an answer deep in her heart.

Her thoughts turned to the mines where her father was.

At this moment, outside the mines, one of the Vice Hall Masters of the Enforcement Hall, ‘Vice Hall Master Wu Shan’, was present. Following him were several peak-level tier 6 Emperors.

“Hall Master, everything is arranged!”