Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion - C.1802 - : The Plan of the Primordial Chaos Overlord

Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

C.1802 - : The Plan of the Primordial Chaos Overlord

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Chapter 1802: The Plan of the Primordial Chaos Overlord

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Ever since the battle two years ago, Fengge City and Sun Cast City had been in constant contact.

Sun Cast City obtained one of the crucial treasures, the Life Spirit Array Foundation, from Han Muye, the master of Tuming City.

This was one of the essential treasures for Sun Cast City to become a Void City.

Another important treasure was the body of the Futian Divine Elephant.

With these two treasures combined, Sun Cast City would have the opportunity to enter the Void World.

Although Fengge City also wanted to incorporate the body of the Futian Divine Elephant into their citys foundation, without the Life Spirit Array 𝐟re𝚎𝘄𝚎𝐛𝚗o𝚟el.c𝐨𝚖

Foundation, they couldn’t merge the soul of the divine beast.

So, they ultimately chose to sell the Futian Divine Elephant.

But it remained unknown what price Sun Cast City would offer for this treasure.

Such treasures couldn’t be acquired with ordinary means.

“Okay, I’ll be there.” Han Muye put away the invitation and nodded.

Upon hearing Han Muye’s words, Feng Jiutian’s face lit up with joy, and he bowed before leaving.

He had been entrusted by his father, the City Lord of Fengge City, to invite Han Muye to the auction.

After two years, as the young City Lord of Fengge City, he naturally knew Han Muye’s identity.

Pagoda City’s Jujin Trading Company’s Master Han.

He was considered one of the most generous experts in the Alliance of Refining Masters.

Generosity stemmed from wealth.

Not only did the Jujin Trading Company now have exclusive rights to sell the

Microscopic Eye, but also held patents and commercial transactions for hundreds of other types of artifact refinement items.

Just the Jujin Trading Company alone accounted for the annual transactions equivalent to the total number of Void Grand Cities, numbering in the tens or hundreds.

If it weren’t for the protection of the entire Alliance of Refining Masters, the Jujin Trading Company would have been plundered long ago by numerous forces.

Who wouldn’t be envious of such a large trading company?

However, the Jujin Trading Company was truly willing to share its profits.

At least 30% of the profits were directly allocated.

Not for bribery, but directly benefiting all refiners.

As long as the refiners of the entire Galaxy Universe were genuinely working hard, they could receive financial support from the Jujin Trading Company.

Countless unknown refiners had unexpectedly obtained a huge amount of wealth, allowing them to study their refining techniques in peace.

Over the years, the perception of Han Muye and the Jujin Trading Company within the Alliance of Refining Masters had been increasingly positive.

Anyone who dared to plot against the Jujin Trading Company would become enemies with all the refiners in the world.

This universe was built on refining artifacts. Any major power that dared to offend refiners would find themselves without anyone to repair their damaged equipment in future battles.

Feng Jiutian was recalled by Fengge City a year ago. His father had told him that Han Mu was indeed Master Han.

According to his father’s request, Feng Jiutian’s current task was to build a strong relationship with Han Muye.

And that was what he was doing now.

In the small courtyard, Han Muye watched Feng Jiutian leave, and a spiritual light flashed in his hand.

Moments later, He Yangsun hurried over.

“Master Han.”

He Yangsun bowed respectfully.

“What’s the situation with this auction?” Han Muye asked, looking at He

Yangsun with the invitation in hand.

Han Muye naturally didn’t pay attention to these trivial matters, but He Yangsun would handle them properly.

“It’s the transaction between Sun Cast City and Fengge City.” He Yangsun glanced at the invitation and said in a low voice.

Although Sun Cast City and Fengge City had been in contact many times, the price for treasures like the body of the Futian Divine Elephant couldn’t be determined.

Finally, this transaction came about.

“Many large cities nearby have been invited, so anyone who truly desires it can compete fairly.

“Moreover, our Jujin Trading Company has also sent five divine-level battle puppets and armors to this auction.”

He Yangsun said with a smile.

For Han Muye now, treasures below the Primordial level were no longer appealing.

But in cities like Sun Cast City, transactions below the Primordial level were

the norm.

Primordial-level treasures were traded between major cities.

“l feel like these war puppets and armors are made by Jujin Trading Company,” Han Muye said with a smile and shook his head.

“After this transaction, Sun Cast City will probably prepare for ascension to the Void.

“At that time, half of the Sun Cast Academy Academy could be connected to

Cold Moon City.”

Turning to look at He Yangsun, Han Muye said, “Have you thought it through?

“Whether to go to Cold Moon City or guard Pagoda City?”

Cold Moon City was currently undergoing extensive development.

The daily trades there amounted to a huge sum.

Most importantly, Cold Moon City had the Trading Hall, where various treasures from the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods could be exchanged.

Over these two years, although the accumulation was not enough for

Primordial-level trades, all those divine-level items could already be traded.

As for Primordial-level treasures, Han Muye had quite a few of them now.

“Master Han, I’ll stay in Pagoda City,” He Yangsun bowed and said after a moment of contemplation.

“Pagoda City’s trading company is your foundation, Master Han. By staying there, I can stabilize the situation.’

Looking up at Han Muye, He Yangsun’s eyes sparkled with determination. “When the day comes that Cold Moon City no longer needs Pagoda City’s trading company as its rear support, I’ll go to Cold Moon City.”

Han Muye nodded.

He Yangsun was reliable. He knew what he wanted.

There were too many powerhouses in Cold Moon City.

However, in Pagoda City, he was the decision maker. “Alright, then Jujin Trading Company will be in your hands from now on.” Han Muye’s words brought joy to He Yangsun’s face.

That was a trading house with an annual transaction volume in the trillions of origin coins!

From now on, this behemoth of a trading house, which ruled the entire Galaxy Universe, would be under his command!

After He Yangsun left, Han Muye returned to the quiet room for refining.

Around him, the golden bird, the Golden Bead, the God-Slaying Battle Puppet, and the Five Elements Divine Furnace appeared..