Ms. Doctor Divine - C.2345 - : Mission 25

Ms. Doctor Divine

C.2345 - : Mission 25

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Chapter 2345: Mission 25

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Gu Chaoyan understood what the Emperor of Jinwei Land meant.

He just wanted to give her these first and then suppress those girls so that they could not make a comeback. When those girls did not believe her and blamed her, it would only be a matter of minutes for the Emperor of Jinwei Land to deal with her.

This wasn’t negotiating terms. He was coaxing her like she was a fool.

Gu Chaoyan glared at the Emperor of Jinwei Land. “Are you here to talk with me, or to push me into the fire pit?”

“You asked me to give them up and enjoy my own wealth.”

“And then I will be hated by all the women in the world? At that time, not to mention that you people can kill me, I’m afraid those women’s spit will drown me.”

“Although I, Xu Xunnan, am a woman, it’s not like women don’t have brains.”

“Emperor Jinwei Land, what kind of person do you take me for?”

Gu Chaoyan did not hold back at all. 𝗳r𝚎e𝘄𝐞b𝚗𝗼ve𝚕.co𝗺

The Emperor of Jinwei Land wore an unpleasant and rigid expression, far from what he had expected. Initially, he believed the terms he offered would be hard for anyone, especially a woman, to resist.

To his surprise, Xu Xunnan’s intellect worked at lightning speed. She swiftly grasped the implications and directly highlighted the advantages and disadvantages.

Naturally, the Emperor of Jinwei Land was displeased. He had extended an olive branch, but she declined it.

“I’m doing this for your benefit. With the status I’ve bestowed upon you, those other women wouldn’t dare to cross you. Furthermore, I’d choose a man of noble standing for you to marry. With such a match, what do you have to fear?” The Emperor of Jinwei Land persisted.

Gu Chaoyan was unyielding. “I don’t agree,” she stated firmly, offering no opportunity for further argument. She had no intention of wasting time on this matter. The Emperor’s proposition did not align with her desires.

Wang Yuankui, a stern general, couldn’t contain his outrage. His intimidating presence grew even more formidable. Most ordinary individuals would have cowered in fear.

But Gu Chaoyan simply sipped her tea and gazed at Wang Yuankui with a puzzled expression.

“Xu Xunnan, don’t appear as if you’re making this difficult. The Emperor is genuinely trying to be considerate,” Wang Yuankui warned. “If you don’t appreciate it, things can become quite unpleasant. You may not want what’s being offered, but do you truly believe you can leave the palace? In the end, you’ll be left with nothing.”

“Consider it carefully. If you can’t come to a decision, don’t blame me for resorting to more forceful measures.”

Wang Yuankui continued, “You and those haughty women have no escape.”

Gu Chaoyan questioned, “Is that a threat? Are you attempting to manipulate me into submission, forcing me to become a pawn in the court’s power struggles? Does the Emperor of Jinwei Land truly embody tolerance? From where I stand, he appears quite narrow-minded.”

Wang Yuankui’s words had erased the Emperor of Jinwei Land’s fleeting smile, and now his face was shrouded in darkness.

He signaled to Wang Yuankui to proceed.

He no longer wished to concern himself with this matter.

She would be brought into the palace, and anyone, be it the imperial guards or the Imperial Master, would be tasked with subduing her.

Once she was in their custody, he intended to make an example of her as a warning to the other women..