My Ceo Husband is Sworn Enemy - C.54 - Settling Scores with Ding Yinuo_1

My Ceo Husband is Sworn Enemy

C.54 - Settling Scores with Ding Yinuo_1

Chapter 54: Chapter 54 Settling Scores with Ding Yinuo_1

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This villa was built on a hillside, and on the road upward, there was a cement road leading to the top of the hill.

“Do you want to drive?” He jingled the car keys at me.

I shook my head,

“Let’s walk!”

In any case, I couldn’t sleep. Going for a walk might help to ease a bit of anxiety.

The winding mountain road seemed flat, but walking on it could be strenuous.

Ding Yinuo followed beside me, occasionally reaching out to steady me.

At least, the air was fresh, the moon helped guide the way, it wasn’t too exhausting.

Halfway up, he asked me to rest on the bench at the roadside.

Looking carefully, you can see lights from villas scattered on the hill and amongst the trees.

Despite being called a mountain, it’s essentially just a tall hill, lined with tall French plane trees and green plants in the distance.

The two of us had made it to the top of the hill in half an hour.

The view from the top was astounding; you could overlook the entire city’s lights.

And you could see a sky full of stars.

Ding Yinuo bought a bottle of water from a vending machine and unscrewed the cap before handing it to me.

“The view is nice, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s okay!’ “Just okay?”

“What else can it be?”

“Come over here, I’ve got something to show you!’

He led me to a pavilion on the edge of the hill.

There was an adjustable telescope in the middle of the pavilion…

“You can see our school from here!”


“Try it!’

Encouraged by Ding Yinuo, I picked up the telescope and looked towards the direction he pointed for a long time, but I didn’t see anything.

“You tricked me, there’s nothing there!”


He took the telescope, adjusted the view again, and handed it back to me.

This time, I looked over again and indeed, I saw the school where we studied in high school.

Everything was clear. Even the national flag on the playground and basketball court were clearly visible.

“From here, you can also see your uncle’s house, where you used to come out of that alley every day.”


“Let me adjust it for you! Here…”

The telescope, which looked like a robot, had several lenses to adjust. I didn’t understand quite well.

So, he helped me to adjust the angles and lenses.

At first, I didn’t notice anything wrong.

“Ding Yinuo, how did you know I lived at my uncle’s house? I didn’t talk to you back then, right?”

“How could I not know something the whole school knew! ”

“Cut it out, you must have inquired about me!”

“If you say so!’

“Then why did you inquire about me?” “Maybe 1 had too much free time on my hands!”

We kept up a casual conversation.

Gradually, I realized something was off.

Because he needed to help me adjust the lens, he was standing behind me all the time, reaching out from behind me to hold my hand. This position, actually, is like hugging me from behind.

His breath was sounding next to my ear…

This feeling was a little strange.

By the time I reacted, I let go of the telescope.

“Ah, I’ve seen enough!’

Ding Yinuo loosened his grip afterward.

He was looking at me.

Under the hazy moonlight, his eyes were bright, like the stars in the night sky.

“Uh, it’s getting late; let’s head back down!”

On our way down, we walked side by side, and he always walked on the side closer to the road.

I knew, he was protecting me.

This unintentional gesture suddenly changed my view of him.

This man, he wasn’t as bad as I had imagined!

“Ding Yinuo, why were you always picking on me during high school? What was the reason?”

This question had stumped me for years.

As I recall, our enmity started during high school.

Ding Yinuo chuckled.

“You have no idea?”

“What idea? Can you be straightforward?” “Don’t play dumb. You know what you’ve done!”

1 stopped him on the mountain road.

“Could you give me a hint? Honestly, I did so many things during those three years of high school, I truly don’t remember!” Ding Yinuo looked at me, still smiling.

“No hint!”

“Um, then, look, it’s been over ten years. Regardless of any grudges, we’re both probably tired of fighting after all these years. How about we let the past be the past and make up?”

Ding Yinuo, his hands in his pockets, looked at me with his charming, almond-shaped eyes. “No way!’

“Wow, you’re that petty?”

“There are some principled issues that can’t be compromised!”

“You won’t speak out! Regardless of what I did, isn’t it enough for me to apologize?”

“No, you hurt me deeply! I have been traumatized. A verbal apology isn’t enough.”

“How’s that possible? How could such a kind-hearted person like me hurt

I was racking my brain for quite a while; 1 couldn’t remember doing anything to hurt Ding Yinuo.

I even… have never hurt any small animals.

He looked at me sideways, clearly mocking, “You’re kind-hearted?”

“l swear, if I ever hurt Ding Yinuo, may I be struck by lightning… I wouldn’t

have a…”

As I was about to swear, Ding Yinuo put his finger on my lips and stopped me from finishing.

“Silly woman, don’t make reckless promises. You did it, and I didn’t kill you, did l? Besides, you’re not Song Yun. Why are you taking her blame upon yourself?”

“Ding Yinuo, you still don’t believe in Song Yun’s reincarnation, do you?”

“It’s not about believing or not, you are simply not her!”

“What should I do for you to believe that I’m her?”

Ding Yinuo looked into my eyes for a long time, his voice sexy and husky,

“You are you; why do you have to be her? You are Song Xiaoyun, a happy single woman… whereas Song Yun, she’s Gu Yuanzhou’s wife! You are not her, got it?”

Tonight, the moonlight hazy, the shadow hazy.

Ding Yinuo’s eyes were tender and seemed about to drip water.

The tone of his words was quite ambiguous, but what he said left me somewhat puzzled.

By the time we descended, it was already late at night.

As soon as I got home and was about to take a shower, the doorbell rang.

At this time, Ding Yinuo was in the shower, and I went to answer the door.

Unexpectedly, the person at the door was Ye Mengyan.

Ye Mengyan seemed rushed, her forehead was sweaty as if she was very anxious to find me. As soon as she saw me, she immediately said,

“l couldn’t get through to your phone, I couldn’t reach you. I went to your rented place, but I didn’t find you. My mom mentioned she had spent a few days here, so I thought I’d try to find you here.”

“Uh… you needed me for something?”

Ye Mengyan paused for a moment, noticing Ding Yinuo, who had just finished showering and was wrapped in a towel, “How are you two…”