My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences

C.634 - Dividing the King BonesSep 03, 2023

634 Dividing the King Bones A massive blood-red spear, standing a hundred meters tall, plummeted from the heavens.

Even before its landing, an eerie wail resonated, engulfing the skies and drowning the landscape in a torrent of blood. The land shook, and stones danced in the air, causing distress among the warriors of the six royal clans.

The mere presence of a spear powerful enough to vanquish a king alarmed the six royal clans’ experts. Without waiting for commands, every warrior on the mountain, irrespective of their rank, scrambled for safety. However, the spear’s descent was rapid, catching many off guard.

The seven paragons were submerged in a tidal wave of vengeful spirits. As for the six royal clans’ warriors, their numbers dwindled rapidly. The intense heat of the blood sea seemed to melt those who resisted its advance. The phoenix clan’s demon leaped skyward, guiding nearby martial artists away from the spear’s wrath. Yet, not all were fortunate.

Despite the black tortoise clan’s renowned endurance, the impact cracked the ground beneath them, and they smoldered. Other races suffered even greater losses, with countless being consumed by the spear’s energy, which spread several miles around.

The aftermath was evident in the air as those saved by the phoenix clan descended. Relief was palpable among the survivors amidst the blood-red aftermath.

Wu Cheng, albeit mostly unscathed, had his armor ruined. Bai Shiquan and Third Young Master Qiong had taken refuge under his protection. The Fourth Generation Fairy, however, was in a dire state. Once vibrant and full of life, her essence now waned, evident in her withering hair. She had narrowly escaped death, with only three of her four lives remaining.

Beyond the seven main figures, others from the six royal clans faced similar fates. Many warriors were decimated by the spear’s impact, while the clan elders emerged battered and dust-covered.

“This should be the end,” declared Young Master Qi, stepping forward confidently. His eyes landed on the king bones, still present amidst the bloody aftermath, and he couldn’t hide his satisfaction. “The Qilin clan’s bloodline secret techniques might unveil the bone owner’s past. We might finally uncover the blood beasts’ mysteries.”

Despite the losses, there was hope. The elders gathered around the king bones, sensing their latent power. The bones seemed both familiar and exceptional. Despite the tremendous force, they remained unscathed.

The idea of it made the clan elders’ hearts race. Could these truly be king bones? If so, there might be dozens, even hundreds, reminiscent of the ancient king bones from the King Bone Holy Altar.

The thought made the elders sigh in dismay. The fact that such a potent tool from the spirit world could be taken so easily by Prince Qing Cang was a bitter pill to swallow.

“Each of you will receive one,” announced Young Master Qi. The group exchanged glances, silently consenting to this arrangement. But first, they awaited Young Master Qi’s secret technique.

As Young Master Qi reached to collect a king bone, everyone’s attention was drawn to the horizon. The sight wasn’t just captivating for the six clans, but the experts of the three outer sects as well.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A pulsating beat, like thunder, echoed — a sound only made when the essence of a supreme expert reaches its peak, resonating across half the state. Its might was akin to nature’s wrath.

A lone figure dashed across the sky, a posture so audacious that it dominated the mystic realm’s panorama. Then, the king bones near Young Master Qi vibrated intensely, joining together. At the same time, the surrounding sea of blood retreated, and the lamentations of countless souls turned the vicinity into a nightmarish scene. A potent aura of malevolence blanketed the atmosphere, and thick fog concealed the mountain’s summit.


Suddenly, the airborne figure hurtled toward the six royal clans. Elders bellowed in defiance, launching various spells – a soaring earth dragon, fire-spreading wings, and a spear infused with the might of a fierce tiger. Yet, all efforts were in vain.

Within moments, the figure landed, stirring up a cloud of dust. There, amidst the six great royal clans, stood a tall man in a black robe. It was Qin Huai, who had journeyed tirelessly to this spot.

“All seems in order,” Qin Huai murmured. His gleaming white eyes and wind-swept white hair gave him an ethereal appearance.

Grasped in his hand was an elder from the Qiongqi clan. The latter’s gaping mouth struggled for air, and its complexion alternated between shades of green and purple. A gaping wound was evident on its abdomen.

After a brief struggle, Qin Huai ended the elder’s life, saying, “Even experts aren’t immune to time’s toll. Old age weakens even the mightiest.”

He casually discarded the elder’s body and clenched his fist. The blood sea began to churn again, and a spear materialized in Qin Huai’s grasp.