My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences

C.638 - Becoming an Emperor Requires LuckSep 04, 2023

638 Becoming an Emperor Requires Luck Qing Cang Palace.

A powerful howl resonated through the imperial city.

“I’ve said it time and again, it wasn’t me! Now, my name has been cleared.” Tears welled up in Prince Qing Cang’s eyes as he watched the secret sentries from the six royal clans retreat, much like a receding tide.

Under their constant scrutiny, Prince Qing Cang had felt stifled, unable to make any move or execute his plans. But now, with the spies gone, he could set his plans into motion once again.

Ignoring the curious onlookers, Prince Qing Cang stepped back into the imperial residence. As he did, his expression shifted to one of serenity.

A young girl, delicate in appearance, rushed to his side, “Father, are we considered good now?” Her essence glowed with a unique power.

Prince Qing Cang gently patted her head, smiling, “Yes. Now, I can get more guardian spirit items for you. Soon, the top prodigy of Great You will emerge.”

He glanced towards the secret realm of Pingwang county, muttering, “If it’s not the young emperor, nor someone from the Sacred Heart Sect, three sects, or the six clans… then who could it be?” Prince Qing Cang sighed. He had hoped to use his daughter as a beacon, rallying support when the palace’s ruler fell. Using the title ‘the world’s top prodigy’, he wanted to win over the elders of the imperial family.

His daughter, only fifteen and already at the peak of visceral prefecture realm, was an unparalleled prodigy in Great You’s history. With the powers she had amassed over time, she could command great influence. But if someone else claimed that title, his plans would be jeopardized.

“Ping’an,” Prince Qing Cang called softly.

Long Ping’an promptly appeared. “What do you need, Father?” With a calm demeanor, he awaited instructions.

Prince Qing Cang spoke, “With the spies gone from our residence, we can finally act freely. I’ve heard of a rising talent in the secret realm of Pingwang county. Assemble a team and investigate. And while you’re there, bring back some spirit stones.”

Long Ping’an felt a surge of anxiety. “Godfather, if I leave now, the six royal clans might use the opportunity to strike. Aren’t you worried?”

However, Prince Qing Cang replied confidently, “I’ve reached the king realm, so few can pose a threat to me. Unless the person in the imperial palace meets their end, I doubt anyone would dare to harm me.”


“Have you grown so bold that you question your godfather now?” Prince Qing Cang’s voice deepened, layered with implication.

Long Ping’an hurriedly answered, “I understand your orders!” Without wasting any more time, he took the Tiger Tally and headed for the prince’s residence.

Watching him leave, Prince Qing Cang’s lips curled into a smile. “Two birds, one stone.”

Inside the imperial palace, in the royal study, the little emperor contemplated a report from the secret realm of Pingwang county.

“Qin Huai remains formidable. Even the secret realm can’t overshadow him.”

An elderly voice agreed, “It proves that his power surpasses that of the realm. Despite the combined efforts of the six royal clans, they were defeated by him. This isn’t something ordinary. He might hold a power unique to emperors.”

The little emperor’s eyes widened, “Could he be this era’s emperor?”

“It’s a possibility,” the old voice mused. “His origin, Qingzhou, might hold a clue. Perhaps he possesses a treasure left behind for Qingzhou’s descendants. Achieving the emperor realm is a challenge, even for the gifted.”

There was a note of melancholy. “Who would be stronger between the Emperor of Qingzhou and you?”

“I draw my strength from the imperial city while he draws his from Qingzhou,” the ancestor replied, leaving the true meaning hanging in the air.

Curiosity sparked in the little emperor. “Why is it so hard to become an emperor? What does it entail?”

The old ancestor said cryptically, “To become emperor… it requires luck.” He then shifted the topic, “What are your thoughts on Qin Huai?”

The young emperor considered, “He’s not power-hungry but remains cautious. Despite his abilities, he chose to stay in Qingzhou, risking all to change its fate. He went so far as to defy the six royal clans and expose his talents, knowing it would draw attention and make him their target.”