Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.957 Advent Of The Monarch (Part 6)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.957 Advent Of The Monarch (Part 6)

"I need your help," Evan said, staring into the cold and indifferent eyes of the man sitting in front of him.

"Help?" The man's expression remained unchanged upon hearing Evan and he asked while resting his head on his palm. "How can I help you?"

'This guy...' Evan sighed inwardly and pointed at the screen showing Baphomet and Eldrakar. "I need your help to defeat them."

The man's lips curved upward slightly when he heard Evan. "Defeat them?" He spoke in the same cold voice. "I thought you wanted to kill them?"

'Kill them...' Evan was taken aback by the man's words.

Of course, he wanted to kill them, but the question was: is it possible to kill two Rank Six Core Evolvers?

Both of them were rulers of their races and must have dozens of life-saving methods. Even with the help of the man in front of him, Evan believed it wouldn't be easy to kill them.

'Because of the dreams I saw about him, I know he is powerful, but even with his powers, it would take too long to kill them, and I don't want to waste even a single second...' Evan said to himself, thinking about Elora who had suddenly disappeared.

For now, he just wanted to survive against Baphomet and Eldrakar and check on Elora's condition.

He didn't care about Baphomet and Eldrakar's life and death because sooner or later, he would personally reap their souls.

The man looked at Evan with his cold and indifferent eyes and when he heard Evan's thoughts, a small sneer appeared on his face.

'He is still ignorant about his origin...' The man thought without any change in his expression and looked at the screen showing what was happening outside.

'But it's a good thing because these two people can't die yet. Both of them still have to fulfill their purpose... Especially the new Monarch of Demons.'

"I don't want to kill them, just help me make them retreat or expel them from the Tomb," Evan said after a moment, hoping to end everything as soon as possible so that he could check on Elora and why his connection with her had become so weak.

The man stopped looking at the screen and his gaze returned to Evan.

He stared at the man who looked similar to him and when he heard Evan's thoughts about how he was worried about Elora, for a split second, his cold eyes flashed with a strange emotion.

'Yes, this time we will definitely succeed...' The man thought inwardly and spoke after a moment. "I will help you."

When Evan heard the man, he was stunned because he thought it would be difficult to convince this guy to help him.

But when he agreed without any problem, he was loss for words and didn't know what to say.

"You are me and I am you. If you die here, it means you are a failure, your failure means my failure... And I never fail," The man spoke when he saw Evan's lost expression after he agreed to help him.

Evan came back to his senses upon hearing the man and looked into his cold and indifferent eyes with a strange look on his face.

'I never fail, huh...' He thought inwardly and felt bitter for an unknown reason.

Although Evan felt strange after hearing the man, he shook his head and stopped thinking about it as it wasn't the time for this.

"How are you going to help me? If I am not wrong, you are just a strand of soul, right?" He asked after regaining his composure.

"You don't need to know how I am going to help you," The man spoke in an indifferent voice. "Before I start, there are still five minutes left before the effect of the Temporal Distortion Field ends. If you want to ask something, you can ask within these five minutes."

Evan wanted to tell the man to repel Baphomet and Eldrakar as soon as possible so that he could check Elora's condition, but when he considered how not even one second had passed in the outside world due to the effect of the Time Watch, he held himself back and thought about the things he wanted to ask.

After a few seconds, he asked about the thing that appeared in front of him again and again.

"What is the Origin Universe?"

Hearing Evan, the man shifted his head a little as if looking into the far distance and answered without any change in his expression.

"The Origin Universe is our home... A home that we destroyed with our own hands."

"What?" Evan felt confused upon hearing the man and spoke with a frown on his face. "Can you speak more clearly?"

The man turned his head and looked back at Evan but didn't say anything, merely looking at him indifferently.

'This ice block...' Evan's mouth couldn't help but twitch when he saw this.

Although the man didn't say anything, Evan could easily understand that he didn't want to talk about the Origin Universe anymore.

Evan took a deep breath and asked something else that was related to his current situation. "What is inside that pillar of light?"

"You can go inside and check it out yourself."

'This fu*ker...' Evan looked at the man's indifferent expression and felt like slapping him a few times.

'What a hateful personality,' He thought and said with a deadpan look on his face, "Can you answer my question a little more seriously? I feel like you are just messing with me."

"I don't know what you are talking about. I gave you perfect answers to both of your questions," The man said with a frown on his face.

Seeing the frown on the man's face as if he were speaking the truth, Evan sighed inwardly and felt that the IQ of his cold personality was quite low.

He thought for a few seconds and asked another question he was interested in.

"Tell me more about the Heart of Origin and my race, Eltharon."