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C.219 - : Blessing of the Goddess of Luck! Lucky Blessing!Aug 18, 2023

219 Chapter 219: Blessing of the Goddess of Luck! Lucky Blessing! [You have entered the Kingdom of Luck]

[You have received the attention of the Goddess of Luck]

[Lady Luck is showing you kindness.]

As soon as he entered the Lucky Divine Realm, Su Yang spotted a beautiful woman in the distance.

She possessed grace and a voluptuous figure. Her face was exquisitely crafted, displaying both beauty and a mature charm.

“Heavenly Sun? Why are you here?”

“And how did you manage to get in?”

The arrival of Su Yang surprised the Luck Goddess.

Moreover, she had been imprisoned by Supreme Fate, a place even a half-step Eternal couldn’t reach.

Even though she was a half-step Eternal, she couldn’t defy the will of Supreme Fate.

However, as an ancient god, she quickly understood.

It was likely that the Heavenly Sun was blessed by Supreme Fate and possessed the Fate Constitution, making him immune to the rules of Supreme Fate.

This could also explain why the Heavenly Sun could appear in the Fate Divine Realm.

Soon, she became greatly surprised. It had only been a short while, and the Heavenly Sun had become an undying god.

Being imprisoned by Supreme Fate, she was unaware of the events in the outside world and couldn’t observe it.

Her beautiful eyes shone with brilliance. It seemed that the Heavenly Sun had encountered many things during her absence. As one of the oldest gods in the Heavenly Realm, she had witnessed countless talents, and the Heavenly Sun was undoubtedly one of the best.

“What, you don’t welcome me?”

Su Yang approached, finding the Luck Goddess truly enchanting.

Among the countless beings in Heaven, only a few possessed the beauty of the Luck Goddess.

Su Yang had to contemplate it. He couldn’t let go of this opportunity!

He had seen it before, so he had to find a way to see it again!

“You have helped me, and for that, you were imprisoned by Supreme Fate. I have come here specifically to set you free.”

Su Yang’s gaze assessed the Luck Goddess, already scheming something unknown in his heart…

And the Luck Goddess remained unaware of this…

However, speaking of their karma, Su Yang and the Luck Goddess had a lot between them.

For instance, the lucky button, the lucky hair clip, and the lucky undergarment.

These items would be of great assistance to him.

Especially when he was being watched, he had acquired a total of 12 points of luck attribute.

After saying that, Su Yang planned to release the Luck Goddess from Supreme Fate’s imprisonment.


Lady Luck swiftly intervened, halting Su Yang.

It was easy to create karma between Heavenly Sun and herself when they came into contact with imprisonment. This was something he didn’t know!

As one of the oldest gods, she could sense that something significant was about to occur.

With the appearance of the Heavenly Sun, there would undoubtedly be bloodshed.

Moreover, the last time she assisted the Heavenly Sun, she already incurred karma.

Many powerful beings would undoubtedly sense it.

She didn’t wish to repeat the same mistake as her arch-enemy, the Goddess of Misfortune.

Although Supreme Fate imprisoned her, it also served as her protection.

She and the Heavenly Sun had formed a good relationship, but it would be easy for everyone to be implicated in the future.

After all, she had contributed to the Heavenly Sun’s breakthrough to the ten deities.

On the contrary, she hoped that Supreme Fate would keep her imprisoned for a longer duration.

Hiding in the past was the safest choice.

Not only did it help the Heavenly Sun, but it also avoided interfering with karma.

The Luck Goddess smiled.

The smile of the Luck Goddess appeared exceptionally beautiful.

However, she couldn’t shake the feeling that the Heavenly Sun’s gaze seemed calculating, as if he harbored ulterior motives toward her.

“Alright, then I’ll take my leave.”

Su Yang withdrew his gaze and prepared to depart.

The consecutive battles of the past few days had drained him, and he needed a good rest.

After defeating the Evil God of Nightfall, the next step was to condense the body of the ten gods.

As soon as he returned home and laid down, he was whisked away to the Arena of Fate by the Sorcerer Ancestor.

After that, he didn’t pause and headed to the Fallen God Secret Realm. Even now, he was still rushing about.

The one-year deadline was approaching, and Su Yang needed to preserve his energy to deal with what lay ahead.

[You have received the blessing of the Goddess of Luck]

[Your luck has reached its peak. The Inch has automatically comprehended the Law of Luck.]

[Acquired new title: Lucky Favor]

[Lady Luck has defied Supreme Fate’s trajectory and has been imprisoned by Supreme Fate for a long time.]

“Thank you, Goddess of Luck.”

“However, are you sure you don’t want me to help you?”

Su Yang asked again, his gaze filled with confusion.

The Luck Goddess smiled, seeming to be in a pleasant mood.

“This is a scroll that leads to the Land of Misfortune. It might be useful to you.”

“Let’s return. I find great comfort in my Lucky Divine Kingdom and have no desire to venture out.”

Su Yang accepted the scroll, his expression turning strange. He then stepped into the teleportation array and returned to his villa.

“Even after all you’ve endured, you’re still smiling?”

Once Su Yang returned to his villa, he also smiled.

“Perhaps she has sensed something. There is a looming crisis in the future.”

“Supreme Fate’s imprisonment is, in a way, a form of protection.”

As a being who had lived for a long time, traces of his actions were usually present.

“Maybe she doesn’t want to be implicated by me.”

“After all, she’s already been tainted by karma with me, and I’m at odds with most of the factions in the heavens.”

Su Yang whispered softly, his mind agile as he moved forward cautiously.

However, he didn’t expect to truly comprehend the Law of Luck during this journey.

This was an advanced law, and rare at that. Normally, it was difficult to grasp.

Unless, through competitive talent, one could kill the gods in the domain of the Luck Goddess or the Luck Goddess herself.

Su Yang would never do such a thing.

At this moment, due to the Luck Goddess’s gift, he had comprehended the Law of Luck. That was already quite remarkable.

Su Yang shook his head, ceasing his thoughts about the Goddess of Luck, and proceeded to assess his gains.

[Land of Misfortune Secret Realm Scroll]

[Type: Scroll]

[Introduction: The ruined God’s Kingdom of the Goddess of Misfortune. Once fatally destroyed, this place has become a land of misfortune after hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation, filled with the spirits of misfortune.]

[Hint: Playing with bad luck will eventually be played by bad luck—Misfortune Goddess]


“The Luck Opposite Law is a rare and high-level law.”

Su Yang’s expression turned ambiguous. He aimed to collect 3,000 laws and advance perfectly to Eternal Advancement.

There were certain rare laws that were hard to come by. The gift bestowed upon him by the Luck Goddess was extremely valuable.

“Controlling luck can improve one’s fortune.”

“However, by controlling bad luck, you can also afflict the enemy with misfortune and bad luck.”

“But if I enter the Land of Misfortune, will I be affected by the Law of Misfortune and bring disaster upon myself?”

Su Yang gazed at the scroll before him, lost in deep thought.

Laws related to fate had always been enigmatic and profound. There was no room for recklessness.

It wouldn’t be wise to rush in and suffer from misfortune.

“Perhaps I’ve gained a new ability through comprehending the Law of Luck. Luck’s Blessing might resolve this issue.”

A hint of curiosity flickered across Su Yang’s face.