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C.239 - : : Creating a World! Salvation from Misfortune!Dec 12, 2023

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[Master of the Land of Misfortune]

[100% Control]

[Effect 1: You can design the core survival of the world. You have complete control over the world.]

[Effect 2: When you have control authority in a world, you will receive a complete enhancement from the world’s original order. You will have complete control over the world’s original authority.]

Your overall strength will increase by 100 times.

You will be immune to all attacks from ordinary objects. You will be immune to all attacks that cause death, karma, fate, etc.

You can adjust the rules of the world according to your imagination. This world is your domain.

[Introduction: You are the original consciousness of the World of Misfortune.

You can bestow special rights upon any creature.]

“A Realm Master?”

Su Yang could feel that his control over the Land of Misfortune had reached 100%.

As long as he wanted to, he could change the rules of abilities here at will.

This realm was a world that truly belonged to him.

The original consciousness of the Blue Planet World also granted Su Yang 10% control.

However, the difference was that the Blue Planet did not belong to Su Yang, whereas this World of Misfortune was the world that truly belonged to him. He could create mountains, rivers, living beings, and everything else here.

He also had absolute control over the laws here!


Su Yang’s thoughts shifted, causing the surrounding mountains and rivers to tremble.

He ensured that the environment here was sufficient, instantly erasing any traces of holes in the ground.

“That area will be the Flame World. I want all the divine flames listed on the Divine Flames Ranking in the Heavenly Realm to be here!”

Su Yang waved his hand, and the mountains and rivers moved. One place transformed into a scorching flame domain!

He could easily create all the divine flames with the Great Dao of Fire!

“I want this piece of sky, with thunder and rain!”

Su Yang began using his Law of Intelligence to coordinate with the Laws of the World of Misfortune in order to re-plan this world.

In this moment, he was the God of Creation in this world!

“That is the territory of the Robot Empire!”

Following Su Yang’s pointing finger, a massive mechanical hand rose into the air and flew in that direction.

An abundance of metal materialized out of thin air, and the robotic arm swiftly created robots according to Su Yang’s wishes.

These robots were equipped with powerful gear, but they lacked life.

“Mechanical creation! ”

Su Yang used his ability, Mechanical Creation, to give life to all the robots.

Some were Gold, some were Silver, some were Platinum, and some were even Diamond!

As long as it was a mechanical life lower than Su Yang’s level, he could create

“Father, it’s pitch black here. What do you think we should do?”

The mechanical lives came to life one by one, all kneeling down towards Su Yang.

This world was filled with a gray hue. It did not seem like endless darkness, nor was there any light.

“Let there be light!”

Su Yang said softly. Then, he stretched out his hand, and a blazing light soared into the sky.

This ray of light ascended directly above the World of Misfortune, forming a scorching sun.

“God said, ‘let there be light,’ so there is light in this world!”

Many mechanical lives cheered. In their eyes, Su Yang was the supreme god.

“There must be plants here too!”

Su Yang waved his hand again. The entire World of Misfortune was covered with lush towering trees and various flowers. 𝒇𝓻𝙚𝙚𝙬𝙚𝒃𝙣𝒐𝓿𝙚𝓵.𝒄𝒐𝒎

“Where is the temple?”

Su Yang designated another area for the remaining spirits of misfortune to reside and thrive.

After completing everything, Su Yang nodded in satisfaction.

The once lifeless world now brimmed with vitality under Su Yang’s control.

Normally, Su Yang wouldn’t be able to transform such a vast world using all of his Divinity points.

However, as the controller of this world, he utilized the origin power of this world, which didn’t drain much of Su Yang’s own energy.

After accumulating for hundreds of thousands of years, the origin energy of this world was ridiculously potent, so it remained unaffected.

“The coordinates of this world seem to be closer to the Goddess of Luck.”

“The Goddess of Luck gave me the scroll of the power of misfortune. Could it be that she intended to create an opportunity for me to look back?”

“Yes, I have to make good use of it!”

Su Yang’s eyes gradually lit up. He felt that his intuition was correct.

“Is the seal in the sky still there?”

“Now that this realm is under my control, I have the obligation to break that seal!”

Su Yang closed his eyes and sensed the source of the seal’s power.

The entire vast world was under his control. Not a blade of grass or tree here could hide from him.

He had to break this seal, or else all the beings in the World ot Misfortune would be unable to leave.

Similar to the defensive line he had built in the wizarding world.

The only difference was that the wizarding world would actively attack the defensive line, regardless of casualties.

The seal here only acted as a barrier preventing them from departing.

With a thought, Su Yang quickly located the source of the sealing power.

“Now that I’ve found it, there’s no rush. Let’s explore the new ability I just acquired.”

Su Yang opened his Delusion-breaker Eye and inspected the new ability he had obtained.

[Misfortune Redemption]

[Requirements: You must comprehend the Law of Misfortune to obtain it.]

[Effect 1: Powerful Law of Misfortune, capable of nullifying everything related to luck.]

[Effect 2: Any living creature that comes into contact with you will be tainted by misfortune, whether in battle or through brief contact. If the person you engage in combat with dies from the poison, regardless of your own power, you will be affected by misfortune and perish.]

[Effect 3: Everything you employ will become an item of misfortune. Due to the formidable power of misfortune, all misfortune will stay far away from you.

You are an entity redeemed by misfortune.]

[Effect 4: As long as the opponent has not transcended, you can directly perceive their misfortune value and can also directly alter the course of their misfortune. However, you will face the punishment of the Supreme Fate.]

[Hint: All negative luck effects do not affect you.]

[Introduction: Comprehending the Law of Misfortune is a form of bad luck for you because from now on, you will remain distant. Anyone who comes into contact with you will inevitably be plagued by misfortune. You are lonely.]

“It seems that the Goddess of Misfortune from decades ago was a loner.”

Su Yang looked at the introduction of Misfortune Redemption and couldn’t help but shake his head.

The Law of Misfortune was powerful, but it also made it the easiest to become isolated.

Apart from not affecting himself, it would impact anyone around him.

Such was the power of misfortune!

However, Su Yang wasn’t concerned about this effect at all because he still

possessed the Law of Luck!