Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - C.3463 - : Return The Jade


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Chapter 3463: Return The Jade

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When Ye Jian turned around and headed to the hotel, White Crane handed the things he brought over to Xia Jinyuan. “The commander-in-chief said that he will pass this piece of jade to you temporarily.”

He didn’t come out to fetch the two of them. He just didn’t want Ye Jian to know some details, so he found an excuse.

Xia Jinyuan took the jade pendant that allowed Ye Zhifan to rise from a village official to a provincial official. His fingers gently rubbed the patterns on it. It was very delicate and felt quite good. This jade was a token of love that his future father-in-law gave to his mother-in-law. Who knew that it would become used by others?

“Not long after the jade was given to Jian’s mother, something happened to me. Then, something happened to her mother. Later, it became Jian’s nightmare when she was young. Our family of three suffered because of it. It’s obvious that it’s not a mascot.

“After you reach the Southern Province and take it back from Sun Ying, don’t show it to Jian. Don’t let her remember what happened when she was young as it’ll make her feel sad. Hand it to me directly. I’ve also told your father that the jade is private. It can’t be used as evidence.

“After I get it, I’ll donate it to the country’s museum. Although it’s not very auspicious, it’s still an old item from the palace. It should go back to where it came from.”

Before coming to the Southern Province, Mr. Fu had secretly told these words to Xia Jinyuan.

Since he had received his future father-in-law’s instructions, Xia Jinyuan naturally complied. f𝚛𝗲𝐞𝐰e𝗯n𝗼v𝗲𝚕.𝚌o𝐦

It was good to hand it over to the country’s museum. The value of the old items from the palace couldn’t be measured with money anymore. They were all cultural relics.

This piece of jade would go back to where it came from. This was the end of the matter.

Ever since Mr. Fu knew that the jade was still around, he had never thought of taking it back.

The love token became the source of Ye Jian’s suffering when she was young. Mr. Fu didn’t know how to face it. He might as well donate it to prevent affecting Ye Jian’s mood.

With Mr. Fu’s advice, Xia Jinyuan didn’t show it to Ye Jian. The next day, the two of them went to the martyr park together. Grandpa Gen was also resting here.

They went to Grandpa Gen’s grave first. Xia Jinyuan placed the flowers in his hand in front of the old man’s tombstone and saluted the old man with Ye Jian. Then, they knelt down together.

Ye Jian kowtowed three times to the kind-looking old man in the black and white picture. Then, she told Grandpa Gen everything that had happened in the past year. She stayed for almost half an hour before leaving.

When they arrived at the grave of Sun Xueqing, Ye Jian looked at her mother, who was smiling gently in the photo. She kowtowed and emphasized that the military had found the mastermind. Now, Ye Jian wasn’t as excited as before. Her voice was gentle as if she was chatting. She even talked about Mr. Fu and the old man. Of course, she didn’t forget to talk about the man beside her.

As they walked, the cold wind blew past the delicate petals of the flowers. A few petals fluttered in the wind. They were sometimes high and sometimes low. In the end, they were swept into the distance with the cold wind as if they were carrying Ye Jian’s words to their loved ones.

Ye Jian looked at the flower petals that were rolling into the distance and smiled slightly. She asked the man accompanying her, “Captain Xia, do you think my mother could hear what I said just now?”

Using science as an explanation, she naturally couldn’t hear Ye Jian. However, spiritually, Ye Jian’s mother would be able to hear her.

Holding her slightly cold hand, Xia Jinyuan smiled and said, “Yes. Mother-in-law has always lived in your heart. Of course, she can hear what you say.”

That was right. Her mother, whom Ye Jian loved the most, had always lived in her heart. Naturally, she could hear what she said.