Reborn in the Eighties as a Housewife with a Space - C.322 - 315: Trip to the County Town

Reborn in the Eighties as a Housewife with a Space

C.322 - 315: Trip to the County Town

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Chapter 322: Chapter 315: Trip to the County Town

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When Yu Xiu first heard the news of Chu Molin e s injury, she was quite surprised.

Because she hadn’t heard about anyone going on a mission recently, but she did hear about someone participating in some sort of special training.

As a result, Chu Molin was injured and almost died. At that time, she was still thinking,

What would Qin Xue, who is pregnant now, do if Chu Molin died?

Could she bear the blow? How would she live in the future?

Before she could finish worrying, she heard that Chu Molin’s surgery was very successful, and he was out of danger. She was really happy for Chu Molin and Qin Xue.

As military spouses, they all know that soldiers may lose their lives at any time.

So as military spouses, they are always prepared to become widows.

“Qin Xue, is this your mother?” Yu Xiu saw an elegant-looking woman playing with Jingtao, who looked similar to Qin Xue. Plus, she heard that Qin Xue had arrived, so it should be her mother.

“Yes, sister-in-law, this is my mother Nangong Shulan.” Qin Xue replied and introduced Yu Xiu to her mother just like she did with Fang Xiu.

“Auntie, you’re really beautiful. I always say Qin Xue is beautiful, but now I see she inherited it from you.” Yu Xiu smiled and complimented.

“Oh, you flatter me.” Nangong Shulan was in a good mood, knowing that these two people had good personalities and could become friends with Qin Xue. 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝓮𝓌𝑒𝒷𝘯ℴ𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

Just yesterday, Qin Xue said she had opened a clothing store with someone, and today she brought her over, probably to put her at ease.

“Auntie, please sit down. I’ll go check on the store first. Qin Xue, you guys can have lunch here before you go back.

When it’s about time, you can come and watch the store, and I’ll go cook.” Yu Xiu asked Qin Xue.

“Sure, I don’t mind. Today, my mom and 1 came to tovvn with two goals:

One is to send a telegram, and the other is to bother Fang Xiu a bit more, asking her to make two sets of clothes for my grandparents.

We’ll pay the same wage as last time,” Qin Xue explained her intentions.

“Sure, what are the measurements? What style will we be making this time?” Fang Xiu got excited upon hearing this. Was this a sign of a new design, and a chance to learn something new?

“Here you go.” The drawings were taken from the original ones by Qin Xue, who modified them.

“Mom, please tell Fang Xiu grandpa and grandma’s measurements. Their clothes are all made by Fang Xiu.” Qin Xue looked at her mother.

“So the beautiful clothes were all made by you, young lady? Your craftsmanship is really good.” Nangong Shulan had been there for a while and thought the clothes were made by another tailor.

But she hadn’t seen anyone else for half a day, and it turned out the tailor was so young.

Remarkable, such a young age and so skilled at making clothes, she’ll definitely achieve great things in the future.

“Auntie, you’re too kind. As long as you like the clothes, it’s all good.” Fang Xiu, after all young, felt somewhat embarrassed by the praise.

Meanwhile, they were discussing the clothes enthusiastically, Chu Molin went to get the baby walker for Qin Xue.

“Is anyone home?” Chu Molin’s deep and thick voice echoed at the entrance of the Li’s house.

“Who’s here?” Li Xiang was studying the baby walker that Qin Xue had asked him to make.

He had been figuring out how to use it since it was finished.

But no matter how he looked at it, something seemed off. He didn’t know what part Qin Xue said was missing.

“Uncle, I’m Qin Xue’s husband. She asked me to come and get the baby walker.” Chu Molin saw a middle-aged man coming out of the house, which perfectly matched Qin Xue’s description.

So, upon seeing the man, he got straight to the point and explained the reason for his visit.

“But why didn’t that girl come?” Li Xiang became anxious.

“She was busy and couldn’t come, so she asked me to come instead. Don’t worry, I’m not a liar.” Chu Molin thought he didn’t look like a bad person.

“But that girl said there’s still a part missing. We can’t finish it without her coming.” Li Xiang knew Chu Molin misunderstood his meaning..