Reborn in the Eighties as a Housewife with a Space - C.325 - 318: The Telegram Has Arrived

Reborn in the Eighties as a Housewife with a Space

C.325 - 318: The Telegram Has Arrived

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Chapter 325: Chapter 318: The Telegram Has Arrived

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The Qin family village was bustling today, as the village chief’s grandfather was celebrating his birthday.

A good number of people were invited to the birthday celebration, and Qin Lei came to help with the preparations.

“Uncle Lei, 1 heard that Auntie has gone to visit Qin Xue in Province S?” Da Gang from the Qin family asked Qin Lei.

“Yeah, she went there a couple of days ago.” Qin Lei said with a smile.

“Why did Auntie go to see Qin Xue in Province S at this time?” Da Gang once liked Qin Xue, but unfortunately, Qin Xue didn’t like him.

Later, he followed his family’s arrangement to get married. Now he has a son, and his wife is a good woman, so he is living a good life.

But perhaps because of the past heartache, he sometimes still asks about Qin Xue’s situation.

“Oh, it’s just that Qin Xue is pregnant, and your Auntie wanted to go see her. Xiao Yu didn’t want his mother to go alone, so he accompanied her.” Qin Lei didn’t think there was anything that he couldn’t say about this. 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

“Qin Xue is having a baby, congratulations Uncle Lei, you’ll be a grandfather.” Gangzi was happy for Qin Xue too.

He congratulated Qin Lei with a smile, and from now on, he would not have any thoughts about her.

“Hehe, thank you, Da Gang.” Qin Lei gratefully accepted Gangzi’s congratulation. Although Qin Xue was not his biological daughter, she was still the daughter he had spoiled since childhood.

“Lei, I heard there is a telegram for you, you should go check it out.” Big Qin had been looking for Qin Lei all around.

It was just that there were too many people today, and many were invited to the old master’s birthday celebration. Furthermore, at this time, when a feast was held, those who came to the feast all brought their families.

This made the place even more crowded, as the point of organizing a feast was to make it lively. The more people came, the happier the host.

“It must be Shulan and the others who have arrived in Province S and sent a telegram back to report their safety. I’ll go check it out. Thank you, big brother.” Qin Lei was relieved now.

“No need to be polite.” Big Qin’s dark face was full of smiles.

Qin Lei washed his hands and went to the office to check the telegram.

“Dad, how did you know there was a telegram for Uncle Lei?” Gangzi asked his father curiously.

“Because I just came back from town and met the postman.” Big Qin answered his son’s question.

“So that’s how you knew. You met the postman.” Gangzi knew that his father had gone to the street to buy meat today specifically for his wife’s confinement period meals.

Originally, it should have been Da Gang who went to buy the meat, but the village chief’s house needed help.

So, Big Qin let Da Gang come to help at the village chief’s house and he went to buy the meat himself.

After Qin Lei arrived at the office, the village director handed him a telegram.

“Lei, here’s your telegram.”

“Thank you, Uncle Four.” Qin Lei happily took the telegram and started reading.

Qin Lei couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear after reading the message.

“What does the telegram say? You’re so happy.” Uncle Four asked Qin Lei.

“Shulan said that when it’s time, Qin Xue will come back with them.” Qin Lei hadn’t seen his daughter for more than half a year, so of course, he was happy to know she was coming back.

“Oh, Qin Xue is coming back. It’s been more than half a year since she got married.

Time really flies!” Uncle Four sighed that time passed so fast. For older people, the faster time passed, the faster life slipped away.

“Alright, go help Big Brother’s family prepare the feast.” Uncle Four waved his hand, letting Qin Lei go.

Uncle Four was getting old, and he would be reaching retirement age by the end of the year.

Once he retired, it would be his son who takes over the position.

At this time, people’s national consciousness was not strong, and the village cadres were basically passed down one after another.

With a spring in his step, Qin Lei returned to help out at the feast. Perhaps because of his good mood, his hands moved faster and faster, which caught the attention of many people.

Qin Lei was not unaware of the people watching him, but he didn’t say anything and just enjoyed himself privately in his mind..