Simplified Beast Evolution Path - C.363 - Forge the EvidenceJul 11, 2023

Simplified Beast Evolution Path

C.363 - Forge the EvidenceJul 11, 2023

363 Forge the Evidence

At the same time, when that person disappeared, the Spiritual Domain shattered.

A black-robed young man holding a scepter spat out a mouthful of blood outside another vortex. Then he fell straight to the ground. He could no longer stand up.

On the other side, after Su Bai dealt with the Spiritual Domain that trapped them, they found a huge hole in the ground. The group rode on Golden Dragon, and it flew them out of the cave.

However, some men noticed Su Bai and his group not long after they flew out of the cave.

Of course, those men would not let Su Bai appear in their world in a dignified manner.

“Not good. The young master is already dead!”

The butler wanted to see how far the young master had gone.

Among the Yadi family, there was a young master who locked himself in a cellar.

There were all kinds of crystals and Beast-cores in the cellar, enough for the young master to lock Su Bai and the others up from a distance.

At this moment, after the young master finished setting up the Beast Space in front of Su Bai and the others. He lay still in the cellar. Su Bai had destroyed that young master’s Spiritual Domain unexpectedly.

The butler, who had come to check on the situation, turned pale when he saw that. He hurriedly went to inform the family head.

He hurriedly went to invite the family head.

“Do you know who the young master is dealing with?” asked the Yadi family head.

The butler gritted his teeth and said, “Su Bai. When we helped Elder Koyadi escape, the young master fought with them once.”

The elder of the Yadi family was furious. He knocked the scepter in his hand on the ground heavily.

“It’s Su Bai again! I think he was the one who got first place in the alchemy competition last time. Yan Ci died in his hands. Now, he has killed my son!”

The Yadi family head’s face was red, and the anger in his eyes seemed to want to destroy the other party directly.

The butler in front of him did not say a word.

“Master, what should we do next?”

After the Yadi family heard that, they naturally could not hold back.

“What else can we do? I will avenge my son!”

When the Yadi family head said that, he gritted his teeth. If Su Bai stood in front of him, he would definitely crush him to death.

There was only one patriarch in the Yadi family, and he had two children. One was a daughter who had married into the Paris family long ago.

The other was a son. The Yadi family head had pampered his son since he was young and nurtured him as his successor. He had poured countless efforts and resources into his son.

The Yadi family originally did not have so few successors. In any large family, to nurture the most outstanding talents, there would often be many children.

However, the Yadi family’s patriarch had once tried to run for the patriarch position. He had killed all his brothers and sisters.

Currently, the Yadi family could be said to only have the patriarch in charge. Therefore, the only successor to the family head was his son. However, when he looked at his son’s corpse, his vision went black.

Just as the Yadi family head was about to fall, the butler steadied him.

The Yadi family head sighed heavily, ‘My only successor is my youngest daughter. But she’s already married. Am I going to ask her to come home and take over the family business?’

The Yadi family head was a little conflicted. But he only hesitated for a short time. After all, compared to the heir, his priority now was to find Su Bai and the others And make him pay with blood!

While thinking about that, the Yadi family had tried to lock onto Su Bai’s position.

Su Bai and his group were not walking fast. They were still enjoying the scenery on the way.

Su Bai could feel the other party’s gaze on him, but as long as the other party did not make a move. Su Bai would not take the initiative to do anything as well.

Su Bai and his group were planning to return to Heavencraft City to meet Roger and the others.

This time, Su Bai won first place in alchemy. Roger would never give up this opportunity.

In this era, it did not matter that becoming a Beastmaster was the best choice. As long as one trained his skills well, the robots he created could also fight against Beasts.

Because of that, Roger had been waiting for them in Heavencraft City for a long time.

Su Bai knew Roger was anxious, but he could not do anything about it. After all, he had been traveling as fast as he could.

Who knew that there would be a small incident at the moment.

When the governor of Heavencraft City received the news from the head of the Yadi family, he was more or less surprised.

The Yadi family head said Su Bai had killed his son, and he demanded the governor give him an explanation.

The governor had not seen Su Bai since they entered the Earth Abyss.

Now, the Yadi family head said that he wanted the governor to make a verdict, but the governor had no idea how.

But the Yadi family head did not want to wait for Su Bai to reach Heavencraft City.

At this moment, Su Bai and the others were much closer to the Yadi family’s mansion than the Heavencraft City.

After the Yadi family head finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Paris, who was standing beside, looked at the Yadi family head anxiously.

“Father, how was it? Did the governor agree to your terms?” asked Paris.

The governor of Heavencraft City was one of the best in the city. Previously, his battle strength was above the others, especially among those who were fighting for Heavencraft City. As a result, he easily became the governor of Heavencraft City.

But the governor’s life was too smooth, so he did not like Su Bai when he first saw him. Later on, when he got to know Su Bai and got in touch with him, he had a clear understanding of Su Bai’s character.

Of course, the governor would not believe everything the Yadi family head said.

“Alright, if you wish so, I will go and take a look.” said the governor.

After the governor agreed, he began to advance toward the Yadi family’s mansion.

As soon as the Yadi family head hung up the phone, Paris became anxious.

The Yadi family head looked at Paris and said, “The governor said that he would come, but he might not believe us now. Compared to us, he seems to trust King Fenry and Su Bai more.”

The Yadi family head’s words were already very obvious. Since the other party did not believe him. He had to find some evidence to make the other party believe him.

There was no evidence now. Then the Yadi family head would create evidence to prove that Su Bai had harmed his precious son.

Paris did not expect that the Yadi family head’s son would be killed by Su Bai.

But Paris knew Su Bai well, and he knew the Yadi family head and his son even better. It was because they failed to frame Su Bai, so now they wanted to get rid of him.

But Su Bai was not someone they could frame. Therefore, the first thing the Yadi family head did was contact Paris. Because the Yadi family had believed that the two of them could definitely get rid of Su Bai!