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C.366 - Pressing onJul 12, 2023

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The governor of Heavencraft City thought for a short while and said, “It’s very likely that they don’t know your people. However, since we are going to invite them, it is not appropriate to fight again.”

The governor and the head of the Yadi family saw Su Bai and the others on the screen as if they were going to fight with the other party.

The head of the Yadi family smiled bitterly as he looked at the governor. He said, “This is how they fought their way here. Are we really going to be helpless against them?”

The governor pondered seriously.

In fact, the people in Heavencraft City did not care who killed who. Especially in such a big city, it was common for someone to dislike you today and envy you tomorrow.

Moreover, even within the family, there would be fighting and killing. Not to mention these people.

However, what the Yadi Family said was Su Bai, and the others hurt others. Even wanted to seize power and plot against the Yadi family.

No one else would believe such a grandiose thing.

The governor of Heavencraft City was not stupid. He knew Su Bai was not that kind of person.

Besides, Su Bai had the freedom to choose a family. He knew very well what Su Bai would choose.

But now, the evidence that the head of the Yadi family had produced was somewhat flabbergasted.

First of all, Su Bai and the others were outsiders. Moreover, he was so powerful in the Alchemy competition.

On the surface, Su Bai was a Gold-level Beastmaster. It was strange that he was hiding the skills of Alchemy.

Double cultivation was a surprising thing, especially after Su Bai appeared and so many things happened.

There was Su Bai’s aura on the son of the head of the Yadi family. It was Su Bai’s aura that remained in his Spiritual Domain after the fight.

With this evidence, the Yadi family could prove that Su Bai was indeed the murderer of the son of the head of the Yadi family.

At the same time, as for whether Su Bai wanted to seize the position of the head of Yadi’s family, it was only Paris’s words.

In this way, the two people kept talking with each other. Therefore, Heavencraft City became a bit dubious.

Although the governor did not believe everything, it was already good enough for Paris. The governor was in half-doubt.

The governor was wondering why an outsider would want to obtain the position of the family head, and after obtaining the position of the family head, what else did he want.

These questions gradually penetrated into the mind of the governor of Heavencraft City.

After all, this half-doubt was the best evidence.

“Go and bring Su Bai and the others here!” said the governor.

After the governor finished speaking, the few people beside him quickly left the Yadi family mansion. They rushed towards Su Bai and the others.

Su Bai and the others were still confronting the guards of the Yadi family. Both parties refused to let each other step back.

Su Bai was in a good mood today. After he got the soft metal “ribbon”, he had a new idea about his Alchemy.

Alchemy was Su Bai’s hobby. Now that there was something new and fun, he naturally wanted to try again. However, these guards in front of him were really an eyesore.

One of the guards said, “My advice is for you to not fight with us and just follow us.”

Su Bai did see the mark of the Yadi family on them. He was just wondering if he wanted to follow them.

“Why should we go with you? So what if you are from the Yadi family?” Lu Le asked angrily.

The guards were staring at Su Bai and his group. They said, “Please don’t make things difficult for us.”

Su Bai was still in a dilemma, but someone else came over from behind these guards.

Su Bai and the others recognized them. They were the guards following the governor of Heavencraft City, and they had the crest of Heavencraft City on them, just like the guards of the Yadi family.

“Mr. Su Bai, please don’t make things difficult for us. Please come with us. The Yadi family head and the governor are waiting for you.”

Su Bai looked at the guards, nodded, and followed them.

Murong Xue was a little confused, but she did not say anything.

Lu Le glanced at Bing Qingqing, and they followed behind Su Bai in confusion.

When Su Bai and his group arrived at the mansion of the Yadi family, Su Bai finally realized what was strange. It was obvious that they had fought before!

“Before we were trapped in the Spiritual Domain, there was a possibility that it was the Yadi family!”

Lu Le was shocked. He asked, “How are we the guests here?! This is clearly a trap! Are they trying to avenge their family members?”

Su Bai did not reply. It seemed like that was the case.

However, what Su Bai did not understand now was what was the relationship between the governor and the head of the Yadi family.

Su Bai also wondered if the two of them discussed it together or something else. He could not make a judgment yet.

When Su Bai and his group entered the mansion, Su Bai saw the governor sitting on the main seat.

The governor looked at Su Bai with interest and said, “I remember that you’re a Beastmaster. You also have very high attainments in Alchemy. I’ve watched all your previous matches, and you’ve always been first.”

The governor was talking about the Alchemy competition.

Su Bai’s results in the last few competitions were always excellent.

Su Bai nodded, but he knew that was not what the governor wanted to ask.

“What do you want to say?” Su Bai asked.

Su Bai felt that the governor was a smart man, so he did not want to beat around the bush with him.

The other party seemed to understand Su Bai’s meaning, so they stopped beating around the bush.

The governor only snapped his fingers and asked, “Did you kill this person? I extracted his Spiritual Domain and found traces of you attacking him.”

Su Bai looked at the corpse and noticed that the corpse was well protected.

Even though that person was dead, his face was so pale that it was terrifying. However, if it still retained a trace of a “human” aura. The aura of this person was very rare.

After all, in Alchemy, there was a type of Alchemist that was used to refine humans. Especially since Su Bai had seen a soft “ribbon” today.

It also meant that if Su Bai wanted to refine something soft, he only needed this material.

“Yes, I did it. But he’s attacking us,” said Su Bai.

The governor frowned and said, “I can’t just listen to both of your words and draw a conclusion. The head of the Yadi family said that you attacked his son and wanted to kill him, and you said that the other party wanted to attack you.”

Su Bai nodded. Their words were indeed one-sided.

However, Su Bai thought about it seriously and asked, “What proof does the other party have? Did we hurt his son first?”

The head of the Yadi family knocked the scepter in his hand heavily on the ground and roared, “You killed him. Isn’t that the best evidence?”

The governor was obviously not satisfied with the answer. But the head of the Yadi family was not a boorish man. He just said that, but his eyes were on Su Bai and the others.