Simplified Beast Evolution Path - C.380 - Twists and TurnsJul 17, 2023

Simplified Beast Evolution Path

C.380 - Twists and TurnsJul 17, 2023

380 Twists and Turns

Su Bai really wanted to sigh. But he thought about it and sighed, ‘I might as well spend my time making the Crystal Maker.’

During the competition, Su Bai wasted some time thinking about what he wanted to do. Moreover, those crystals were not real crystals.

It would be easier to use real crystals to make crystals now.

For Su Bai, this was as easy as using the computer to copy and paste. Especially when there were so many watchers in front of him.

There were even a few more cameras and surveillance cameras facing Su Bai.

“Alright, I’ll start now,” said Su Bai.

Su Bai thought the sooner he acted, the sooner he could leave.

The assessment started at 10:00 a.m. and ended at 10:30 a.m.

From the beginning of the confrontation until now, it was almost 11 a.m.

According to the time of the assessment, it would be 11:30 a. m. after Su Bai finished.

Su Bai sighed. He looked at the others helplessly and said, “I’ll try to be quick.”

At this hour, it was not a problem for him to eat. Thinking of that, Su Bai glanced at those in front of him.

Anyway, as long as the invigilators were around, it would not be a problem for Su Bai to create the Crystal Maker again. The main point was that they could also tell if he had cheated or not.

In fact, when Su Bai was making the Crystal Maker, as long as the invigilator rewatched the live broadcast, he would be able to find that there was indeed no problem and Su Bai did not cheat.

But now, someone told Su Bai that his materials were mistakenly given. It showed that the person who wanted to frame Su Bai not only wanted to report him for making a fool of himself but also wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

Su Bai would not let that person leave so easily. He might as well directly make the organizer even angrier. After all, Su Bai was not the one who had caused so much trouble.

Su Bai could not help but hasten up his work.

[Dude, you’re working so fast. Can you slow down a little?]

[Ah, so making crystals is so simple. But when I start to move my hands, no, I don’t have hands at all.]

[I thought I could still understand it, but now I find that I can’t understand anymore!]

All kinds of comments made the patriarch of the Yadi family gritted his teeth. The anger on his face seemed to be able to swallow Su Bai.

If the patriarch of the Yadi family could hurt Su Bai through the screen, he would have already started to poke the screen.

The patriarch of the Yadi family was unable to calm down. Then, a call suddenly came at that moment. The phone call was full of curses, “I’m screwed because of you!”

After saying that, the person who called hung up the phone.

Of course, the patriarch of the Yadi family knew who the caller was. He thought the caller was a psycho that vented all his anger on him.

When they were working together, they had clearly agreed to the risk they would have.

If something happened to the patriarch of the Yadi family this time, he would not let the other person off either.

Moreover, when they first started working together, that person was very enthusiastic. That person wanted this and that resource. He did not seem to be afraid at all.

The patriarch of the Yadi family clenched his fists. When he wanted to call again, someone else had already picked up, “Hello, this is the prison of Heavencraft City. The owner of the phone has entered the prison to negotiate. Are you the patriarch of the Yadi family?”

The name on the phone call that was displayed was the patriarch of the Yadi family. In other words, even if he did not admit it, the other party would know that he was the patriarch of the Yadi family. It was meaningless to admit it or not.

The patriarch of the Yadi family gritted his teeth and said, “That’s right. I’m the patriarch of the Yadi family.”

However, a serious voice soon came from the other end, “Our investigation shows that you are trying to frame Mr. Su Bai. So please tell us your location.”

In this place, just because you stood still and let the other party catch you, you would not be able to reduce your sin.

However, if you really wanted to go against the other party, then your sins would only worsen.

In other words, there was only the so-called original punishment and no so-called reduced punishment.

At this moment, the patriarch of the Yadi family was also feeling somewhat helpless. However, it was also easy for him to escape now.

Firstly, the patriarch of the Yadi family had not given the other party anything. Secondly, every time he called the other party, he would erase the evidence.

At least to the patriarch of the Yadi family, it was better for him to run now than to wait for those people to investigate him. If there was no problem, then no one would think that he was the one who did these things.

In short, the patriarch of the Yadi family was a little helpless now. Especially looking at the screen, there was no problem with Su Bai now.

Su Bai had even managed to create the Crystal Maker. All he needed was to put in some wood and copper, plus a little crystal, and he could create a crystal.

Although the crystal was not big, it could at least be used to make crystals. If others followed what Su Bai did, it would not take long for them to make many crystals.

In fact, the others did not even need to fight for crystals anymore.

If Su Bai’s technology could be put into use, there would be no one in the world who lacked crystals. Similarly, crystals were very likely to become a very common thing.

Su Bai did not think too much about it. He just looked at the group of people in front of him and slowly said, “Are we done yet?”

Those people had yet to recover from their shock. They had just seen Su Bai condense his power and use these materials.

At least in their eyes, Su Bai had made the Crystal Maker the moment they saw the pile of materials. But they all knew that it was Su Bai who created it with these materials.

The professor with light blond hair looked at Su Bai and said with interest: “I am an Alchemist from the Paris family. Are you interested in joining our Paris family?”

Su Bai clicked his tongue. Before he came here, the Paris family was the first family he had excluded from his mind.

In Su Bai’s opinion, the research institute was really dark. Who knew when he would be able to come out after he plunged into it.

Just as Su Bai was about to refuse, Professor Jiang picked up a call.

Then, as Professor Jiang was worried that Su Bai would not accept it, he smiled and asked, “Why don’t we make a deal?”

Su Bai wanted to refuse without thinking. Besides the Alchemist of the Paris family, others had their eyes on Su Bai.

“I’m the one who wants to cooperate with Su Bai!”

Su Bai sized up the young man and thought, ‘This young man looked quite young, and his every move was full of energy. However, when he met the eyes of the Paris family, it seemed like they were going to fight.’