Simplified Beast Evolution Path

C.436 - : Collaboration with the Ji FamilyDec 16, 2023

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Su Bai looked at Lu Le and Bing Qingqing, whose strength had already improved, and said, “Very well, how about I increase the intensity of your training?”

Upon hearing that, the corners of Lu Le’s mouth twitched. He said, “Boss, you’ve changed! How did you become such a devil?”

Su Bai smiled faintly, and this smile made Lu Le feel like he was in trouble. Su Bai said, “You didn’t expect this, did you? Your boss, me, has always been such a devil!”

Su Bai wanted to tease Lu Le and the others a bit more, but his phone rang at this moment. The caller was Roger. He couldn’t help but wonder why Roger was suddenly calling him.

But the curiosity lasted only for a moment. Su Bai instantly remembered that since establishing the base, he hadn’t contacted Roger at all. He felt a slight sense of guilt and answered the call directly.

However, the moment Su Bai answered, he regretted it. The voice on the other end made it impossible for him to feel the slightest guilt.

“Su Bai! Did you forget about me? Otherwise, I can’t figure out why you haven’t contacted me since establishing the base until now.”

Su Bai sighed, “I’ve been busy.”

It wasn’t entirely a lie. After all, Su Bai had to train his group, take on orders, and most importantly, he was still exploring his new skill. He hadn’t found a suitable opportunity to practice his Chemist skill. If possible, he wanted to play around with the skill.

Unfortunately, Su Bai didn’t have many medicinal materials at the moment, not to mention books.

Su Bail s reply was not enough to pacify Roger. But Roger knew Su Bai’s personality too well.

“I have a student who wants to join your base. I think his talent is pretty good, so I wanted to ask you a favor,” said Roger. 𝓯𝒓𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝓷𝙤𝒗𝒆𝒍.𝙘𝙤𝙢

Su Bai still trusted Roger’s judgment in character. After all, Olive was also Roger’s student.

Su Bai agreed directly, “Sure, let him come over.”

Roger wanted to say something more to Su Bai, but Su Bai had already hung up the phone.

Roger sighed, “Su Bai agreed, but he didn’t say when. Otherwise, I’ll take you to see him tomorrow.”

Gong Haohao nodded. He thought, ‘It would be best if I could go over right now, but being too eager might arouse suspicion. It was better to wait for the right time. Moreover, it was just until tomorrow. I could prepare well in the meantime.’

After that, Gong Haohao left directly.

“Thanks, Professor. I’ll come to meet you early tomorrow.”

After saying that, Gong Haohao left straightforwardly.

Watching his departing figure, Roger turned to Zhang Yan and complained, “Today’s students are so ruthless. I feel like I’m just a tool. Su Bai hasn’t contacted me since he established the base. Apart from bringing some students to him last time to help establish the base, he hasn’t said anything else.”

However, Su Bai did send a batch of equipment. At the same time, he also provided a lot of resources to those helpers.

Zhang Yan ruthlessly shattered his complaint, “You’re like you want to find Su Bai but are too embarrassed to do so! You can just bring the students to see him tomorrow.”

Roger nodded.

The matter was considered settled.

On the other hand, the Ji Family had also made preparations. Ji Yan’s discussion with Su Bai had been arranged quite early. Mainly because during this period, there were no Neasts around.

Su Bai could also assess the presence of Beasts based on the area. That way, it would be convenient for Su Bai to calculate the required fee.

“Mr. Ji, the car is ready.”

Ji Yan nodded at his subordinates and said, “Let’s go to Su Bails base.”

Su Bai and the others had just finished breakfast, and Lu Le began his intensive training.

“Once you show good results in your training, I’ll let you take on some of the orders that you could handle on your own.” Su Bai promised.

Lu Le kept that promise in mind and he was motivated to train harder. When he was going into the training space, the doorbell rang.

Su Bai looked at the monitor. On the screen was a silver-haired youth. There were several bodyguards-like individuals behind him.

Although the silver-haired youth appeared somewhat weak, Su Bai felt that this person was not simple. He cleared his throat and asked, “May I ask who it

The other party’s voice was cold, “We’ve been in contact with Mr. Su Bai before. I’m here today to sign the contract.”

Su Bai rubbed his chin and didn’t expect the person in charge from Ji Family to look like this. He opened the door directly and said, “Please, have a seat.” The other party sat down in Su Bails living room without any courtesy.

From the young man’s actions, Su Bai thought he seemed like a wealthy young master.

“I am Ji Yan. Here is the contract between you and me. You are Mr. Su Bai, right?” Ji Yan introduced.

Su Bai nodded and took the contract from Ji Yan. The contract was quite friendly to him, but the price was not filled in. As the other party had said, they would discuss the specific price after arriving at the location. Anyway, Su Bai wouldn’t lose out.

“Don’t you practice Beastmaster skills?” Su Bai asked as he raised an eyebrow and looked at Ji Yan.

Ji Yan cleared his throat and said, “Don’t I look like it?”

Ji Yan thought that his face looked like that of a sickly young man. Not at all like someone with a healthy physique.

Su Bai smiled and shattered Ji Yan’s thoughts. He said, “Yes, you don’t look like it at all. But from the perspective of a Beastmaster, you don’t look like someone who doesn’t have a Beast. However, from the perspective of an ordinary person, you indeed don’t look like a Beastmaster.”

Ji Yan narrowed his eyes and said, “Mr. Su Bai, you have sharp eyes.”

During their conversation, the doorbell at the entrance rang once again. Su Bai stood up slowly and said, “I apologize, let me go and check.”

However, Su Bai did have some impression of the person following Roger. When he was establishing the base, this person had wanted to join, but Su Bai had rejected him. This time, it was Roger who brought him along.

However, Su Bai thought for a moment. He hadn’t asked Roger to bring anyone over yesterday. Su Bai said, “I’ll open the door for you.”

Although he had agreed, Su Bai hadn’t specified anything.

“Su Bai!” Roger called out Su Bail s name, only to see a bright silver-haired youth sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Roger’s mouth twitched and thought, ‘Who is this guy? How did he get entangled with Su Bai?’

Su Bai looked at Roger’s expression with some curiosity and asked, “Do you know him?”

Roger sighed, “He’s the top cooperation target of the Heavencraft City, Ji

Family’s young master, but he’s adopted.”

Roger wanted to add that Olive was also from the Ji Family, but the other party had repeatedly warned him, so he didn’t feel comfortable saying it..