Simulation Towards Immortality In A Group Chat - C.320: 132: Profound Ice Emperor! Eternal Frozen Land_3

Simulation Towards Immortality In A Group Chat

C.320: 132: Profound Ice Emperor! Eternal Frozen Land_3

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After all, someone at the Profound Elixir Realm could easily crush one at the half-step Profound Elixir Realm, let alone those at the Quasi-Emperor and Emperor levels.

However, this Profound Ice Empress Ji Bingyan managed to bring a few Emperors from the Blood Demon Clan down with her with just her Quasi-Emperor cultivation, which was simply unbelievable.

No wonder she had such a title, making her appear extremely remarkable.

If this Profound Ice Empress Ji Bingyan hadn’t met her end halfway, perhaps she would have grown to the level of the Guilt-Punishing Emperor in the future…

“The Ice Palace was truly terrifying in its heyday. One Ice Emperor, who was highly regarded by the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord despite her death. Another Profound Ice Empress, who needs no further explanation…”

Wang Ping couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

“It’s a pity that after reaching its peak, the Ice Palace has declined. Now it does not even have an Emperor and has fallen to the level of a Holy Land, relying on the Heavenly Sword Divine Land for survival.”

Wang Ping sighed again in his heart.

He always felt that the current Ice Palace, let alone an Emperor, might not even have a Quasi-Emperor…

[As you recall all the information about the Eternal Frozen Land, you find it hard to keep your composure. You never imagined that you would be sent to such a place. However, you’re lucky to be in the outer region of the Eternal Frozen Land. If you had gone any deeper, you would have been dead for sure.]

[Even in the outer region, you were severely injured and almost froze to death. If it hadn’t been for the young girl Xue’er who saved you, you would have died.]

[Seeing your shocked expression, Xue’er didn’t ask much and fed you medication without even questioning your identity or background. You weren’t used to receiving such careful and gentle care from a young girl, so you told her that you could drink it yourself.]

[Xue’er insisted that you were a wounded person and should just lie there. Feeling helpless, and unable to move your body, you could only awkwardly accept being fed the medicine.]

[In the blink of an eye, a year had passed. During this year, your injuries had healed somewhat, but were still far from complete recovery. You were disheartened, having been injured too severely. Furthermore, your Storage Ring had shattered due to the Spatial Turbulence during the transfer, making it impossible for you to consume any Elixirs. You could only recuperate by resting.]

[Though Xue’er’s herbal medicine had some effect, they were ultimately low-grade and their healing properties were not very significant. However, you had no other choice. Finding herbs in this icy world was difficult to begin with, so having some to drink was already quite good, and you were not going to be picky.]

[In addition, throughout this year, you also learned more about the surrounding powers in the Eternal Frozen Land. There were two major powers in the area where you were located.]

[One power was the Profound Ice Sect, founded by someone who claimed to be a disciple of Profound Ice Empress, their goal was to protect their Master Ji Bingyan.] 𝐟𝐫eewe𝗯𝐧𝚘ve𝐥.c𝚘𝚖

[As for the other power, it was the Ice Poison Sect. Profound Ice Empress Ji Bingyan had gone through the Purple Spirit Realm during her lifetime, winning over many fervent followers. The Ice Poison Sect was founded by her followers. The two powers were neighbors with good relations and formed an alliance.]

[However, what puzzled Wang Ping was that since the founder of Ice Poison Sect was Profound Ice Empress Ji Bingyan’s follower, why didn’t they join forces to build the Profound Ice Sect? Instead, they established another sect. Perhaps there was a hidden reason.]

[But you weren’t interested in uncovering the secrets. Now, you just wanted to heal your injuries, continue cultivating, grow stronger, attempt to break through to the half-step Yin Yang Mirror, and then the Yin Yang Mirror.]

[Another year had passed, and your injuries had healed significantly once again, allowing you to wield the power of the Profound Elixir Realm. During this period, you curiously asked Xue’er why she didn’t try to join the two major sects to cultivate. Xue’er replied that she had poor talent and, despite being 80 years old, had only reached the Spirit Sea Realm and did not qualify to join two major sects.]

[At Xue’er’s response, you were shocked. It turned out that Xue’er’s age was exactly the same as the late Bing Ningyue, or Ji Bingyue. You even started to suspect if the two were related by blood.]

[However, you were unable to verify this at the moment and had to suppress your doubts.]

[In the blink of an eye, another five years had passed. Your injuries were fully healed, and you regained your Profound Elixir Realm Great Perfection strength. With your help, Xue’er obtained a Heaven-tier inferior ice cultivation skill and 6th Tier Spiritual Materials, allowing you to successfully help her condense the Ice Spirit Body.]

[However, condensing the Ice Spirit Body was secondary. During these five years, you tried to activate any potential Ice Emperor bloodline within Xue’er but failed every time. You didn’t know if it was because the 8-tier Elixirs you had brought to her were too low-grade and couldn’t activate her bloodline, or if your guess was simply wrong.]

[At the same time, during these five years, you, Xue’er, and the white fox-Xiaobai she had adopted had been venturing in the outer area of the Eternal Frozen Land, hunting and living. Although life was monotonous, you found long-lost warmth in Xue’er and felt a sense of home.]

[In the blink of an eye, another five years had passed. You felt that the time was right and considered breaking through to the half-step Yin Yang Realm. Unfortunately, you ultimately couldn’t find a way to do so. It wasn’t your lack of aptitude, nor your lack of foundation, but simply the absence of conditions for a breakthrough.]

[That was because the Yin Yang Mirror was also a unique realm that focused on the forces of Yin and Yang. To break through to the half-step Yin Yang Mirror, one would need to inscribe either the Yin Power or the Yang Power on their Profound Elixir. To break through to the Yin Yang Mirror, one would need to supplement either the Yang Power or the Yin Power based on their half-step Yin Yang Mirror cultivation, forming a complete Yin Yang Diagram on their Profound Elixir.]