Spiritual Recovery: Gamification of Reality

C.106 - : Old Factory ConquerorSep 23, 2023

Chapter 106: Old Factory Conqueror

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“I’m sorry, Bancheng. I have no choice.”

“It’s okay, I understand.”

“Alright, then I’m relieved. I don’t know what’s wrong with the old man at home. He said that I won’t be going at night and that I shouldn’t go back in the future. There’s no choice.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

After Su Bancheng hung up, he was the fourth person to call and postpone tonight’s dinner. With a wave of his right hand, the five copper coins instantly flashed with the phantom of gossip.

Damn it.

Someone was causing trouble.

He wanted to see who it was.

Su Bancheng narrowed his eyes and his Heavenly Secrets Internal Breath instantly moved. The five copper coins seemed to have been pulled by something and flickered with the phantom of the Eight Trigrams. They left his palm and floated in the air, buzzing endlessly.

An Ya, who was sitting opposite him, watched Su Bancheng’s movements expressionlessly.

The next second.

The five copper coins stopped chirping and fell to the table. They began to spin an extremely fast speed. After a long while, they landed steadily on the table in a row.

An invalid divination.

Su Bancheng frowned.


In the end…


Su Bancheng tried three more times, but all five were invalid divinations. In the end, he gave up on the sixth divination. He put away the copper coin and looked at An Ya with a frown. “Are you messing with me?” An Ya snorted.

Seeing this, Su Bancheng frowned as his thoughts raced.

“A few days ago, a few people I made appointments with at the bureau called one after another. They said that they had something on tonight and couldn’t make it.”

“It’s indeed strange.”


Su Bancheng seemed to have thought of something and looked up at An Ya.

“Are you alright tonight?”

An Ya shook her head. “I…’

Before she could finish her sentence.

The phone rang.

Su Bancheng’s eyebrows twitched.

An Ya took out her phone and glanced at the caller ID. She glanced at Su

Bancheng and answered the call. “Team Leader Zhou.”

Su Bancheng heaved a sigh of relief and looked at An Ya. “Let him come here for tea.”

An Ya remained silent.

After a while.

An Ya hung up the phone calmly. She frowned and looked at Su Bancheng. She thought for a moment and said, “Zhou Tianzheng can’t come tonight.” This time, Su Bancheng’s eyebrows did not twitch. Instead, they twitched.

“What?” “He’s busy tonight!”

“What is it?”

“I asked, but he didn’t say.”

Su Bancheng took a deep breath and grabbed his phone. He was prepared to call Team Leader Zhou and go over himself to clarify things.

Who exactly was it that was poaching his guest at this time?

At this moment, the door of the tea room was pushed open.

A beautiful woman in her early forties walked in. She looked elegant and noble. It was Su Meng’s mother, Su Ruyi.

Su Ruyi held the phone in her hand and looked at Su Bancheng.

“Old Fu from Fu Manlou and Chairman Xu from Tianqing Jewelry. Councilman

Zhou just called me and said that he has important plans for tonight.”


Hearing his sister’s words, Su Bancheng was clearly stunned.

The phone rang again.

Su Bancheng subconsciously looked over and answered the call expressionlessly.

It was a team leader of Su Bancheng’s operations team.

” Sir! ”

“Are they here?”


Su Bancheng listened to the sudden pause on the phone and could not help but laugh. Then, he took a deep breath and said, “Reason.”

On the other end of the line, the team leader said helplessly, “Sir, I have no choice. My mother-in-law has to let me go back tonight. If I don’t go, I’ll let my wife bring my child back to her family tomorrow.”

While the group was having a headache, he explained to his mother-in-law that tonight was their immediate superior’s niece’s birthday. He had to go.

In the end…

His mother-in-law ignored him and insisted.

Not only that, but the most important thing was that even his wife, whom he had always thought would be a virtuous wife, stood on his mother-in-law’s side without hesitation this time. She even said that going there tonight was more important than going to his superior’s banquet.

Could a birthday party in an old factory street be as high-class as the Su Banking Group’s birthday party?

“Wait a minute!”

“What’s wrong?”

The team leader was slightly stunned. He heard Su Bancheng’s voice on the phone “Sir?”

Su Bancheng narrowed his eyes. “Did you just say the old factory street?”

The team leader nodded in confusion. “Yes, my mother-in-law lives in the old factory community. Why, sir?”

“It’s okay.” “Then, sir, I’ll…”

“Go on, I got it.”

Su Bancheng hung up the phone again. As his thoughts spun, he looked up at his sister, Su Ruyu, who had just entered.

“Where’s Mengmeng?”

“She’s tinkering with her electronic divination program in the bedroom. She said she wanted to update it or something.”

“Call her over.”


Su Ruyu looked at the expression on Su Bancheng’s face and nodded. She turned around and walked out of the tea room.

Although An Ya didn’t say anything, she seemed to have thought of something after hearing what Su Bancheng said about the old factory community.

After a while.

Su Meng, who was still wearing her home clothes, walked into the tea room. After greeting Su Bancheng, she noticed An Ya and her eyes lit up.

“Sister An Ya, when did you get here? I didn’t even know.”

“It’s been a while.”

An Ya smiled and looked at Su Meng. “By the way, happy birthday.” Su Meng’s round eyes were filled with joy. “Thank you, Sister An Ya.”

With that, Su Meng blinked her big eyes and looked at Su Bancheng.

She seemed to be saying, “Wish me Happy Birthday.”

Su Bancheng saw it, but he ignored it and looked at Su Meng. “Did you invite Xu Bai tonight?”

Su Meng was taken aback and blinked her eyes.

“What happened?” “Did you invite him?”


Su Meng said this as her eyes turned into crescent moons. “But Master doesn’t want to come. However, Master told me that after I finish participating, I can look for him. He’ll celebrate my birthday alone.”

The case was solved.

Su Bancheng was now 100% certain who had snatched his guest away.

‘That’s him.’ Xu Bai!


Where did he get so many connections?

Su Bancheng could not help but frown.

Seeing this, Su Meng looked at the expression on her Uncle Pu Xin’s face and said suspiciously, “Uncle, you won’t stop me from going, right? If you don’t agree, then you can go to the birthday you arranged tonight. I won’t go either.”

In any case, she did not want her birthday party to become a gathering of the Su Banking Group.


After all, her surname was Su.

Therefore, even if Su Meng did not like her birthday and turned it into a banquet for her family, she would still be punctual and learn how to attend such a banquet.

Su Bancheng looked at Su Meng and laughed.

“Really?” “Yeah.”

“That’s great!”

A happy expression appeared on Su Meng’s face. She didn’t care about the feast tonight or what gifts her family friends would give her. She was looking forward to what gifts Master would give her tonight.

“Then I’ll get going first.”


Upon seeing this, Su Meng quickly turned around. She planned to put on her clothes and finish the birthday party arranged by her family as soon as possible. Then, she would run to her Master to celebrate her real birthday.


After Su Meng left, Su Bancheng asked his sister, Su Ruyi, to leave as well. Then, he looked at An Ya. “So, you didn’t want to attend my niece’s birthday banquet, so you snatched all the guests we invited over to his side?”

What kind of operation was this?

Su Bancheng said that he had been eating salt for almost 50 years, but this was the first time he had seen such a thing.

“What does he want?”

Su Bancheng could not help but ask, “Also, how did he do it?”

Forget about the team leader under him.

However, there were deputy directors like him, the deputy director, the businessmen’s Fuman Restaurant, Tianqing Jewelry, and the Jingzhou representative.

No matter how he looked at it, it didn’t seem like an ordinary thing that a field agent of the 38th Precinct in Feng City could do. An Ya met Su Bancheng’s gaze with a calm expression.

“Did you even look at his profile?” “What do you think?”

“Then you shouldn’t have said that.”

“What words.”

“He’s capable of it.”

An Ya looked at Su Bancheng and said, “Have you forgotten the last time Zheng Sen and Gu Hongyu reported the situation? They told you that they were targeted the moment they entered the old factory community and asked around about Xu Bai.”