Spiritual Recovery: Gamification of Reality

C.125 - : Obscuring the Heavens and Breaking KarmaSep 30, 2023

Chapter 125: Obscuring the Heavens and Breaking Karma

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Accompanied by a low and even elegant voice, Zuo Lei died on the spot amidst the flames that rose from his body.

The flames took Zuo Lei away, leaving a handful of dust on the spot.

Su Ruyu covered her mouth with her hands and tried her best not to cry out loud.

Xu Bai was a little dumbfounded.

‘That’s not right.’

He could tell that Zuo Lei was willing to commit suicide.



Xu Bai frowned. Even though Zuo Lei’s suicide had completely shattered the rumors, it still left him with endless questions. What was the big secret about Su Meng’s background?

At this moment.

Su Ruyu moved. She looked around and her gaze landed on a red plastic bag at the side. She walked over and quietly picked it up. She walked to the spot where Old Fu had passed away and left a handful of dust behind. She used her hands to place the dust into the plastic bag.

“I’ll take you home.”

She stood up and placed the red plastic bag containing Zuo Lei’s dust into her arms. Then, she turned around and her gaze landed on Xu Bai. “Agent Xu.”

Xu Bai returned to his senses and looked at Su Ruyu. “Madam Su.”

There was no expression on her face. Instead, she looked at Xu Bai quietly. “Are you satisfied now? Can your case be closed?”

Xu Bai did not say anything. He hesitated for a moment, then nodded.


Naturally, it could end.

He had no choice but to end it. After all, there were witnesses at the scene. Moreover, when Zuo Lei passed away, he had already turned himself in on the spot and admitted that he was the one who kidnapped Su Ruyu 21 years ago. Furthermore, he was also the one who kidnapped Su Meng last night.

“Very well. ”

Su Ruyu looked at Xu Bail s actions and said, “You got what you wanted, and Zuo Lei also got what he wanted. Very good, very good.”

With that,

She stopped looking at Xu Bai and looked at An Ya. “An Ya, take me back. He has been wandering outside for so long. I want to bring him home.”

An Ya glanced at Xu Bai, who was beside her, and walked up to Su Ruyu. She grabbed Su Ruyu’s right hand and lifted her leg. In an instant, her figure was like a reflection in the mirror.


In just an instant, An Ya and Su Ruyu had already disappeared from Xu Bail s sight.

Xu Bai stood where he was with a frown.

There should be no problem with Su Meng’s background.

After all…

If Su Meng was not Su Ruyu and Zuo Lei’s child, then Xu Bai could not think of any reason why Zuo Lei would willingly commit suicide.

‘That’s not right.’

Even though Su Meng was Zuo Lei’s daughter, he still could not understand the reason for Zuo Lei’s suicide.

At this moment, Xu Bai recalled what An Ya had said in the sword domain just now.

Once outsiders found out about Su Meng’s background, Su Meng would be in great danger.

But Zuo Lei…

Was he considered an outsider?

Not really.

‘Does it count?’

Xu Bai came back to his senses and blinked. He was confused. Then, from the corner of his eye, he saw the flickering golden light on the spot where Zuo Lei had passed away.

Golden light?

Xu Bai waved his right hand, and in an instant, the golden light left behind on the spot where Zuo Lei had died instantly soared into the sky. Then, it plunged into Xu Bai and was detected and absorbed by the system.


“Skill Name: Remnant Chapter of Heavenly secrets—Heaven Shrouding


“Skill Quality: Gold” “Skill Attribute: Passive”

“Type of Skill: Defensive”

“Skill Effect: Heaven Shrouding Machine!” Ding!

“Fusion skill ‘Heaven Shrouding’ detected.”

“Do you want to integrate into the Heaven Covering Divine Palm?”

Xu Bai raised his eyebrows.

The next second.


“Skill Name: Heaven Covering Divine Palm”

“Skill Quality: Gold”

Skill Attribute: Active! “Type of Skill: Attack”

“Skill Level: Ten”

Skill Effects: “Star Picking (Increase attack by*20%, additional absorption effect)” , “Shifting Cloud (Increase attack power by +50%, additional dispersion effect)” , “Heaven Shrouding (Increase attack power by +100%, one palm to break all techniques)”

“Skill Special Effect: Heaven Shrouding Palm (Heaven Shrouding Palm Machine, Breaks Karma with One Hand, Depends on the player’s level to increase this special effect status.)”

Note: “Now, the name of your skill is worthy of its name. The true Heaven Covering Divine Palm can cover the sky with one palm!”

Xu Bai stood where he was, trying to contain the effect of the new special effect that covered the sky.

After a while.

Xu Bai opened his eyes and lowered his head to look at his right hand. “Covering the sky, covering the sky, severing karma.”

The Su family…

What kind of cultivation technique was the Heavenly Secrets Technique they cultivated? It was already so domineering with just a fragment. Then, wouldn’t the complete Heavenly Secrets Technique be able to play with the Heavenly Dao like a monkey?

Xu Bai narrowed his eyes and thought to himself.

Su Manor.

Su Bancheng came back to his senses with a pale face and lamented that it would take at least a year to recover. He looked at An Ya and his sister who suddenly appeared in front of him after the spatial ripples.

Just as he was about to speak, Su Bancheng saw the expression on his sister Su Ruyu’s face and immediately stopped.

She glanced at her brother, Su Bancheng, and walked toward the parking lot not far away without a word.

After a while.

Su Ruyu drove straight out of Su Manor.

“Where is she going?” “Your old residence.”

“…Forget it.”

When Su Bancheng heard this, he frowned and looked at the departing car. He wanted to stop it, but after thinking about it, he shook his head and said, “Our Su family is not a pedantic family. After all, Ruyu’s husband is qualified to enter the Su family’s blessed land.”

An Ya shook her head. “He won’t be able to enter the Yin ground. If he wants to enter, he’s probably already in the blessed land of the Great Desolate World’s Holy Sect. Don’t forget that he’s still one of the Five Loose Cultivators of the Holy Sect. Although he’s only in the Invigorated Meridian Realm, he’s still one of the Five Loose Cultivators. Besides, I’m afraid he won’t be able to go to any blessed land.” With that, An Ya looked at Su Bancheng and asked, “What secrets does Su Meng have that Zuo Lei chose to pass away after hearing her words and willingly gave up the chance to reincarnate?”


Zuo Lei was dead.

He was truly dead.

Moreover, it was his choice. At the same time that he died, he gave up his right to go to the Netherworld to reincarnate.

Su Bancheng was silent for a moment before looking at An Ya.

“Maybe you’re different from Zuo Lei. After Zuo Lei finds out the truth, he’ll willingly choose to commit suicide. But you won’t. I can’t kill you either. If that’s the case, it’ll only put Su Meng in danger.”

“What if Xu Bai knows?”

An Ya looked at Su Bancheng coldly. “Zuo Lei is willing to die. He won’t give up just like that. You should know that.”

Su Bancheng laughed and nodded. “Of course I know, but he has already ignored it and is continuing to investigate, right?”

The case was closed.

Su Bancheng had never fought with Xu Bai outside the range of the rules and followed the rules of the game very well.

Because he knew that he should do unto others what he did not want them to do unto him.

Su Bancheng didn’t jump out of the rules and play dirty tricks with you.

He believed that Xu Bai wouldn’t either.

After all…

“He’s as conceited as I am.”

Su Bancheng looked at An Ya and asked, “You saw him just now. What path did he enter?”

An Ya glanced at Su Bancheng, who was trying to change the topic, but she didn’t expose him. Instead, she frowned. “I thought he was on the heterodox side.”

“Isn’t it?”

“It’s not that.”

An Ya frowned and recalled the fluctuations she felt from Xu Bai in the sword domain. “I saw the aura of human cultivation and even the aura of Buddhism.”

Initially, when An Ya heard from Su Bancheng that Xu Bai had already become a transcendent, she was indeed a little shocked, but it was not that unbelievable.

After all, before this, Su Meng’s innate foundation had already been damaged, but she started to enter the Dao overnight.


It was not that Xu Bai did not have a transcendent background.

The 53rd sect master of the thief sect, Zhu Cong, had noticed Xu Bai when he was young. He had even gotten the nickname of Pirate Commander when he entered the world.

Therefore, An Ya was a little shocked, but not that shocked.


Initially, An Ya thought that Xu Bai didn’t listen to his advice and still went down the wrong path.

She felt sorry for Xu Bai, but after thinking about it, it was just an unorthodox path. After Xu Bai saw the methods of immortal cultivation path, he would

definitely choose again.

Although it was a little difficult to change the sect midway, An Ya still believed that with Xu Bail s potential and her endorsement, the Sword Sect would still open its doors to Xu Bai.

But in the end?

Xu Bai did not have the aura of an unorthodox person.

Not at all.

An Ya didn’t feel any aura of unorthodox cultivation from Xu Bai. Instead, she felt the aura of human and Buddhism fusing together.

An Ya was confused.

Could it be that Xu Bai had once been in contact with human cultivators and even Buddhist cultivators?

Initially, An Ya scoffed at this possibility. However, when she thought about how Xu Bai had become friends with the head of the thief sect when he was young, she was no longer so sure about her guess.

Su Bancheng couldn’t help but be stunned when he heard An Ya mention that Xu Bai had the transcendent aura of human cultivation and Buddhism.

After a while.

Su Bancheng shook his head and laughed. He looked at An Ya and said, “Look, I told you, he’s very mysterious. You didn’t believe me. First, he was the leader of the thief sect, and now he has the aura of dual cultivation of human cultivation and Buddhism. Tsk, tsk, tsk. It’s a pity that the heavenly secrets are in chaos now, and the karma of spying just now hasn’t been resolved. Otherwise, I really want to open my Heavenly Eye and take a good look at his heavenly secrets.”

At this moment.

The surging clouds in the Su Clan Manor dispersed in all directions with a bang.

The next second.

A mysterious aura directly soared into the sky from the manor. With a swoosh, it entered the darkness.

Su Bancheng and An Ya looked at each other.

Su Meng had entered the path.