The Big Shot's Movie Star Wife Is Beautiful and Sassy - C.288: 265: Ensuring Her Safety


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The noon sun was somewhat harsh, with little to offer shade on the rooftop.

After ending her phone call, Amelie Quentin stood on the rooftop, her skin reflecting the sunlight.

She stood facing the sun, her eyes downcast, a small shadow formed by her eyelashes at the base of her eyes.

The coquettish demeanor she had displayed just moments ago with Roy Madison had disappeared. Her pink lips were slightly pursed, her expression indescribably melancholic.

Her sister was also allergic to olives and would develop a rash.

She too had said that eating just a bit wasn’t a problem.

Back when she was five years old, in kindergarten, the teacher gave her three pieces of cloud cake. Thinking it was delicious, she saved two for her sister.

After returning home, she eagerly waited for her sister. When her sister came home from school, she presented her with the two pieces of cloud cake like they were treasure.

She informed her sister that she had saved them specially for her.

Not wanting to disappoint her, even though her sister knew she was allergic to olives, she still ate one piece and left one for Amelie Quentin.

As a result, she broke out in a rash that same evening.

That night, no one in the family slept. Her older brother, parents, grandfather, everyone stayed up looking after her sister. Only when the rash that had covered her sister’s body subsided did they all breathe a sigh of relief.

Although no one blamed her, everyone tried to comfort her in the midst of their worry.

Despite this, she continued to cry.

Her sister lay in bed, receiving an IV drip, while holding her hand, reassuring her it was okay, that eating just a bit wouldn’t hurt.

Recalling this, Amelie Quentin checked the time, descended from the rooftop, and headed straight to the medical office.

Clark Manor

After finishing his work, Harton Clark, thinking of Charles Amos who was still at the Clark Manor, decided to return home first.

Upon arriving, he saw Charles was holding up both his little hands, helping his mother with her knitting.

“Mom, it’s only September, why are you knitting again?”

Tom Wayne glanced at him, “So many flowers and plants, don’t they need new clothes for the New Year?”

Every year, Tom Wayne knitted covers for the various vases in their home.

“Uncle Clark.” Charles called his name,

Harton Clark lightly tousled his hair, then sat down, “Where is my father?”

“He’s talking with your brother in the backyard.” Tom Wayne said, “Why are you home at this hour? Is something wrong?”

“Yeah,” Harton Clark looked at Charles, “I need to discuss something with Charles.”

Charles looked at him.

Tom Wayne also glanced at him. From just that one glance, Tom Wayne understood Harton Clark’s intent.

Harton Clark drew Charles away with him.

The two of them walked side by side in silence, taking a seemingly random path.

One big, one small – they walked side by side in silence, neither of them speaking.

Harton Clark deliberately slowed his pace, one hand behind his back. He was like a bamboo, standing tall and firm.

Little Charles was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, toddling along beside him with hair loose, resembling a mixed-race little prince.

The pair walked a distance in silence before stopping beside a bamboo forest.

Both of them stood in the shade of the bamboo, facing each other.

Lowering his head, Harton Clark asked directly, “Charles, is it okay if your mother and I get married?”

Charles, looking up at him, asked after a moment, “Did she agree?”


“Then I have no objections,” Charles said, “I like you quite a bit too, more than those other men who are interested in my mom.”

Harton Clark raised an eyebrow, “Other men who are interested?”

“Yes.” Little Charles crossed his arms in a proud manner, “She’s so beautiful, so outstanding. There are so many people who like her.”

Harton Clark: ‘

“But she treats you differently than she does others.” Charles said, “I can’t really say how it’s different, but it is. Grandpa Edwards said it’s because she likes you.”

Hearing this, Harton Clark felt somewhat relieved.

“Are you guys getting a marriage certificate? When?” Charles asked.

“In about two weeks, she’s currently recording a show.”

“That’s fast,” Charles mumbled.

Does it feel quick? Kevin Clark doesn’t think so at all; he even feels like time has suddenly slowed down and almost come to a standstill.

Charles Amos was silent for a moment, then clasped the sleeve of Kevin Clark’s shirt, looking up at him. “Are you and my mommy going to have a baby?”

A fleeting tremor ran through the depths of Kevin Clark’s eyes. He squatted down to meet Charles’ gaze. “If you don’t like it, we don’t have to.”

“I don’t dislike it,” Charles Amos looked down, gripping his sleeve. “If you do have a baby, you must ensure its safety. My mom passed away giving birth to me because she had difficulty in delivery.”

Kevin Clark assumed Charles was worried about losing his affection, but it turned out he was concerned about the safety of the possible new baby.

And… Charles’ mother’s surname was Kirsten…

The surname Kirsten wasn’t unusual. Many people around Edward Kirsten had the same surname, it was probably given to those under his patronage.

Like Uncle Edwards, who also had the surname Kirsten.

Yet, Charles Amos’ mother must have had a blood relation with Edward Kirsten.

That was probably why the little girl had been resistant, even repulsed by some of the genes Charles carried.

All these thoughts flashed through Kevin Clark’s mind, then he smiled and said, “Having a child is a matter of fate. Like your relationship with the little girl and mine with you, they’re all about fate. If fate allows us another child, I’ll do everything I can to ensure her safety.”

“Pinky promise,” Charles Amos stretched out his little hand.


After Kevin Clark finished talking with Charles, seeing him happily playing, he decided to return to the Imperial Capital branch of Easton Group.

As he sat in the car having left the Clark Manor, Michael Jackson started the car and said, “Sir, Henry Clark is in Imperial Capital.”

Kevin Clark looked up, a somber look in his eyes, “Keep an eye on him.” “Yes, sir” replied Michael Jackson, “but Edward Kirsten’s people…”

They could certainly watch Henry Clark, as he was in cahoots with Edward Kirsten. However, they had no track of Kirsten’s people who lurked in the shadows.

“Be prepared.” Kevin Clark removed the bracelet from his wrist and twirled it in his hands. “Bring more people, heighten the vigil.”


With one hand twirling the Eaglewood beads, and the other holding his cell phone, Kevin sent a message to William Lane informing him about Henry Clark being in Imperial Capital.

This was his calculated move to use another’s hand to kill.

As long as Henry Clark stayed quietly abroad, Kevin might have let him go.

But Henry Clark insisted on returning to his homeland.

A little more than a decade ago, this man almost caused the death of Hugo Clark. His father, out of blood ties, spared his life and sent him abroad.

But now…it was becoming clear that they needed to remove the root while cutting off the weed…

After Kevin Clark left, little Charles continued to help Natalie Wayne with her knitting, then assembled his Lego next to her.

The Lego set was a gift from Hugo Clark. Once assembled, it would be taller than Charles, who was only building the foundation now.

It would take quite some time to complete.

After assembling for a while, Grandpa Clark, using his cane, came by. Charles greeted him with a “Grandpa” and resumed his assembly after a while.

While assembling, he kept glancing over at Grandpa Clark and Natalie Wayne.

Although Grandpa Clark was old, his eyesight was quite good. To be honest, he didn’t even need to look. He had experienced so much in his life, having witnessed a whole era of changes.

Being a little boy, Charles had a curious mind. Even if Grandpa Clark was facing away from him, he could still sense his little thoughts.

So, after Grandpa Clark finished talking with Natalie Wayne, he looked at Charles, “Charles, is there something you want to talk to grandpa and grandma about?”

Charles pursed his lips, put down his Lego, and walked over to them.

Natalie Wayne also put down her needle, looked at him, and gently asked with a smile, “What’s the matter? Unhappy?”

“Is something bothering you?” Natalie Wayne asked, “Is it because of Kevin and your mom?”

Charles nodded.

Natalie Wayne sighed inwardly, feeling a bit reproachful towards Kevin. He hadn’t managed the situation properly before leaving.

“You can talk to grandpa and grandma.” Natalie moved forward, took his little hand and said.

After looking at Grandpa Clark and then at Natalie Wayne, Charles said: “Grandma, Grandpa, I’m going to tell you a secret. Can you promise not to tell anyone else?”

“Of course.” Natalie immediately agreed.

Charles then looked at Grandpa Clark.

Grandpa Clark promptly replied, “Of course.”

Once both of them had agreed, Charles finally said, “Actually… my mom… she is

Daisy Zane. We don’t have any blood relationship.”

Natalie Wayne and Grandpa Clark clearly were taken aback, and they exchanged a look.

They had not expected the young boy to suddenly share this with them.

Charles continued, “Technically, she adopted me. But… because she was quite young and didn’t meet the criteria required for adopting me, legally… there’s no relation between us.”

His voice faltered, a hint of desolation apparent, as he spoke about them not being related..

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