The Billionaire's Genius Wife

C.511 Searching Rosalie Withers (10)Nov 20, 2023

A few days later. While Scarlet was engrossed in a video call with Xander on her laptop, her cell phone unexpectedly chimed. She glanced at the incoming message, and a wave of tension swept through her entire body.

[Investigation report completed]

"Max!" Scarlet whispered, the name on the screen unmistakably linked to only one person.

"Max?" On the other end of the call, Xander's face knitted with confusion as he overheard Scarlet mentioning a man's name, her expression suddenly tensing.

"Babe, what's wrong?" he asks with genuine concern.

Scarlet turns her gaze to her laptop screen. "Xander, I've finally received the complete report from Max, and there's something I need to attend to, so it looks like we should end this call..." She feels sorry because they just talked for a few minutes. "Who's Max?" Xander asked curiously.

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you about Max. Max is not a person. It's Mel Tan's AI assistant. He's been assisting me in gathering all the information about that individual," she explained.

Xander understood that this was very important and couldn't be postponed.

"Alright. You can go through the report. Give me a call if you want to discuss it. And I'll call you as soon as I'm on my way there," Xander reassured, planning to visit Scarlet later that night.

Scarlet nodded. She promptly closed her laptop and hurried to the computer room.

When Scarlett entered the room, she found Seven sitting with an unusual expression as he stared at the computer's monitor. His curiosity was evident, but he also seemed tense, as if something was bothering him.

"You looked disturbed. Did something happen?" Scarlett asked as she took her place in the room.

Startled by Scarlett's voice, Seven turned to see her sitting in her chair in the middle of the room. "Yes. I believe Max altered the God's Eye trace target," he replied, his confusion clearly flashing through his eyes. "Change target? What do you mean?" Scarlett asked. Without waiting for Seven to explain further, her fingers danced rapidly across the keyboard, opening the system on her computer. She needed to verify it herself.

A program tracking facial recognition soon appeared on her computer screen. After a few moments, she understood what Seven said. "You're right. It seems Max changed our target by not using my mother's face," Scarlett whispered, a note of worry confirming her worst fears: that this person might be connected to her father's attempted murder.

"Who is this man?" Seven asked curiously. He had never come across this person before. "Is he related to your mother?"

Scarlett smiled bitterly at Seven before responding, "His name is Allaistar Parker. He's likely the one who ordered the Withers family to send an assassin to kill my father."

Seven was utterly shocked by Scarlett's words. He tried to recall who this person might be, and it didn't take long for the name to come to him. His expression darkened as he rose from his seat. "Damn! This... This... Allaistar Parker is that person's father!?" He hesitated to utter the name, his fear palpable.

Scarlett nodded, confirming what he had hesitated to say. "Yes. He's Theodor's father, my father's brother-in-law," Scarlett said, her voice trembling. Scarlett could imagine how heartbroken her aunt, Melinda, would be if her worst fears were confirmed.

Seven's jaw dropped as he looked at Scarlett. It was still difficult for him to grasp that Theodor's father could be responsible for such an act against his brother-in-law.

"What exactly does this damn man want!? He is already part of the royal family circle. Does he still want the throne?"

Seven took a deep breath; he felt sympathy for Scarlett, who had such a villainous uncle.


Scarlett found herself at a loss for words in response to Seven's question. Honestly, she still found it hard to believe as well.

The funny thing is that she now feels her mother's case is similar to hers. Allaistar Parker had pursued her mother while Theodor Parker was pursuing her.

'God... Perhaps... are you bored up there!? That's why you play with my life so dramatically?' Scarlett pondered silently, a bitter laugh escaping her lips as she realized the absurdity of her situation.


"Seven, I need to read the report Max sent. This case is far more complex than I initially thought. There's probably a tangled web of information inside this report that I need to unravel before we jump to any conclusions." Scarlett turned her attention to the monitor screen, leaving Seven, who was still looking at her, behind. She opened the file Max had sent and immediately delved into reading it.


Seven remained silent, taking out his cell phone and messaging Rex.

[Seven:] Two, please dig deeper into Allaistar Parker.

[Seven:] From the information we gathered, we indicate that he might be the one we're looking for. The one chasing Rosalie Withers.

After sending the messages, Seven made his way to the seating area in the corner, where he sat, fixated on his cell phone screen, anxiously awaiting Rex's response.

Moments later, a beep sounded.

[Two:] You're a bit late, buddy. We've already begun that investigation before you even knew. We've got the most recent information on him.

Seven's forehead furrowed as he read Rex's response. He swiftly sent another message.

[Seven:] You deserve to lead us, our number two! (thumbs up emoji)

[Seven:] Share what you've found, and I'll pass it on to Three.

Seven waited again, but there was no response from Rex after a few more minutes. His curiosity piqued, he glanced at Scarlett, who remained in her typically muted state, engrossed in something that made her disregard everything, including shutting off her communication device.

[Rex:] Where is she? I tried to call, but I couldn't get through. (Curious emoji)

[Seven:] She's busy reading a report about Allaistar Parker. I told you to keep me informed. I'll relay the news once she's done.

[Rex:] I'll wait.

Seven felt frustrated reading Rex's message and could only shake his head while typing.

[Seven:] Fine, you can wait. She might be finished in three to five hours from now.

In an instant, another beep sounded.

[Rex:] Allaistar Parker visited Svalbard a few months ago.

[Rex:] Using fake identity.