The Billionaire's Genius Wife - C.513 Searching Rosalie Withers (12)Nov 22, 2023

The Billionaire's Genius Wife

C.513 Searching Rosalie Withers (12)Nov 22, 2023

After asking everyone out of the room, Roland gave his daughter a tender smile.

"Don't be scared," Roland whispered, gently clasping Scarlett's hand. "I won't leave you until I reunite with your mother." His words faltered, deepening Scarlett's worry.

Cough! Cough!

Scarlett fought back tears, clenching her fists tightly as she watched her father's pained expression. Roland's words marked the second time she'd heard such a promise. The first time, it had come from Jonathan Piers, the man she'd known as her father since birth. Now, she heard them from the father she'd only recently met. It was difficult for Scarlett to imagine losing her father again. Her grief would surely be long-lasting. As she feels to this day, the sadness of losing Jonathan Piers still often hits her. Scarlett attempted to speak several times, but her words remained trapped within her for some reason. She was rendered speechless.

"I promise you, Scarlett," Roland continued, his words flowing as he noticed the tears welling up in her eyes as though she might break down in tears.

Scarlett didn't know how to respond to his words. She turned her gaze, unable to meet his eyes. After steadying her gloomy heart for a few seconds, she finally could speak to him, "I don't want to lose my father again. It's tough for me to handle, especially since we've just met. I—" Scarlett's voice trailed off when her cell phone vibrated.

She hastily checked her phone and saw it displayed Grandpa Robert's number on the screen.

Her expression stiffened as he answered the call. Before speaking, she turned on the speakerphone so her father could hear their conversation.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry for interrupting your surgery," Scarlett said. Previously, she was worried about her father's condition clouding her judgment. She didn't even care if her status as a hacker was known.

"It's alright, Scarlett. When you hacked into the hospital CCTV, I had just completed the surgery..." Robert reassured her.

Scarlett felt a slight sense of relief.

"Grandpa, I've put our conversation on speaker, and my father heard what we discussed. I... I don't know how to explain what happened to him, but I can see he's in a bad condition..." She swallowed hard. "You should ask the nurse about his status..."

Regret washed over Scarlett because she hadn't taken the time to check on her father's condition with the nurse. She had been too anxious about reaching out to Grandpa Robert on time.

"I'm already aware of it. Before calling you, I spoke to the head nurse," Robert clarified.

"Grandpa, please ensure my father will be okay. I can't—"

Before Scarlett could finish her sentence, Roland intervened. "Robert, I'm fine. My daughter was just concerned, which is why she called you..." His voice was still weak. Roland added, "I've already reassured her that I'll be alright once I take my medication, but she remains unconvinced." He continued with a faint smile, his gaze fixed on Scarlett, who eyed him skeptically. He found amusement in Scarlett's lingering doubt.

"Father, let Grandpa speak. I want to hear about your condition from him," Scarlett said, trying to stop her father, who was trying to change the conversation.

"Scarlett, call me Uncle Robert, and I'll share everything with you," Robert's laughter could be heard from the other end. She could only reply to him with a resigned sigh. Before finally saying, "Uncle Robert, please, I'm serious here." "Hahaha, Robert, just tell her I'm fine—"

"Father, please refrain from interrupting," Scarlett narrowed her eyes. She could feel her father and Grandpa Robert were trying to hide something from her. "Alright... alright..." Robert said, knowing that there was no winning against Scarlett's determination. "Do you want to hear the good or bad news first?"

Scarlett swallowed silently when she heard Grandpa Robert's tone change from cheerful to tense.

"Grandpa, please tell me the good news," Scarlett's voice sounded scared.

"The good news is he will recover temporarily with the medicine he is taking," Robert took a deep breath before delivering the bad news, "The bad news is without proper medical treatment, he could relapse."

Scarlett rubbed her temples, feeling an instant headache coming on.

"That's why I need your help, Scarlett..." Robert continued. "You must convince him to return to the hospital for a checkup and treatment. Your father can be quite stubborn. I've tried talking to him countless times, but he always avoids the subject."

She narrowed her eyes at her father, sending an unspoken warning his way, "You can't refuse this time, Father!"

Roland, speechless. He could only chuckle, observing his daughter's stern expression.

"Alright, Grandpa! I've got it." Scarlett gripped the phone tightly. "My father will be at your hospital in a few hours. Please make all the necessary arrangements..."

"Fantastic, Scarlett. You're the best," Roland's cheerful voice could be heard. He continued his words. "Your Grace... we'll see you later." With that, Robert ended the call, needing to prepare everything for Roland's treatment.

Roland's expression soured upon hearing Scarlett and Robert's conversation. He attempted to speak, but Scarlett silenced him.

"Father, you can't refuse. I'll have Logan prepare a plane for you to return to the Royal City, and you must seek medical treatment immediately!"

Scarlett raised her hand to halt her father, who was attempting to object.

"If... you don't follow my plan, I'll ask my mother not to meet you. And, father, you have to remember, what's the point of reuniting with her if you're going to leave her again!?" She looked into his reluctant gaze as she spoke.

Roland suddenly felt like a sharp object had pierced his heart because Scarlett's words held undeniable truth. Meeting Rosalie would serve no purpose if he were to depart this world, right!?

He knew he needed medical treatment urgently. Yet, he also yearned to assist Scarlett in her quest to find Rosalie.

"Father, I promise you, I'll find her and bring her to the Royal City," Scarlett sincerely vowed. "I can sense that this search is nearing its end, Father. This time, I've gathered many clues about where my mother is..."