The Billionaire's Genius Wife - C.525 A Touching Encounter (1)Dec 04, 2023

The Billionaire's Genius Wife

C.525 A Touching Encounter (1)Dec 04, 2023

"I'm just kidding, big bro..." Twelve chuckled, walking faster toward the main building and leaving the grumpy, crazy doc behind. "Three, are you sure this is the right address?"

"Yes, this is the right address," Scarlett immediately affirmed. She wasn't concerned about the address because she trusted Max; the intelligent AI wouldn't provide incorrect information.

However, something piqued her curiosity. Glancing at Rex, she asked, "Two, why can we still communicate while the field agents said they have a signal jammer?" Scarlett raised her eyebrow, looking at Rex.

"This is a new gadget I obtained from the MT group. Even the most advanced signal jammer in the world can't block this communication device," Rex explained. Scarlett was stunned to learn that Rex was connected with the MT Group, Mel Tan's company.


They didn't speak anymore as they approached the only large building with visible lights still on. Rex gestured for Scarlett to follow him closely behind.

Scarlett could only nod as she entered the house, feeling a sense of unease when she noticed the wide-open door with no one around.

Just as she was about to say something to Rex, her eyes landed on the lifeless body on the sofa. She recognized the man was already dead upon seeing a hole in his temple.

"Something's not right," Rex finally remarked upon spotting a few corpses on the floor. Besides the lifeless body on the sofa, he also noticed three dead bodies near the stairs.

"Three, stay here and check this floor. I'll look upstairs," Rex whispered. With quick, almost inaudible steps, he ascended to the second floor.

Meanwhile, Scarlett searched the first floor and found nothing suspicious.

"Guys, there are four bodies on the first floor," Scarlett informed Seven and the others through her earpiece. "Any activity outside?"

"No movement here. I've only encountered our other man behind," Twelve reported. "Why is this place empty? Are you sure your mother is here? Did they move her again?" he asked, puzzled.

"I found multiple bodies up here, but no sign of our target," Rex's voice echoed through the earpiece. "And they're all freshly dead. The killer might still be around. Be cautious..."

Scarlett's heart sank upon hearing that her mother was not found in the building.

"Twelve, please check the other buildings around here. I spotted a few small structures; they might be keeping our target there," Rex ordered.

"Roger, boss!" Twelve responded.

"I'll check the building next door," Scarlett said as she walked toward the door. However, she paused mid-step, remembering Seven, who hadn't reported anything.

"Seven, how's it going? What's the status there?" Scarlett inquired, her gaze shifting to Rex, who joined her on the first floor.


On the high hill near the house, Seven froze as he felt a hard and cold object press against the back of his head.

'Why didn't I hear anyone approaching?' He scolded himself, realizing that any movement might cause his head to explode, given the cold gun pressed against his skull.

"Who sent you here?" Rosalie Withers asked. She had spotted a sniper on the hill as she enjoyed the sunrise earlier and rushed to investigate, fearing the newcomer might be from the Allaistar group.

'W-Woman!?' Seven was utterly shocked upon hearing the woman's cold voice.

"Make a small mistake, and you'll meet your ancestors immediately!" She threatened, her eyes fixed sharply on the man still lying on the ground, holding a sniper rifle.

Seven slowly raised his hand and turned to face the woman before him.

He gasped in shock upon seeing the slender woman with short hair. She appeared beautiful, but her gaze was deathly cold, making his heart tense upon meeting her eyes. Observing her composed demeanor instantly reminded him of someone—Scarlett.

'Rosalie Withers!' He silently realized. 'Yes, this woman is our target, Scarlett's mother.'

The fear he felt earlier gradually faded. Despite her gun still aimed at his head, he no longer felt afraid. Instead, he wanted to run and hug her, relieved to find her in good health finally.

"Ms. Rosalie Withers, we've finally found you..." Seven smiled widely.

Rosalie was taken aback by the sight of the young man on the ground smiling at her happily and addressing her by her real name, further shocking her. Only a select few knew her real name.

"Who the hell are you? How do you know that name?" She asked, her hand still poised with the gun, ready to shoot, concerned that this man might be from the Allaistar group.

Seeing Rosalie's eyes turning colder, seven immediately clarified, "Ma'am, auntie... I mean, Ms. Withers... I'm not a bad person. I'm a good person."

"Stop that nonsense," she snapped. "Who sent you? And how many people are with you?"

"I'm a good person. I'm your daughter's colleague... Scarlett Piers."

Instantly, Rosalie's face paled upon hearing her daughter's name mentioned.

"Scarlett? How do you know her? Where is she?" Rosalie's voice trembled at the revelation that this man knew Scarlett's name and claimed to be friends with her.

'Impossible. How does Scarlett know someone wielding a sniper rifle in this place?' It was hard for Rosalie to believe.

Rosalie narrowed her eyes at the man, "Don't you dare lie to me. Prove it if you know Scarlett!"

"Wait..." Seven said, removing his earpiece and handing it to Rosalie.

"What's this?" She asked before accepting the earpiece.

"You can talk to her, I mean to Scarlett. Aunty, trust me," Seven added after seeing that Rosalie didn't believe him. "I know your daughter. She's also coming here. We're here to find you..."

Rosalie still doubted the young man before her but used the earpiece, and immediately, she heard the voice of a young woman.

"Seven?? Damn it, brother Allen, say something. Report your status to me!!" Scarlett snapped. 𝒻𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝑜𝑣𝘦𝑙.𝒸𝑜𝘮

Rosalie was taken aback upon hearing a female voice. However, she was puzzled because she hadn't heard Scarlett's voice in many years. She didn't dare believe someone she had just met. This man might be lying to her, right!?

The only way to confirm was to verify it. But she couldn't afford to let this man become her burden.

After some thought, she decided to check.

"Sorry, young man!" Rosalie said, kicking Seven in the head. After rendering him unconscious, she rushed to the main house to check whether the girl was Scarlett.

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