The Billionaire's Genius Wife

C.533 Roland KnowsDec 10, 2023

Five minutes have passed since Doctor Robert and Nine left the room. Now, this office feels like a cemetery, so quiet and eerie.

Somehow, Scarlett can't speak even though she wants to share things with Xander. Her mind is distracted by her father's poor health, which she learned about from a medical report sent by Max.

Despite her deep trust in Brother Nine's ability, worries still linger, and all she can do is silently sigh while praying in her heart.


Xander knows Scarlett is nervous. He squeezes her hand several times to calm her, and it works for a while, but her anxiety returns. He tries to change the vibe, asking about her plans after finding her mother.

"Babe, what will you do after finding your mother?" Xander asks, looking into her eyes.

Scarlett was stunned. She has no plans for what to do next, but now, many ideas start to fill her mind. She wants to introduce Xander and his family to her mother. She wants to visit Uncle Jude in Country X, and she also wants to pay respects at her dad Jonathan's grave on Island B.

Scarlett was very excited just imagining all that. However, her plans slowly fade as she realizes her father might dominate her mother.

She chuckles inwardly as she glances at Xander, "Why am I starting to feel jealous of my father?"

Xander was confused hearing her words, "Why are you jealous of your father?" he asked.

"My dad might take Mom away from me," Scarlett said calmly, but her eyes revealed her jealousy. "I know how much he loves Mom and how badly he wants to meet her..." She took another deep breath. Though a bit annoying, she found it amusing.

Xander seemed calm but was internally amused by her words. He couldn't help but say, "Babe, your father and mother deserve happiness after so many years of separation..." He gently squeezed her hand.

Scarlett nodded and agreed but didn't say anything more. She was lost in thought for a moment. But, later, something crossed her mind, and she turned to Xander. The glow in her eyes slowly faded.

"Xander... I feel sorry for my dad because Mom refused to meet him. At first, I only wondered why, but now I'm convinced..." Scarlett's words suddenly stopped when she saw her father sitting in a wheelchair with Robert standing behind him right at the door.

She swallowed hard, cursing herself for revealing the secret she wanted to keep. "F-Father..."

Only God knew how anxious Roland felt when he heard Scarlett's words. He tried to stand up from his wheelchair, but Robert held her down.

"R-Robert, please... I need to talk to my daughter," Roland ordered Robert to push his wheelchair to enter the room.

Slowly, the wheelchair moved and stopped in front of Scarlett.

"My daughter Scarlett, please tell me what you said was true?" Roland asked, looking into her eyes. "Y-You found your mother? Where is she now? Please take me to her..." His voice trembled.

When he didn't hear her reply, he stretched out his hand to hold hers. "Scarlett, please don't lie to your father, huh... I heard everything you said. You found your mom…"

Meeting his determined eyes, Scarlett felt it was useless to hide it anymore. She had to tell him the truth. But before she said anything, she quickly glanced at Nine, who leaned in the door frame with a reassuring look in her direction.

As if he knew what Scarlett wanted to know, Nine raised his hand and made an okay gesture to assure her that her father should be fine.

The worry that lingered in her gradually vanished, and she turned to see her father again, smiling, "Hmm, I found Mom. She's already in this city, but—" Scarlett paused when she saw her father's eyes shaking and turning red.

Her gaze lowered to their entangled hands. She could feel the emotion her father had now, but she felt puzzled because her mom already stated she didn't want to meet him.

"I'm sorry, Father, but Mom needs time to meet you…" She said softly as she turned her gaze to meet his eyes again.

As if thunder had just struck him, he felt all his limbs weaken. 'Why did Rosalie not want to meet me?' he wondered, afraid.

"Y-You mean she didn't want to meet me?" Roland asked.

Roland Gilwynn straightened his back, feeling as if all the blood rushed to his heart. He asks again, "W-Why?" 𝐟𝐫𝗲𝗲𝘄𝗲𝗯𝗻𝐨𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝗺

Scarlett could feel how tightly her father gripped her hand. She felt sorry to see him so sad, like now. She wanted to give him an answer, but she couldn't. Because she also didn't know why her mother refused to meet him.

She could only guess that her mother felt embarrassed to meet her father because, in the past, her mother had approached him with bad intentions. That's why her mother needed time to prepare her heart.

"Father, I'm sorry. I didn't know her reason either. She only asked me not to tell you..." Scarlett said softly. She felt sad to see her father's eyes filled with tears as if he was holding back his sadness. Seeing him lower his head as if he wanted to hide his sorrow broke Scarlett's heart.

Scarlett knelt in front of his wheelchair so she could look him in the eyes.

"Father, even though Mom doesn't want to meet you now, she still remembers and cares for you..." She paused, waiting for him to look at her.

When Scarlett saw his eyes staring at her, she continued. "My mom told me that you were also poisoned. She was the one who wanted to find Allaistar to ask him about the antidote for both her and you..."

Repeating those words almost choked her. She felt as if anger swallowed her, remembering that evil Allaistar Parker. She wanted to go to Allaistar's detention center and take his life without mercy.

"She did that!? She still remembers me?" Roland was surprised to know that Rosalie still remembered him.

"Of course, she remembers you. If she didn't, she wouldn't bother to help you and give birth to me, right!?" Scarlett smiled to reassure him and make him feel better.

Roland felt the weight on his shoulders gradually lift. "Daughter, please ask her to meet me. I need to see her and talk..." he pleaded.