The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers - C.42


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Countless comments streamed across the screen, like a frenetic storm.

"I can't believe it! The girl from Class D won! Never saw that coming!"

"That was so exciting! I thought she was going to lose several times, but she kept coming back!"

"So many questions I couldn't answer, and she, a middle schooler, answered them so fluently. She's amazing!"

"Talent and beauty! This young girl has a bright future ahead! I'm buying stock in this rising star!"

"Ahhh Yuan Luoyi my darling sister! Let your big sis give you a smooch!"

The audience below cheered as Yuan Luoyi rose from the underdog position to champion in this thrilling showdown, deeply impressed by her courage and intelligence.

Director Zhang and the crew celebrated, their show's ratings reaching new heights! They waved their arms excitedly, embracing one another. An engaging show needs charismatic contestants, and Yuan Luoyi was just that.

Amidst the commotion, Yuan Luoyi appeared unusually serene, like the eye of a storm.

Behind her, a massive screen displayed a flurry of comments. Before her, the cheering crowd surged with high emotion.

From a distance, she appeared so small, yet her impact was immense.

At that moment, she did not revel in her glory. Instead, she gazed intently into the endless darkness, transcending 1800 years to return to the void, where a mechanical feminine voice uttered the words she longed to hear.

ใ€Please make a wish, hostใ€‘

Burned, drowned, disease, falling, freezing...

No matter the suffering, her wish remained unchanged.

"My wish is for everyone to be saved!"

ใ€Ding! The process to fulfill your wish has officially begun! The system will assist the host in accomplishing this wish!ใ€‘

The darkness receded into the distance, leaving only a brilliant white. A swirling sensation engulfed her, like plunging into icy water.

Seconds later, Yuan Luoyi found herself in a room, an ordinary apartment, yet with peculiarities.

The beige sofa was splattered with red, an overturned lamp sparked on the floor, its bulb flickering.

Two young women, around seventeen or eighteen, lay on the floor. One was sprawled in a pool of blood, the other kneeling beside her, performing chest compressions.

It was too late. She was gone.

The woman looked up, her eyes all too familiar to Yuan Luoyi โ€“ the eyes of the Yuan family, beautiful, intelligent, and icy cold.

Yet in those eyes burned hatred, as the woman grabbed a knife and charged forward...

Yuan Luoyi realized she was the true Yuan heiress!

The scene abruptly ended, an invisible force pulling Yuan Luoyi out, as if waking from a strange nightmare. She found herself back on the noisy stage.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The crew set off fireworks, raining down golden confetti from the ceiling.

The host, Na Lan, announced, "The winner of this knowledge competition is Yuan Luoyi!"

A polite young woman in pigtails, bangs, and glasses โ€“ an ordinary look โ€“ approached from the audience, bearing the champion's trophy.

She offered the trophy to Yuan Luoyi, who did not take it, staring fixedly at the young woman.

Though glasses obscured her eyes, Yuan Luoyi recognized that distinct coldness โ€“ she was the true heiress!

Na Lan smiled, prompting, "Yuan Luoyi, please accept your well-deserved trophy!"

Yuan Luoyi finally took the trophy.

The true heiress, Ye Min, had left the stage and rejoined her Class C peers, her expression unchanging, like wearing a mask, cautiously blending in with the masses, pretending to be one of them.

So close, yet so far...

Yuan Luoyi even knew her name โ€“ Ye Min, the low-profile Class C monitor, always ranking 83rd, which placed her in Class C after that ranking.

Now the question was, was Ye Min the culprit?

Yuan Luoyi had heard the culprit's laughter before. Comparing it to Ye Min's laugh should reveal the answer. ๐–‹๐–—๐–Š๐–Š๐–œ๐”ข๐”Ÿ๐–“๐–”๐”ณ๐”ข๐”ฉ.๐” ๐–”๐”ช

But Yuan Luoyi was certain the process to fulfill her wish had begun, and every piece of information from the system was crucial. Ye Min was undoubtedly an important figure.

The conclusion: Yuan Luoyi must find a way to approach her.

The award ceremony continued, upbeat music playing as Na Lan read the winners' list.

"In second place for this knowledge competition, Su Xun!"

Applause erupted again as Su Xun's fans cheered her on.

Though runner-up to Yuan Luoyi, Su Xun had performed well overall. Her fans rose, clapping fervently, hoping she felt their support.

Another polite young woman brought Su Xun a silver medal.

Yuan Luoyi expected Su Xun to glare at her resentfully, but she did not. Instead, Su Xun seemed deflated, head lowered, devoid of expression, not even mustering a polite smile.

Na Lan called out, "In third place, He Ya!"

He Ya, the outspoken and vivacious Class C beauty, always held her head high, attracting many male admirers, though her overall popularity trailed Su Xun's.

Upon receiving the bronze medal, He Ya scoffed coldly, "Host, this is unfair!"

Na Lan paused, "What's unfair?"

He Ya pointed at Su Xun, "She cheated! She had crib notes in her pocket!"

This ignited a commotion, the audience buzzing with discussion.

Yuan Luoyi, too, was surprised, as He Ya often followed Su Xun around, appearing to be good friends. Yet now she was publicly accusing Su Xun of cheating.

Su Xun glared at He Ya, "I did have notes for memorization in my pocket, but I didn't look at them once the competition started! All my scores were earned through my abilities alone!"

He Ya turned away disdainfully, "Whether you looked or not, the rules clearly stated no reference materials allowed on stage, or it would be considered cheating."

The live broadcast continued as comments flooded with question marks.

Na Lan quickly intervened, "Please give us a moment, viewers."

She took Su Xun and He Ya off stage. Minutes later, Na Lan returned with He Ya.

Na Lan announced, "Su Xun has admitted to cheating. After discussion, the panel has decided to disqualify her scores. The new second place is He Ya, and third place is Sen Junxuan!"

Yuan Luoyi was stunned. Su Xun was proud โ€“ why would she cheat? And why admit to something untrue?

He Ya gleefully accepted the silver medal, standing beside Yuan Luoyi and posing excessively, shamelessly leeching off Yuan Luoyi's popularity.

Sen Junxuan walked onto the stage, bewildered, holding the bronze medal. Who could have foreseen such an unexpected windfall?

Outside the hall, in the long corridor, Su Xun leaned against the wall.

Su's Mother rushed over, a former famous singer with striking beauty and elegance.


Su's Mother struck Su Xun across the face. "Not only did you lose to that despicable Yuan child, but you admitted to cheating! Have you forgotten that cheating at Star Galaxy Middle School means expulsion?"

Su Xun calmly replied, "Mother, forget it. Just let me be expelled."

Su's Mother snapped, "Shut up! I'll call in favors. Even if you're demoted to Class C, you'll stay enrolled here!"