The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers - C.52


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Yuan Ao gazed at Yuan Luoyi, his originally gloomy eyes gaining a glimmer of light, like a dying person suddenly finding a breath of life.

After losing his sister, he had been drifting aimlessly, as if a wandering ghost in the world of the living, suffering immensely.

It was all his fault. If he hadn't made that phone call then, but instead returned to the country secretly, perhaps he could have saved his sister.

Overwhelmed by guilt, Yuan Ao exiled himself to hell, gradually crumbling and losing his sanity, eventually becoming a bloodthirsty beast.

He killed and took revenge repeatedly, hoping that when he reunited with his sister in that world, she would forgive him.

But now, the 11-year-old Yuan Luoyi stood before Yuan Ao, as pure and beautiful as he remembered...

Yuan Ao couldn't help but reach out his hand towards Yuan Luoyi, his fingertips trembling slightly.

This was a miracle granted by heaven!

This time, he would definitely protect her!

Cheng Cheng, who had taken Yuan Luoyi hostage, shouted, "Didn't I tell you not to move? Can't you understand human speech? Don't you want your sister back?"

The knife in his hand inched closer to Yuan Luoyi's neck. "Her neck is so slender, just one cut and she'll die! You better think this through!"

Yuan Ao immediately stopped, glaring fiercely at Cheng Cheng as he said in a low voice, "Let her go."

His gaze was so terrifying that it reminded Cheng Cheng of the previous tortures he had endured, and he couldn't help but feel afraid. He roughly pulled Yuan Luoyi back a few steps, keeping a distance from Yuan Ao.

He shouted, "Throw down your knife first!"

Yuan Ao did as he was told, the sharp dagger clattering loudly on the ground.

Cheng Cheng looked towards the exit. This was indeed an underground parking garage, the ventilation fans whirring, the surroundings pitch-black, with a few small cars parked in front.

As long as he kept Yuan Luoyi hostage, Yuan Ao wouldn't dare lay a hand on him. Once he escaped by car and reached the surface, he would be free.

Finally, he could get away from this madman!

Cheng Cheng yelled, "Throw the car keys over here!"

Yuan Ao took the keys out of his pocket and tossed them towards Cheng Cheng's feet.

Cheng Cheng laughed maniacally as he picked them up. "I'm free! I'm finally free! After all the torture you put me through, I can finally leave!"

An evil thought crossed his mind - just leaving like this would be such a pity. He hadn't gotten his revenge for all the suffering he had endured!

Cheng Cheng stared at Yuan Ao and said, "Raise your hands and turn around. Don't look at me!"

Yuan Luoyi cried out, "Big brother, don't listen to him! If you turn around, he'll kill you!"

Cheng Cheng shouted, "You shut up!"

He wrapped his arm around Yuan Luoyi's neck and violently choked her, causing her to gasp for air and let out intermittent whimpers.

She was anxious. If she died, she would just return to her original world, but because of the system, she couldn't tell her brother this.

Seeing his sister in pain enraged Yuan Ao. "Don't touch her!"

Cheng Cheng said, "Turn around, and I'll let her go. She's just an innocent child; I won't kill her."

Slowly, Yuan Ao turned around. For his sister, he would do anything, even die.

Dragging Yuan Luoyi with him, Cheng Cheng approached with the knife, grinning viciously as he aimed the blade at Yuan Ao's neck.

Yuan Luoyi struggled fiercely, using all her strength to elbow Cheng Cheng's wound in the abdomen.

"Aaaaah!" Cheng Cheng screamed.

Almost simultaneously, Yuan Ao swiftly turned around and launched a vicious attack on Cheng Cheng.

Cheng Cheng's head slammed against the wall, causing severe dizziness and disorientation. He fell to the ground, trying to get up but collapsing from blood loss, gasping for breath as he grew weaker and lost the ability to resist.

He glared at Yuan Luoyi with utter hatred.

Now he was doomed. He had missed his precious chance to escape.

If it weren't for Yuan Luoyi's sudden attack, he could have killed Yuan Ao!

On the brink of death, Cheng Cheng recalled the 18-year-old Yuan Luoyi. She was beautiful, with large eyes, fair skin, and a youthful radiance.

But her gaze was lifeless. After being captured, she didn't resist, sinking into despair.

She wasn't of Yuan family blood, so no one could save her.

No one expected that Yuan Ao's phone call would change Yuan Luoyi. She suddenly regained her vitality, her will to live. She knew her brothers didn't care about bloodlines; they only cared about her and wanted to rescue her.

This was absolutely unacceptable to Cheng Cheng, who had already been paid - cars, mansions, women. He couldn't lose all that!

So that night, he found Yuan Luoyi.

"Miss Yuan, your brother is here. Would you like to see him?"

"Yes, right outside this door. Come with me, please."

"Damn it! Stop struggling! Just die already!"

"You have to die so I can keep getting paid!"

"What nonsense are you saying? You'll never see your brother again! Die! Just die for me!"

Afterward, Cheng Cheng sent Yuan Luoyi's broken corpse for cremation, and his bank account received another payment.

Cheng Cheng indulged in his life of luxury, owning a villa and wearing a watch worth over a million. Everyone envied him.

Just killing one person had gotten him so much. There was nothing more profitable in the world!

But Cheng Cheng didn't enjoy it for long. Things had been turbulent lately.

His direct supervisor had disappeared.

The messenger had disappeared.

Those three judges had also disappeared.

Cheng Cheng knew them all.

The news said it was random attacks, but Cheng Cheng knew better - those who had disappeared were all involved in killing Yuan Luoyi, just like him. 𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖

The girl's brother was taking revenge!

It would be his turn soon!

The Yuan family's terror was legendary. Cheng Cheng sold off his assets, hired the most expensive security, and hid in his safe room, living in constant fear and anxiety.

But Yuan Ao, having lost his sister, had gone insane. He mumbled to himself, lucid at times and delirious at others, but his will was unwavering. He had sworn on his sister's grave with his soul that he would kill everyone who had harmed her!

Such a man could not be stopped. Cheng Cheng was eventually captured.

Yuan Ao coldly asked, "How did she die in the end?"

Cheng Cheng coughed up blood bubbles, on the verge of death. "I told her her brother had come, luring her out of the surveillance area, and strangled her to death."

"Anything else? If it was just strangulation, why cremate the body?"

"She struggled too fiercely. She really thought her brother had come for her. We had to beat her until she couldn't move, then strangle her to death."

Those words felt like a knife piercing Yuan Ao's heart, causing him immense pain and near suffocation.

He remembered the child laughing in the garden - she was a gift from heaven. They had put their hearts into protecting her, handling her with the utmost care. Yet she had been hurt to death by such a scum...

With fury burning, Yuan Ao picked up a blade. He wouldn't let Cheng Cheng die easily.