The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers - C.60


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Early in the morning, the first thing Yuan Luoyi did was go to the granary looking for snacks.

She rummaged through for a long time but couldn't find anything.

Ah! This base must have been completely ransacked and harvested by her second brother! How infuriating!

Yuan Luoyi ran downstairs, intending to confront her second brother Yuan Fa. As soon as she reached the hall, she bumped into Yuan Fa who was about to leave for work.

Her gaze locked onto his briefcase, which was bulging abnormally - no doubt about it!

Yuan Luoyi blocked Yuan Fa's path: "Give me back my snacks!"

Yuan Fa revealed a shark-like grin: "How can I return something that was never yours in the first place?"

"Don't lie, the snacks are in your briefcase!"

"What's in my briefcase is just a thermos. Ah... your second brother has been so busy with work lately, exhausting himself. I need to drink more Coke with wolfberries to replenish my energy."

"Then open your briefcase and let me see."

"My dear little officer, do you have a legal search warrant?"


Yuan Fa spread his hands, shaking his head and sighing helplessly: "Well, since you don't have one, I'm afraid I can't comply. Bye bye."

Yuan Luoyi regretted it. She shouldn't have argued with her second brother. She aimed for the hem of Yuan Fa's suit jacket and grabbed it tightly with both hands, preventing him from leaving.

Yuan Fa was visibly alarmed: "Oh no, no, no! This suit is very expensive, let go quickly! I have to defend a case in court today, and if my suit gets wrinkled, it will affect my charismatic appearance!"

Yuan Luoyi only tightened her grip, causing Yuan Fa to gasp in dismay.


His most beloved, high-end Italian masterpiece black suit, handcrafted by a renowned designer, was about to be destroyed by his suddenly violent sister!

Yuan Luoyi said, "Second brother, return my snacks, and I'll let go!"

Yuan Fa was outraged: "I won't! You're damaging my personal property, which is a serious crime! How can you be so cruel to your kind brother!"

The petite figure glared at the tall one as the two remained locked in a standoff.

Their elder brother Yuan Ao walked into the hall, having heard their quarrel on his way over.

When Yuan Fa saw his elder brother, his body visibly stiffened: "Oh, you're still here, busy man."

Yuan Ao patted Yuan Luoyi's head: "I'm going to take her to school today."

He extended his hand towards Yuan Fa, smiling coldly: "Hand it over."

Yuan Fa didn't move. Whatever was in his pocket belonged to him, and no one could take it away. He was a man of pride.

Yuan Ao said, "Alright, then. If that's the case, the matter you mentioned before, I'm afraid I can only get it sorted out in a month..."

Yuan Fa immediately took out the snacks and stuffed them into Yuan Luoyi's arms, asking Yuan Ao, "See, I've given them to her. Can you get that matter settled tomorrow?"

Yuan Ao said, "Of course."

Yuan Fa was a little unhappy but had no choice. Some cases required relying on his elder brother's connections.

Meanwhile, Yuan Luoyi was delighted. She took the snacks and handed them to her elder brother Yuan Ao, smiling as she said, "Big brother, these are specially reserved for you! Jasmine flower cakes, super delicious!"

Yuan Ao looked at Yuan Luoyi in surprise, lowering his head with a smile: "Thank you."

Yuan Luoyi said, "No matter what happens, you must eat well. Whenever I'm feeling down, eating something makes me happy again."

Yuan Fa watched the heartwarming scene before him and frowned: "Hey, you two, I'm still here!"

He raised his arm, placing the back of his hand against his forehead, gazing into the distance and letting out a long sigh, as if he were about to faint from the overwhelming emotions, like the tragic male lead in a classical drama.

In just a few seconds, the highly intelligent Yuan Fa could already envision his pitiful future as a lonely empty-nester. On holidays, his sister wouldn't come to visit, and he would have to wipe away his tears with banknotes, sadly singing and drinking on luxury cruise ships.

He could even picture his future self on his deathbed, with Yuan Luoyi coldly and unhesitatingly agreeing to discontinue treatment, perhaps even personally coming to unplug his oxygen supply. ๐”ฃ๐”ฏ๐”ข๐”ข๐”ด๐”ข๐–‡๐–“๐”ฌ๐–›๐”ข๐”ฉ.๐–ˆ๐”ฌ๐–’

Yuan Fa was filled with sorrow: "It's over, you biased ingrates, I've wasted my efforts on raising you."

With his long fingers, he smoothed out the wrinkles on his suit, and Yuan Fa strode away, leaving this heartbreaking scene.

Of course, after handling his work matters, he would return and planned to ransack Yuan Luoyi's entire granary that night.

She had broken his heart, so she would have to pay the price. Then he would forgive her.

Yuan Luoyi, of course, knew of her second brother's wicked intentions. He would never let her get away unscathed, so tonight was bound to be a sleepless night.

Yuan Fa was abnormal, lacking moral consciousness, but also optimistic and lively.

Thinking of this, Yuan Luoyi had a doubt. In the original timeline, had her second brother Yuan Fa gone astray?

If next time Yuan Luoyi traced back to Yuan Fa's side...

Yuan Luoyi shuddered at the thought. Her second brother's personality was too unstable. He would gleefully betray everyone. Hopefully, she wouldn't trace back to his side.

Glancing at her watch, Yuan Ao said to Yuan Luoyi, "It's getting late. Let's go."

Yuan Luoyi nodded: "Okay."

Following Yuan Ao out, Yuan Luoyi got into the small car.

Receiving a gift from his sister had visibly improved Yuan Ao's mood. When his subordinates called to report on work, his tone, usually cold, became somewhat gentler.

However, from the muffled voice Yuan Luoyi could barely make out, she was sure that the subordinate was terrified, his voice trembling. He must have thought his boss was giving him a final benevolent courtesy call.

When they arrived at the school, Yuan Luoyi noticed a small group of students had gathered at the gate. Upon seeing the Yuan family's car, they excitedly jumped up and down.

The video made by Li Xin had helped Yuan Luoyi gain quite a few fans, and it also let everyone know that she wasn't as scary as they thought.

Being late to Star Galaxy Middle School was a serious offense, yet these students risked it to welcome Yuan Luoyi, proof of their true devotion as fans.

After bidding farewell to her elder brother Yuan Ao, Yuan Luoyi got out of the car, keeping her head down as she walked quickly, ignoring her fans.

"Ah ah ah! It's her in person! Oh my god, my heart is pounding!"

"Thank you, heavens, for blessing me with the sight of sister Luoyi today!"

"She's walking so fast, oh, why is that?"

"I don't know, but I can confirm that as a child of the Yuan family, walking this quickly must mean she has an important strategic mission to complete."

Yuan Luoyi thought to herself, that's right, it's to go eat breakfast at the cafeteria.

What a surprise, she even had fans who understood her.

Upon entering the noisy cafeteria, many students automatically made way for Yuan Luoyi. In the past, it was out of fear, but now it was out of reverence.

Some boys even chewed their buns more elegantly, just to leave a good impression on Yuan Luoyi.

After getting her food, Yuan Luoyi sat down, ready to enjoy her meal. Li Xin came running over, dragging a short-haired girl with her.

Li Xin excitedly said, "Yuan Luoyi, look quickly, I've caught a useful person to help you!"

When the girl saw Yuan Luoyi, her face turned red with shyness. She said timidly, "H-Hello, my name is Wu Miaomiao... Li Xin said you needed someone who could draw. If I'm suitable, um, please let me draw you!"

Yuan Luoyi recalled the situation.

Li Xin felt that videos and photos alone wouldn't help Yuan Luoyi gain more followers. If someone could draw Yuan Luoyi in manga style, it would definitely attract more fans, so she had been searching for students who could draw.

Li Xin pushed Wu Miaomiao in front of Yuan Luoyi.

She said, "Those rigid adults have no vision, seeing fan works as enemies."

"But in reality, fan works are the most powerful promotional tool in the world!"

"Yuan Luoyi, believe me! If we let Wu Miaomiao join, there will definitely be more people who become your fans!"