The Farmer's Eldest Daughter Has a Spatial Pocket

C.314 - : Shen’s AssistanceMar 29, 2024

Chapter 314: Shen’s Assistance

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Mdm Shen shook her head and sighed. “The county magistrate said that there are too few people in Yongning Village now. It’s lucky that this child survived the famine. We should nurture him well. When he grows up, he will offer some betrothal gifts and marry a good girl. He will give birth to more children to increase the population of Yongning Prefecture. Why? Have you forgotten such an important thing?”


The members of the Gu family looked at each other. The county magistrate did talk a lot back then, and he vaguely mentioned getting married and having children.

But the county magistrate was a well-educated man. His words were full of twists and turns. One simple sentence had to get so complicated that it made them dizzy.

Mdm Shen clicked her tongue. “Although the county magistrate might have said it casually, he might remember it at some point. I think we should take his words to heart. I even told my husband to pay some money for the wedding. The county magistrate will praise us later.”

Gu Gang was a little confused. When did he say that he was going to offer money?

He had always been a money-grubber. How could he give away money?

Frowning, Gu Gang looked at his concubine.

Mdm Shen saw that the people from the Gu family were discussing this matter softly and did not notice her. She quickly whispered to Gu Gang, “Husband, why don’t you understand? We can’t let that child continue to stay in the Gu family. Look at how the Gu family treats him. He doesn’t have enough to eat or wear. He’s dressed like a beggar and they even let him work outside every day.”

Gu Gang was stunned for a moment before he heard her continue, “Husband, you’re the chief. What will outsiders think of you when they see that the children in our village are living such a hard life? What will they think about the entire village? Do we still have our reputation? Do we still have our image? Look at the young man who came yesterday and was about to settle down here. Didn’t he say that he met Bian Yuanzhi at the entrance of the village? If this child continues to stay in our village, it will be a disgrace to the Gu village and to you. If no one comes here to settle down in the future, where will you get the money?”

Gu Gang’s body trembled, and he suddenly came back to his senses.

Bian Yuanzhi walked around the village in shabby clothes all day long, which made Gu Gang’s eyes hurt. If outsiders saw him, they would think that his village was full of beggars.

Seeing the change in his expression, Mdm Shen continued, “So, we can’t let Bian Yuanzhi stay in our village. If the county magistrate really remembers him and finds out that he’s living such a hard life, he might blame the Gu family. However, as the head of the clan, you can’t escape being scolded. Now that Ding Jincheng is finally willing to take the child away, just let him. When the county magistrate asks later, you can find a beautiful excuse and you might be praised.”

Gu Gang felt that what she said made too much sense. As expected, he had taken in the right concubine. She was much smarter than that woman at home.

If not for the fact that they were in public, he would have hugged her and kissed her.

Mdm Shen pinched him. Gu Gang cleared his throat and said, “I did say that I wanted to prepare a gift for this child. Just one tael of silver. Old Gu, you have to find a good woman for this child. Just give her more betrothal gifts. It will be embarrassing if word gets out. It shows that you value the county magistrate’s words and bring good luck to our Gu village.”

When Madam Zhao heard that they still had to pay so much money, she immediately refused and hurriedly said, “Patriarch, actually, our family is really poor. Look at how many children there are in my second and third sons’ families. Yuan Zhi can’t eat well or wear warm clothes here. Since the Ding family wants it, let’s give it to the Ding family.”

When Ding Jincheng heard this, he did not expect things to take a turn for the better. A smile instantly appeared on his face..