The Farmer's Eldest Daughter Has a Spatial Pocket - C.328 - : Old Gu Was Beaten UpApr 05, 2024

The Farmer's Eldest Daughter Has a Spatial Pocket

C.328 - : Old Gu Was Beaten UpApr 05, 2024

Chapter 328: Old Gu Was Beaten Up

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Madam Jia suddenly raised her head and glared fiercely at Madam Chang.

Suddenly, she rushed over, grabbed Madam Chang’s hair, and gave her two tight slaps.

Madam Chang was caught off guard and fell.

Gu Dahu reacted quickly and went forward to pull Madam Jia up and push her to the side. “Second Sister-in-law, what are you doing? Why? You hit Eldest Sister-in-law and now you want to hit your Third Sister-in-law. It seems that none of your sisters-in-law will have a good ending, right?”

“Pfft, what kind of sister-in-law is she?” Madam Jia sneered. She couldn’t care less and pointed at Madam Chang. “Why did I hit Eldest Sister-in-law? You should ask your wife properly. If she hadn’t said in front of me that Eldest Sister-in-law secretly seduced my Dahe, would I have gone to settle scores with her?”

Madam Chang trembled in Gu Dahu’s arms. She sobbed and retorted, “Second Sister-in-law, don’t talk nonsense. When did I say that? Eldest Sister-in-law had a man. Why would she seduce Second Uncle?”

“You still dare to deny it, you still dare to deny it…” Madam Jia wanted to rush up and hit her again. “You said that Eldest Uncle is not Mother’s biological son, and Father doesn’t treat him well, so Eldest Sister-in-law’s life is the most difficult. So in order to live a good life, Eldest Sister-in-law wants to secretly hook up with our Dahe. Did you say that? Is that right?” fr(e)

Madam Chang shook her head vigorously. “I didn’t. I really didn’t say anything.”

“You slut, I knew that you two were bad people. When Eldest Uncle was around, you guys abused them. Now that they’re not around, you’re here to deal with us, right? When Xian’er was sold, it was you, slut, who sowed discord. Alright, your daughter was saved, but you want my daughter to go out and suffer as a servant. I’ve long wanted to beat you to death.”

Gu Dahu said angrily, “Second Sister-in-law, are you crazy? You’re biting people everywhere. You two are not good people. Ever since you came back, you’ve been using Xian’er as an excuse and don’t do anything. Father and Mother feel guilty and let you lie at home like corpses every day. Now, you’ve done something wrong and let the entire village know that our family has a vicious woman. How dare you blame my wife here?”

As soon as Gu Dahu got involved, Gu Dahe naturally had to protect Madam Jia.

The two families were arguing fiercely. The children on both sides were also secretly competing. The entire main house was like a market, revealing all their shortcomings.

In the past, with Gu Dajiang around, the second and third sons had the same parents. Naturally, they were on the same side and didn’t get along with Gu Dajiang. Now that Gu Dajiang’s family was gone, only the two families lived under the same roof.

However, Gu Dahe and his wife were lazy. When they were working, they would slack off if they could. The third branch had long lost their patience. Now that they had finally found Gu Dahe’s fault, they naturally had to make use of it. If they could poke someone’s wound, they would poke it.

It was best to take the opportunity to split up the family and let the two lazy people from the second branch fend for themselves.

Madam Zhao was stunned. So her two daughters-in-law had actually done so much behind her back?

She looked at Old Gu, who also had a sullen face.

His two sons, whom he doted on the most, had actually hated each other to this extent.

His head hurt from the noise. He closed his eyes for a long time before slamming the table. “Shut up, all of you.”

No one listened to him. The two sides were in a heated argument and even started fighting.

It was not known who was careless, but one of their fists missed and knocked Old Gu, who was walking over angrily, to the ground.

Madam Zhao screamed, “Old man.”

The quarreling in the main room finally stopped..

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