The First Vampire - C.148 - : Good News_1

The First Vampire

C.148 - : Good News_1

Chapter 148: 148 Good News_1

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The sunset slowly penetrated the clouds, casting a golden afterglow on the city wall of Silver Moon City.

Columns of black smoke billowing up in the light of twilight seemed rather abrupt, along with the scorched city walls that appeared particularly unsightly.

The once beautiful and prosperous Garden City, in a blink of an eye, stripped away its former frivolity and superficiality, to be replaced with a demeanor of solemnity and tragic heroism.

Countless furious Half-Elf Soldiers, holding their ground on the city wall, stared with bloodshot eyes at the Eastern frontier army outside the city, as though they wished to tear them limb from limb.

The four grand and exquisite Crystal City Gates, far too fragile to withstand an attack, were thoroughly smashed. In response, heaps of rubble and soil were used to block the entrances, representing an unwavering decision not to surrender.

Outside the Half-Elf Palace, a large crowd of mournful elves gathered. They offered silent prayers for Queen Isa, reluctant to leave.

The atmosphere inside the palace was equally solemn.

Not until a priestess walked out of the bedchamber laughing, she reported: “My lords, please do not worry. Her Majesty the Queen is not in any danger, but she has been severely injured and will need a considerable amount of time to recover.”

The besieged Half-Elf nobles outside the palace breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s good, that’s good…”

“May the Lord of Glory protect us.”

“Praise the Goddess of Fate.”

Then, the Priestess showed an expression of hesitation, seemingly uncertain regarding whether to voice an issue.

Upon seeing the priestess’ facial expressions, the Half-Elf nobles believed there was something wrong with Her Majesty the Queen and urged her to speak out loud.

“What else is there?” 𝓯𝘳𝘦𝑒𝓌𝘦𝘣𝓃ℴ𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝓬𝘰𝑚

“Isn’t there something wrong with Her Majesty’s health?”

At this critical juncture, Queen Isa was absolutely essential for the Half-Elf Clan.

Only she could unify the Half-Elf Clan at the moment, and only she could keep this race from completely spiraling out of control as they were on the brink of insanity.

“Actually, what I wanted to tell was good news.” Seeing the eager faces of the Half-Elf nobles, the Priestess reluctantly explained.

“Then speak up!”

“Yes, the Half-Elf Kingdom needs some good news now!”

Under the urging of the crowd, the priestess reluctantly announced, “When I was checking Her Majesty’s health, I unexpectedly found that she has a child.”


“The Queen is Pregnant?”

For a moment, the faces of the Half-Elf nobles became…peculiar.

Some Half-Elf nobles even began to sneak glances at Colin…

The intimate relationship between Viscount Angler and Queen Isa could not be hidden from mindful eyes.

Colin froze at that moment.

Am I going to be a dad?

Is it a boy or a girl?

So, the Blood Clan also has the ability to reproduce.

Various complicated thoughts instantly flooded Colin’s mind, leaving him slightly overwhelmed.

It wasn’t until he noticed the peculiar gaze of some Half-Elf nobles.

Colin quickly wiped off the foolish grin on his face, coughed lightly, and said with a smile, “Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen! I didn’t expect the old king to leave behind an heir, he must be able to rest in peace in heaven now.”

I don’t believe you a bit!

Some intelligent Half-Elf nobles muttered in secret.

The old king was practically on his deathbed already, how could he have possibly impregnated Queen Isa?

If he truly had such ability, then there would have been no need for the queen to adopt Prince Topaz, right?

However, despite the inner doubts, the half-Elf nobles on the outside all nodded in agreement:

“Indeed, the old king can now rest in peace!”

“Yes! At such a critical juncture, this child must surely be a divine decree!”

“Correct, it must indeed be a blessing from the Lord of Glory bestowed upon the half-Elves!”

With relationships with the Eastern Territory already strained, these half-Elf nobles dared not offend the North Territory further.

Therefore, even though they were pretty sure that the child was probably Colin’s, these aristocratic lords of the half-Elf nobles had no choice but to forcibly accept this.

Only then did Colin nod in satisfaction, immensely pleased with these sensible half-Elf nobles.

“Very well, everyone go spread these two pieces of good news to Her Majesty’s citizens, let them know that the Deities have not abandoned the half-Elf Clan.”

“Yes, yes!”

“You all may leave now, I am going to visit Her Majesty.” After giving these instructions, Colin made his way into the Queen’s bedchamber with an air of unwavering determination.

The half-Elf nobles exchanged looks before dispersing one after another.

Once Colin was alone inside the bedchamber, he waved at the maids, commanding: “You all may leave as well.”


At this moment, Queen Isa was quietly lying flat on her bed, covered by a pure white thin blanket.

Her face was exquisite, like intricate carvings, displaying a sense of indescribable strength amidst her frailty.

As the maids departed one after another, bringing tranquillity back to the chamber, the severely injured Queen Isa, who originally seemed unconscious, directly sat up from the bed, smiling at Colin, she said:

“We’ve succeeded!”

Her words carried a double meaning.

In order to treat her wounds, Queen Isa’s upper body was bare except for the white bandage wrapped around her chest.

As she sat up, the thin blanket immediately slid off her, revealing large patches of fair skin.

Seeing her undulating curves, Colin’s breath momentarily became somewhat hurried.

However, he still quickly walked over, assisted Queen Isa to lie back down, shaking his head, he said: “If I knew earlier that you were pregnant, I wouldn’t have let you take such risks.”

Queen Isa just smiled nonchalantly: “It’s fine, I can feel it. That arrow didn’t really harm me any substantial way. The power of the Blood Angel seems to have transformed me into a different kind of creature.”

Colin’s glance flickered, he then asked: “Rest well in the coming days and drink lots of fresh blood… oh yes, didn’t I ask you to try drinking the fresh blood of some high-ranking knights, have you tried it?”

“I tried.”

“Any changes in your body?”

“Not really, apart from being a little tastier, it’s no different from the blood of ordinary animals.”


It seems that the Bloodline cannot advance by consuming the fresh blood of high-ranking knights.

Colin noted this point down, then said: “Just focus on recuperating in the coming days, leave the rest to me.”

But Queen Isa firmly shook her head: “No, I must appear before my people one more time.”

Colin responded with a somewhat resigned chuckle: “Are you getting addicted to the performance?”

Queen Isa stuck out her tongue, revealing a rare playful side: “We’ve finally managed to rouse the innate temperament of the half-Elf Clan, it would be such a waste not to strike while the iron is hot.”

“Alright, then tomorrow morning, you may appear atop the city walls once again.” Colin sighed, “I am starting to believe that even if the Dark Cavalry doesn’t move out, with just the Eastern Territory soldiers outside the city, they still wouldn’t be able to breach Silver Moon City.”

Queen Isa gave a beautiful smile, she took Colin’s hand and placed it on her flat belly, she said with deep affection:

“I want to leave him a strong half-Elf Kingdom.”