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C.794 - : So Third Granduncle Is a Bare Stick!Mar 20, 2024

Chapter 794: So Third Granduncle Is a Bare Stick!

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In the past, Xuanyi hated it the most when others talked about his appearance. That was why he wore this mask and did not show his true appearance.

However, the little packrat’s words made him very happy.

“In that case, Third Granduncle won’t wear a mask.’

As soon as he said this, the others were stunned.

Was the dignified Imperial Preceptor of the Northern Han so casual in making a decision?

Yun Ran had told him so much. However, she had yet to tell him about the Spiritual Monkey’s prophecy.

“Third Uncle, are you alone now?”

Xuanyi looked at her in confusion. “Little girl, what do you mean?”

This was because there was a woman related to Xuanyi in the Spiritual Divine Nionkey’s prophecy.

That was why Yun Ran asked.

Bai Qi was more direct. “Xiao Ran means that you haven’t found a partner all these years.”

Xuanyi laughed out loud. “I’m the Imperial Preceptor of Northern Han. How can I get married and have children?”

After saying that, he raised his eyebrows and glanced at Bai Qi and Xiao Yue beside him.

“I’m not like you guys. I’ll hit a bare stick(be a bachelor) for the rest of my life.”

When the packrat heard the word “stick”, she immediately thought of what Bang Bang had said to her. freeweb

She blinked her big black eyes and said to Xuanyi in a childish voice, “Bang

Bang said that Third Granduncle would be turned into a stick! So Third

Granduncle is a bare stick!”

Yun Ran coughed softly. Her little packrat’s comprehension ability was really full marks.

Bai Qi also touched the tip of his nose.

Xuanyi felt that they had something to say to him, but could not say it.

Yun Ran asked Bun to take her sister out and walk around the Imperial Preceptor’s residence.

Little Bun was very smart and immediately understood what his mother meant.

He held his sister’s hand and went out to play.

Before the little packrat left, he was still holding the Imperial Preceptor’s mask in his hand.

After the two children left.

Only then did Yun Ran tell Xuanyi what the boy meant.

“The Spiritual Divine Monkey’s prophecy has always been very accurate. This prophecy is about you, Third Uncle.” free(w)ebnovel(.)com

Xuanyi smiled and said, “So that monkeys prophecy is that I will become a bachelor? Is there a need for a prophecy? As the Imperial Preceptor, I naturally won’t marry and have children.”

Bai Qi said with a serious expression, “Third Brother, stop fooling around. The Spiritual Monkey’s prophecy is that you will be turned into a human stick! ” Xuanyi had just taken a sip of tea and spat it out.

“What the hell is this? Does the stick that the little packrat is talking about mean a human stick? Is it that bloody?”

Yun Ran nodded and explained, “Because we were afraid of scaring Sweetcake, we didn’t explain the human stick to her.”

“Am 1 going to be that miserable?”

Xuanyi did not quite believe these words. It was mainly because he did not think that his enemies in Northern Han had the ability to make him into a human stick.

He felt that this prophecy was a little ridiculous.

“l don’t think anyone in Northern Han can turn me into a human stick.”

Bai Qi understood his feelings the most because when he first heard the prophecy about him, he also felt that it was ridiculous.

But now that the matter had fallen on his younger brother, Bai Qi hoped that he could take it seriously.

“Third Brother, there should be a woman near you. That woman will be in trouble with you. If you don’t want anything to happen to her, you’d better believe us.’

Xuanyi smiled again. “What woman? I really don’t have a woman by my side!

Therefore, this prophecy is even more impossible.”

Just as everyone was in a deadlock…

A little girl ran in from outside. She was wearing a snow rabbit jacket that was similar to Yun Ran’s..

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