The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful - C.799 - : Brother Bun, Are You Giving Sweetcake Candy?Mar 22, 2024

The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

C.799 - : Brother Bun, Are You Giving Sweetcake Candy?Mar 22, 2024

Chapter 799: Brother Bun, Are You Giving Sweetcake Candy?

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Yuwen Qin had been holding a grudge against her seventh sister for a long time.

They were clearly the same Queen Mother, but Yuwen Zhi’s appearance was outstanding, while she was mediocre.

Ever since they were young, as long as they appeared at the same time, everyone would only see Yuwen Zhi and completely ignore her existence.

However, she was clearly the Eldest Princess of Northern Han!

What was even more infuriating was that Yuwen Zhi’s talent in spiritual power cultivation was also the best among all the princesses and princes. She had been taken in as a disciple by the Imperial Preceptor at such a young age, and she was Xuanyi’s only disciple.

Xuanyi was respected by the people in Northern Han, so even his disciple, Yuwen Zhi, became more and more well-regarded.

Yuwen Qin felt that as long as Yuwen Zhi and Xuanyi did not die, the position of the Queen of the Northern Han would not be hers in the end.

Yuwen Zhi, that wretched girl, was easy to deal with, but Xuanyi, that sly old fox, was unfathomable and difficult to deal with.

That was why she had invited an expert to help her plan.

The expert had said that Yuwen Zhi, that wretched girl, was Xuanyi’s weakness. If she wanted to kill Xuanyi, she could use Yuwen Zhi as bait.

She did not need to do it herself. She could use the Empress to deal with the master and disciple.

Yuwen Qin had mentioned it before. Unfortunately, the Empress had always been unwilling to attack Xuanyi. She did not expect that Her Majesty would actually nod in agreement this time.

On the second day, Yuwen Qin used the Empress’s decree to send a message to the Seventh Princess’s residence. She said that the Empress was not feeling well and had summoned her to the palace to attend to her illness.

Coincidentally, Yuwen Zhi brought Little Sweetcake to visit her mansion.

The two of them were competing to build a snowman in the residence.

“Are you saying that this is my Master?”

The little packrat hummed in agreement. “That’s right. This pile is Third


Yuwen Zhi looked at the round and chubby snowman and almost collapsed with laughter.

“How can my Master’s head be so round?”

The little packrat took out the mask she had obtained from Xuanvi from her storage ring and put it on the snowman’s head. Then, she clapped her hands.

“Wow! This looks most like Third Granduncle!”

Yuwen Zhi muttered, ” If the little packrat says that, then anyone who wears this mask will look like Master.’

When the people from the palace arrived, Yuwen Zhi and the little packrat were still playing.

When the little packrat heard that she was going to the palace to play, she also wanted to take a look.

Yuwen Zhi was the Seventh Princess of Northern Han and was doted on by the Empress of Northern Han. Naturally, she could still do this.

Then, she brought the little packrat into the palace.

Bun was sent by his parents to protect his sister. Since his sister was going to play, he definitely had to protect her by her side.

Hence, he followed them into the palace.

The guards who came from the palace only thought that Yuwen Zhi had brought these two children there to play and did not take it to heart.

He brought them to the palace to report.

Yuwen Zhi brought the two little pink balls into the hall. As soon as they entered, Bun’s small face immediately darkened.

He came to his sister’s side and fed her a pill.

“Brother Bun, are you giving Sweetcake candy? It’s not candy!”

“It’s not candy. Eat it obediently. Otherwise, you’ll faint later and won’t be able to hit the guys.”

When the little packrat heard this, she wanted to hit bad guys!

She frowned and swallowed the pill. Then, she opened her mouth and let Bun her. “Ah, Sweetcake obediently ate it.”

Bun nodded and handed a pill to Yuwen Zhi, who was dumbfounded and wide-eyed. “There’s something wrong with the incense in the incense burner in this hall. Take this antidote too..

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