The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

C.807 - : Where Are Your Family? Where Are Your Relatives?Mar 26, 2024

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Yuwen Qin looked up and laughed wildly. “Xuanyi, don’t tell me you think that you’re still the high and mighty Imperial Preceptor of Northern Han at this moment! Let me tell you, the Queen Mother wants to kill you. If you want to blame someone, blame your dogsh*t family that suddenly appeared.”

“The Queen Mother thought that you wanted to join forces with those East Continent people to seize her throne. Do you think she will spare you? You are trapped in this dark prison. Where are your family members? Where are your relatives?”

Xuanyi did not place his hopes on anyone else. After all, he had been like this all these years.

Therefore, he had no intention of responding to Yuwen Qin’s ridicule.

But at this moment, Bai Qi’s voice came from the dark prison. “His family is here. Why? Do you have any last words for us?”

MO Beiyuan also followed Bai Qi into the dark prison. His slightly cold gaze sqrept across the current situation in the dark prison. He raised his hand and shot out a concealed weapon bead, dealing with the group of people around

Yuwen Zhi.

He had learned this hidden weapon from his Little Sweetcake.

His little packrat liked to play the game of using little stones to attack killers. Xuanyi also saw an opportunity. He flew over and kicked away the blade hanging around Yuwen Zhi’s neck.

Then, he saved Yuwen Zhi from under the torture device.

“Take her out first. I still have something to do.”

Xuanyi handed Yuwen Zhi to Bai Qi and the others to take away while he stayed behind.

Step by step, he walked towards Yuwen Qin, who was limp on the ground. He picked her up and pressed her under the torture device.

“Originally, I was too lazy to care about the things you did behind my back, but I didn’t expect you to go overboard instead. Speaking of abandoned chess pieces, don’t you think you’re more like one?”

Originally, Xuanyi had always watched coldly from the sidelines when it came to the battles between the princesses and princes of the Northern Han royal family. As long as it did not involve his little disciple, it was fine.

However, he did not expect that his momentary soft-heartedness would cause Yuwen Qin to jump up and almost bite him.

“Since you like to play with this torture device so much, you should experience it yourself! If you lose your head and become a headless ghost, wouldn’t it be more interesting?”

As he spoke, he raised the beheading blade and swung it at Yuwen Qin.

He, Xuanyi, had never been a merciful person.

The eldest princess was beheaded right in front of their eyes. The guards were all trembling in fear. This Imperial Preceptor even dared to kill the Eldest Princess, let alone small fries like them.

Xuanyi wiped the blood that splattered on the back of his hand and smiled coldly at them. “I need to leave someone behind to send a big gift to the Empress for me. Which of you is willing?”

“l… I’m willing!’

“l… I’m willing too!”

At this moment, no one wanted to die. They all raised their hands.

They wanted to run an errand for him to send a gift to the Empress on his behalf.

Xuanyi took out a box from his storage ring and got them to put Yuwen Qin’s head in it before sending it to the Empress of the Northern Han.

After he was done with all this, he walked out of the dark prison.

Seeing Bai Qi, MO Beiyuan, and the others waiting outside, Xuanyi seemed to be able to experience the feeling of having his family by his side. He experienced the feeling of being a member of the Bai family.

“Second Brother, let’s go!’

Bai Qi looked at him and was slightly stunned. After exchanging looks for a moment, he smiled and nodded at him. “Okay..”f reeweb

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