The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

C.812 - : Using Her Bun’s StrategyMar 29, 2024

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But at the end of the day, these people were also trying to save their lives!

No one in this world wanted to die.

However, some people wanted even more. They wanted to live forever!

“Take your families and hide in the Imperial Preceptor’s Residence! I’ll arrange for someone to send you out of the Imperial City.” The guards did not expect him to be willing to save them.

They all knelt down and kowtowed to Bai Xuan a few times.

“Imperial Preceptor, I and my family thank you for your help. However, other than me, there are many people in Northern Han palace who live in fear every day, afraid that they will lose their lives.”

“Other than the people in the palace, the people outside the palace are also very pitiful. The Empress recently heard that the hearts of children can allow her to live forever, so she has already captured dozens of children and locked them in the palace.”

If it were any other person, Bai Xuan could still tolerate it. However, he could not tolerate the fact that the Empress of the Northern Han had attacked children.

He looked at Yuwen Zhi and asked, “Ah Zhi, if there are thousands of innocent lives on one side and your Queen Mother on the other, you can only choose one side. How would you choose?”

Yuwen Zhi knew that he was waiting for her answer. She also knew what he wanted to hear. freew(e)bnove(l)


That person was her Queen Mother after all!

She was the one who had raised her!

“Master, if you can, can you spare her life?”

Bai Xuan looked at her deeply and nodded.

Then, he said to the group of guards, “l didn’t want to interfere in Northern Han’s matters at first, but those children are innocent. Go back and settle your families down. Come back and follow me!”

Yun Ran came out to watch the show, but she also understood Bai Xuan’s choice.

In the end, the Northern Han Empress had gone too far.

The group gathered together again.

The topic of discussion this time was rather big. It was how to send Yuwen Zhi to the throne of Northern Han with the least casualties.

Previously, Bai Xuan had talked to his disciple alone.

“Ah Zhi, I know you like to live a carefree life, but the people of Northern Han need you to stand up for them now. Do you understand?”

Compared to the Northern Han’s Empress and the other princes and princesses, Bai Xuan understood his little disciple better.

He knew that she had never wanted to sit in that position, but now, she had no choice but to do so.

This was because she was the Seventh Princess of Northern Han and also his disciple.

“Master, Zhi understands. Zhi has always remembered Master’s teachings. Zhi is willing to rise to the occasion.”

Bai Xuan patted his little disciple’s head. “Master will always be by your side. Remember, you’re not alone.”

“Yes, Ah Zhi will remember!”

Hence, there was the current one. A large group of people gathered together to discuss.

Yun Ran looked at her two children and smiled.

Unexpectedly, in the end, she used Bun’s tactic.

After the little packrat made a trip to the palace in Northern Han, not only did he memorize the map of the interior of the palace, but he also clearly remembered the distribution of guards in the palace.

He even knew what illness the Queen of the Northern Han had.

“The powder she lit will only make her body and her brain worse. We just have to enter the palace and add something in the powder she inhaled. She will simply fall asleep and enter a state of suspended animation.” “Pseudocide?” Bai Xuan felt that this was a good idea!

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