The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

C.822 - 821: For Her Sake, He Must Not Let Anything Happen to Himself!Apr 02, 2024

Chapter 821: For Her Sake, He Must Not Let Anything Happen to Himself!

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When Yun Ran heard his words, she definitely couldn’t leave!

She shook her head at him. “MO Beiyuan, we came together, so we naturally have to go back together.”

MO Beiyuan looked at her steadily. He could feel an endless stream of demonic energy entering his body from the Demon Sword in his hand, but he could not let anything happen to her.

Therefore, he gripped the demonic sword tightly and took a few steps back to distance himself from her, resisting the demonic aura on the demonic sword.

As he supported himself with his strong willpower , images of her and the two little packrat kept flashing through her mind.

Nio Beiyuan knew that he could not admit defeat. He could not afford to lose! The demon sword was the Demon Lord’s sword. The demonic aura it was tainted with was naturally not the kind of demonic aura on ordinary demonic creatures. MO Beiyuan’s body quickly sensed the change. f(r)eeweb(n)ovel

He could clearly feel that after the demonic aura entered his body, something in his body seemed about to awaken and compete with him for his body.

How could his hard-earned happiness be taken over by this thing?

He wanted to tell this thing that he, MO Beiyuan, was the true owner of this body! No matter if he was the Demon Lord or not!

Those people from the mysterious tribe were still kneeling non-stop, their eyes filled with crazy desire.

They didn’t even care that the ground was shaking.

It seemed that as long as the Demon Lord appeared, they would be able to fulfill their wishes.

Yun Ran watched as MO Beiyuan raised his sword and the black aura around his body collided. His strange eyes turned red. She could not stand at the side calmly and watch.

She gathered her spiritual energy and flew towards him. She raised her hand and hugged his waist, muttering softly, “MO Beiyuan, I’m here.”

“Ranran!” MO Beiyuan was originally a little unable to withstand the demonic aura, but she suddenly rushed over, giving him the strength to hold on again.

Afraid of scaring her, his large hand gently stroked her back. “I’m fine. Don’t be afraid.’

Yes, nothing must happen to him!

For her sake, he definitely could not let anything happen to him!

After an unknown period of time, the sword in MO Beiyuan’s hand stopped.

Yun Ran looked up and realized that his other pupil that was purple had turned completely black.

MO Beiyuan caught the slight shock in her eyes and asked in a low and hoarse voice, “Ranran, did my current appearance scare you?”

He was tainted with so much demonic energy. He did not know if there was a change in his appearance that frightened her.

Yun Ran shook her head at him. “No, your eyes. That purple eye has turned black. ”

MO Beiyuan used to hate his pair of strange eyes very much. It was also because of this pair of strange eyes that he was called an evil spirit and a ghost king! He had lived like an anomaly for so many years.

It was only after meeting her and having two more children that he felt like a

normal person.

Back then, his little packrat had even been mocked because of his other eye. At that time, he had even wondered if he should dig out this other eye so he could become a normal person.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, he no longer needed to care about his strange eyes since he had returned to a normal appearance.

Just as the two of them were feeling happy, MO Beiyuan realized that the sword in his hand was making another sound. Right on the heels of that, he heard a young man’s voice. “Master, you’re finally here. The Black Fiend has been waiting for more than a thousand years.”

MO Beiyuan wondered, “Master? Black Fiend?”

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