The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful - C.831: Black Fiend the EncyclopediaApr 07, 2024

The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

C.831: Black Fiend the EncyclopediaApr 07, 2024

Chapter 831: Black Fiend the Encyclopedia

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Yun Ran’s face was flushed. Then she slowly adjusted her breathing before gradually calming down.

However, the three little fellows in her stomach seemed to have sensed something and were a little unhappy. The three of them moved together.

Yun Ran could only put her hand on her belly and gently comfort the three naughty babues. “Be good.”

Seeing that she had placed her hand on her stomach, MO Beiyuan leaned forward nervously and asked her if she was uncomfortable.

Because the two of them could not bring Huo Chanyi with them when they entered the clouds, before MO Beiyuan left, he specially went to look for Huo Chanyi and asked her seriously about the possible situations in the later stages of pregnancy and how to deal with various situations.

Therefore, when he saw Yun Ran put her hand on her belly, he rushed over and asked her if she was feeling unwell.

Seeing that he was so nervous, Yun Ran quickly smiled at him and explained, “It should be because my body hasn’t adapted to the sudden abundance of spiritual energy that the three little fellows started making a fuss. It’s fine. I’ll be fine after resting for a while.”

Yun Ran leaned into his arms for a while. The three little fellows in her womb indeed quickly calmed down.

Yun Ran curled her lips and smiled gently at MO Beiyuan. “Look, they’re already very obedient now.”

The two of them rested for a while before Yun Ran got up and sized up her surroundings.

She had always heard about the clouds. Now that she had really entered the clouds, she was naturally curious about the difference between this place and the Five Nations.

Apart from the most intuitive difference in spiritual energy, the surrounding environment was also slightly different.

For example, at this moment, she had just entered a world of ice and snow, but here, it was spring and flowers were blooming. It was a green scene.

The flowers, plants, and trees all grew especially well.

The weather was also very warm.

Not far away, there seemed to be some floating islands and land in the air. Yun Ran stared at them for a long time.

“MO Beiyuan, ask the Black Fiend what those islands in the sky are.”

At this moment, Yun Ran related to Black Fiend like he was a moving encyclopedia on the clouds.

Nio Beiyuan acted as her interpreter.

“The Black Fiend said that those are immortal mountains. The smaller ones don’t have any resources, and the larger ones are where some immortal sects and sects are.’

Yun Ran nodded. So that was how it was!

“Then let’s go straight to the ghost market of the demon realm! Let the Black Fiend lead the way.”

Although Yun Ran was a little curious about the immortal mountains, she only watched from afar. She had more important things to do now.

According to their previous plan, after entering the cloud, they would immediately go to the ghost market of the demon realm to find the tracking insects.

Hence, the two of them jumped onto Cang Luan’s back again.

He let the Black Fiend lead the way to the demon realm.

The immortal sects were in the sky.

The corresponding demon realm was on the ground.

Immortals and fiends cultivated two types of Dao. Since ancient times, they had been incompatible with each other.

In the eyes of those people from the immortal sects, the demon realm was evil and dark! They themselves were the light and the righteous path.

In the eyes of the demons in the demon realm, the immortal sect were also an enemy.

The Black Fiend had not returned to the cloud for many years. It had directly followed the direction of the demonic aura back to the demon realm.

However, the demon realm in front of it was no longer the same as the demon realm in its memories.

“Back then, when Master was still the Demon King, everyone in the entire clouds was afraid of our demon realm! Immortal sects, demons, ghosts… none of them dared to come to the demon realm to find trouble.. Why is the demon realm like this now?”