The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

C.843 - : What Did the Tracker Bug Track?Apr 14, 2024

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According to Black Fiend, she placed the tracking bug and the clothes Sweetcake had worn together.

She let the tracking bug familiarize itself with the smell on Sweetcake’s clothes.

After about 15 minutes, the tracking bug suddenly flapped its wings and flew up from the clothes.

Yun Ran grabbed the clothes excitedly and got Cang Luan to follow the tracking bug.

Yun Ran had only thought that this little bug was sick and did not expect it to fly so quickly.

Cang Luan almost couldn’t keep up with the afterimage of the bug flying in front of it.

Yun Ran wanted to ask if this thing was really a bug. Which bug would fly so fast

This also reignited their hope.

According to Yun Ran, if the tracking bug really sensed Sweetcake’s location, it should be flying in the direction of the Five Nations fr(e)ewebn(o)vel

However, after flying for most of the day, Yun Ran realized that the bug was flying in the direction of the demon realm where they had come from.

That direction was the opposite of the Five Nations.

“MO Beiyuan, this insect seems to be flying in the wrong direction! Do you think it’s flying in the direction of the demon realm?”

Seeing that this was not the right direction, the hope that had been ignited in Yun Ran’s heart was shattered again.

However, neither of them wanted to give up. They continued to follow the tracking bug.

As for the demon realm, they would go and take a look first.

Cangl Luan followed the tracking bug into the demon realm, and the bug flew even faster.

It was as if the thing it was looking for was right in front of it, and it became even more excited.

However, at this moment, Black Fiend, who flying beside MO Beiyuan said,

“Why does it seem to be flying in the direction of the demon realm’s Demon Abyss?”

Yun Ran frowned. “MO Beiyuan, ask it what the Demon Abyss is.”

Why did it not sound like a good place?

MO Beiyuan quickly got an answer from Black Fiend. “It’s the place where the demons seal the ferocious beasts and demons. It might be similar to the desolate prison of the Five Nations.”

After hearing his explanation, Yun Ran’s frown deepened. “There must be a mistake. How could Sweetcake appear in such a place?”

Yun Ran shook her head as she got Cang Luan to give chase.

“Let’s capture the tracking bug first and bring it back to the Five Nations so that we can restart the tracking again.”

In the blink of an eye, the bug had disappeared.

Cang Luan flew all the way down to the abyss.

Because the demonic qi in the abyss was too strong, MO Beiyuan asked the Black Fiend to set up a barrier to protect Yun Ran.

“Don’t let the demonic qi hurt her and the three little fellows in her womb.”

Although Black Fiend despised this woman who was like the demoness of that immortal sect, he wanted to protect its master’s bloodline!

Perhaps one of the little packrats in this woman’s womb would become the Demon Lord of the demon realm in the future!

“Wait, where did all the ferocious beasts in the abyss go? I remember that there should be many ancient ferocious beasts here!”

The closer Black Fiend got to the bottom of the abyss, the more puzzled he became.

He remembered very clearly that there were ferocious beasts sealed under the abyss.

Even his master might not be able to kill all those ferocious beasts alone.

Could it be that their demon realm had produced a Demon Lord that was even more powerful than their master?

“Master, you might have met an opponent. To be able to make so many ferocious beasts disappear, he’s definitely a powerful character!”

MO Beiyuan ignored his nonsense and looked ahead through the layers of black demonic qi.

Previously, not far from them, there seemed to be many huge living demon beasts.

Were those not the ferocious beasts mentioned by Black Fiend?

The Black Fiend also discovered the kiss at this moment.. “Eh, what are those ancient ferocious beasts doing? Are they gathered together to play?”

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