The Malevolent Female Villain Turns Out to Be Me - C.175


"Sister, where are my clothes?"

Xiao Jinmeng looked at her pitifully pouting brother standing before her and couldn't help but laugh inwardly.

Pretending to be frustrated, she tapped her forehead and put on an expression as if her brain wasn't working properly: "Oh my, little brother, I'm so sorry, your sister forgot..."

As soon as she finished speaking, Xiao Yuanning's lips trembled, and tears instantly streamed down his face.

"Waaah, I knew it, there's no place for me in sister's heart..."

This startled Xiao Jinmeng. She never thought her teasing would make her brother cry.

She hurriedly reached out to wipe his tears, explaining while doing so: "Little brother, please don't cry. It's my fault, I didn't forget. I was just teasing you. I've already designed your clothes, they're in my room. Don't cry, little brother. I'll go fetch them for you!"

Xiao Jinmeng was about to go upstairs when Xiao Yuanning grabbed her arm.

The previously sobbing Xiao Yuanning now had a face full of triumphant smiles.

"I knew sister was teasing me!"

After spending these days together, Xiao Yuanning's idol filter for Xiao Jinmeng had long since shattered into pieces. She'd almost forgotten her brother was an actor.

Seeing his expression, Xiao Jinmeng couldn't resist pinching his cheeks, "You naughty boy, you change faces so quickly!"

Xiao Yuanning let his sister pinch his cheeks, grinning, "So, sister, can you take me to see my performance outfits?"

Xiao Jinmeng smiled, "Of course, let's go. They're in my closet. I guarantee you'll love them!"

Xiao Yuanning followed Xiao Jinmeng to her closet and was stunned by the array of clothes before him.

On a row of hangers, there were about a dozen men's outfits: a dark red suit with gold embroidery, a silver sequin suit, a white feather coat, a deep blue leather jacket, a loose orange jumpsuit with suspenders, and even a preppy plaid shirt...

There were no particularly exaggerated designs. The overall look was more noble and well-behaved. The variety of styles was not only perfect for showing off cool dance moves on stage but also quite suitable for singing soft, emotional ballads.

"Sister, are all these for me?"

Xiao Yuanning touched the white feather coat, feeling its softness, and looked at Xiao Jinmeng with sparkling eyes.

He'd been in the entertainment industry for so many years, albeit mainly in films, but he'd worn all sorts of clothes and seen firsthand how many superstar singers had flamboyant, bizarre outfits for their concerts.

Honestly, he was quite afraid his stylist would match him with those strange clothes. His personality preferred simple, understated designs that still exuded elegance.

Now, with his sister designing for him, everything was exactly to his liking.

Xiao Jinmeng ruffled his hair affectionately, "Of course, they're all for you."

Xiao Yuanning grabbed both of his sister's arms and spun around happily, exclaiming, "Sister, you're so good to me! So many clothes! When did you finish them?"

Xiao Jinmeng thought for a moment, "Remember when you first visited the Ye family? You mentioned designing outfits then, and that's when I started."

"My design inspiration came quickly. I drew the sketches fast. The feather coat and the gold-embroidered suit were made by professionals, but I sewed the others myself when you weren't paying attention."

Xiao Yuanning's eyes widened in disbelief, "You sewed them yourself!"

How had he not noticed?

Xiao Jinmeng grinned, "Hehe, I found making clothes quite simple. I spent a little time each day and could finish one. Hey, I guess I'm really cut out for this job!"

Seeing his sister's unabashed manner, Xiao Yuanning felt incredibly touched.

"Sister, you're so good to me. I really love these!"

"Good boy, try them on to see if they fit. If not, I can still make adjustments."

"Mm, okay!"

For each outfit Xiao Yuanning tried on, he struck various poses for photos. After trying them all, he chose his favorite shot from each outfit's photos and sent them all to Shi Shuning.

Sister's Little Bro: Shuning bro, these are all clothes sister designed and sewed for me by hand. Ah, sister is so good to me.

Sweet Lemon: !!

Shi Shuning looked at the smug message, his temple vein throbbing. This little brat was provoking him!

After some thought, he replied with one sentence.

Sweet Lemon: Meng Meng's designs look great on her little brother! [obedient]

How to handle your brother-in-law's provocation? Appease him, of course!

Xiao Yuanning smirked without replying, then opened the family group chat and sent the photos.

Sister's Little Bro: Mom, Dad, look! The clothes my sister designed and sewed for me by hand! [proud]

Xi Xi: Our baby is so talented!

Ze: Baby's clothes designs are awesome, it's just the model who's not so good-looking.

Sister's Little Bro: ??

Ze: Can baby design a set for Dad and Mom too? [pitiful]

Meng Meng Not Fat: [sneaky] Hehe, there are some for Dad and Mom too. I'll show you when you get back~ [mischievous]

After that, no one spoke in the group chat.

Xiao Yongze and Song Jiaxi had already finished work but went to a social event. After seeing that message, whatever the event, being with their children was most important!

Xiao Jinmeng not only sewed a set of couple hoodies for Xiao Yongze and Song Jiaxi but also for Ye Junli and Gu Qi.

They were perfect for daily wear, with no complex designs. But on the front of each hoodie was a cute, cartoon-style portrait of the couple, drawn by Xiao Jinmeng.

Song Jiaxi and Xiao Yongze each put on their hoodies and mimicked the expressions of their cartoon portraits in the mirror, unconsciously winking and breaking into happy smiles.

Having a daughter was wonderful, so much more thoughtful than that smelly boy.

... 𝔣𝔯𝖊𝔢𝖜𝔢𝔟𝖓𝖔𝔳𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝖔𝔪

Xiao Yuanning's concert was on the evening of May 20th. Long queues formed early outside Hai City's largest sports arena.

When Xiao Jinmeng and her group arrived, they used the VIP entrance. Inside, the arena was buzzing with noise, with girls frequently shouting, "Little brother, we love you!"

"Little brother! You're Mama's good boy!"

Xiao Jinmeng couldn't help but snicker. Was he a little brother or a son?

The Xiao Yongze couple and the Ye Junli couple were all wearing the matching outfits Meng Meng had given them. They eyed each other.

Xiao Yongze: "Hmm, my daughter's hands are truly skillful!"

"Hmph, not only do I have clothes hand-sewn by my darling Jinmeng, but I also have a bracelet made by my sweet Wanwan!" Ye Junli retorted, unwilling to back down.

Just as Ye Junli finished boasting, Ye Wanwan walked over and took out two small gift boxes from her bag, handing them to Xiao Yongze and Song Jiaxi.

"Godfather, Godmother, these are bracelets I made with my own hands. Do you like them?"

"We love them! Absolutely adore them! Thank you, Wanwan!"

Xiao Yongze looked at the bracelet in his hand and smugly glanced at Ye Junli, raising his wrist towards him. "Ha! I've got one too!"

Gu Qi and Song Jiaxi watched the two old men bickering and exchanged a glance.

Song Jiaxi couldn't help but complain, "Look at Ze's smug face. If I were Junli, I'd smack him right now!"

Gu Qi chuckled, "You're one to talk. Look at Junli's expression, puffing up his chest and glaring like a complete dolt!"

Xiao Jinmeng held Ye Wanwan's hand and sat down in a spot nearby. She watched the two dads' "love-hate relationship" and then the two moms' "loving bond." Unable to resist, she said to Ye Wanwan, "Wanwan, let's stick together!"