The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman - C.461


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Raon swallowed nervously while looking at Judiel.

“Did you just say that she’s coming on her own—instead of bringing a bunch of the White Whale’s warriors?”

“That’s indeed the case.”

Judiel nodded, her eyes trembling slightly.

“I also thought it was strange and confirmed it multiple times, but it’s certain. The White Whale’s warriors might secretly follow her, but the Thespian Emperor is alone from how it looks, at least.”

“That’s insane…”

Insane was the only way to describe it.

There wasn’t a direct confrontation between Zieghart and the White Whale, but they weren’t exactly on good terms for the time being.

Zieghart didn’t like the White Whale for trying to get the information without helping them in their domain, and the White Whale must’ve been holding a grudge because their warriors—including the White Wolf Saber and the Sickle of the Bloody Cloud—were imprisoned in Zieghart.

‘Her objective is clear. She must be trying to rescue the White Wolf Saber and the Sickle of the Bloody Cloud.’

The Sickle of the Bloody Cloud was an advanced Master, while the White Wolf Saber was a highest-level Master.

Since they could potentially become Grandmasters one day, it was obvious that they wouldn’t want to throw them away.

However, it was a dangerous situation where a large-scale war could break out from the slightest issue. That was why Raon couldn’t understand the Thespian Emperor’s crazy actions.

She’s a pretty decent person.

Wrath nodded his chin with his arms crossed.

She’s coming here on her own to rescue her subordinates. She has the right mind in her head.

‘She’s our enemy though.’

She’s an enemy to you, not to the King of Essence. He just likes people who cherish their subordinates. She’s way better than that Almond or whatever!



He started to compliment the Thespian Emperor. He seemed to have taken a liking to her because of how much she cherished her subordinates.

‘What is she even thinki—Ah!’

Raon was looking at Wrath and suddenly clapped his hands.

‘Is this her goal?’

Wrath was complimenting the Thespian Emperor for the fact that she was coming to Zieghart on her own to rescue her subordinates even though he hadn’t even seen her yet.

If people heard about the story between Zieghart and the White Whale, most would react the same way.

It was nothing short of a heroic action for the leader of a small group like her to visit the Six Kings on her own to save her subordinates.

‘Yes, this must be it.’

The world always welcomes a new hero. The Thespian Emperor must’ve been trying to twist public opinion to praise her name while saving her subordinates through her journey to Zieghart.

Once people heard the Thespian Emperor’s story, they were bound to cheer for her heroic actions. Zieghart would be forced to somewhat give in to her demands because public opinion in the continent was still important to them.


Raon gasped while looking up at the ceiling.

‘This is the best method to save her subordinates without going through a war.’

Since Wrath was an idiot, he bobbed his hand at Judiel to ask for her opinion.

“This is just my theory, but I think the Thespian Emperor is trying to turn the public’s opinion.”

“Public opinion?”

“Yes. The Thespian Emperor must be walking here on her feet instead of riding a carriage or hiding her appearance.”

Raon guessed the Thespian Emperor’s movements that he’d never even seen and told Judiel her intentions behind her actions.

“I-I think it’s true.”

Judiel nodded with trembling lips.

“That’s the only possible reason.”

Judiel felt like Raon was right, and the reason behind the Thespian Emperor’s visit was to save her subordinates and return safely by using public opinion. There was no doubt about it.

Additionally, she must’ve also been trying to raise the reputation of herself and the White Whale by taking advantage of Zieghart’s fame.


Judiel gasped while watching Raon, who was absorbed in his thoughts.

‘He figured out that much in that short time…’

In fact, the Thespian Emperor’s intentions could be figured out relatively easily. It was only shocking because the information was too recent.

However, Raon had figured out the Thespian Emperor’s intentions within a few minutes even when the information he’d heard wasn’t complete.

Even his thoughts must’ve achieved amazing growth, just like his other aspects.

“The lord’s manor should’ve also gotten this information, right?”

Raon lowered his gaze and looked at Judiel.

“Yes, the lord’s manor must’ve learned about it around the evening. It’s thanks to them that I’ve managed to pick up this piece of information.”

“So the head of house should already be aware of it.”

Glenn and the other executives must’ve already observed her movements after hearing the news about her arrival.

‘However… There should be no other way.’

The name of the Destructive King of the North was high and mighty.

It was impossible for him to stop or attack the Thespian Emperor since she was visiting on her own.

‘He might even be forced to protect her, let alone attack her.’

If the Thespian Emperor was injured or attacked in Zieghart’s domain, the entire continent might criticize them for being a shameless house.

Glenn actually needed to protect her from attacks despite her being an enemy.


Raon briefly clicked her tongue.

‘It’s annoying to admit, but it’s such a smart move.’

It wasn’t difficult to figure out the Thespian Emperor’s intentions, but it wasn’t easy to destroy her plot.

Since Zieghart was such a huge house, there was no other choice than to act according to her plan.

‘The head of house can’t act. The same goes for the palace masters, and even the Heavenly Blade division leader and Sir Roenn cannot do anything about it.’

Because of their ages and positions, they couldn’t act recklessly. They were bound to be severely criticized and slandered if they stopped the Thespian Emperor and picked a fight with her.

‘However… That’s not the case for me.’

His position was relatively high inside the house, but he was still inexperienced and young. That was why the problem wouldn’t increase even if he’d made a mistake.

He was the only person inside the house who could act without yielding to the Thespian Emperor’s plan.

Raon smiled coldly and tapped on Heavenly Drive’s scabbard.

‘I’m a professional when it comes to screwing people up.’

That’s true. No one is better than you at making a mess.

‘You are going too far.’

It’s because you screwed the King of Essence up so hard that he still hasn’t gotten any ice cream!


Raon shut his mouth because he had no excuse.

Say something at least!

* * *

Rugen, the external agent of the Shadow Agents who’d helped Raon to rescue the Warring Steel division, was watching the line of people with serious eyes.

He assimilated into the crowd on the street that was brimming with people like it was a festival.

While Rugen was hiding his presence inside the crowd, a tall woman walked towards the center of the street.

Her back was as straight as a crane’s neck, and her heavy footsteps were enough to show her confident personality.

Her ebony hair barely reached her neck, and her eyes were as red as fire while her nose was as beautiful as a crescent moon.

Black hair and red eyes were rather unusual in the world, but the surprising part was the harmony between them.

The crowd around her dropped their jaws upon witnessing her overwhelming beauty, which was comparable to an elf.


“I-is she the one?”

“Yes. She is the Thespian Emperor, the leader of the White Whale.”

“Sh-she looks extremely young, though.”

“I heard she became younger when her might reached the sky.”

“I see, even her footsteps are powerful.”

They were admiring the Thespian Emperor’s appearance and confident demeanor.

“But why is she going to Zieghart?”

“Do you still not know about that? Her subordinates are imprisoned in Zieghart! She’s going there to save them!”

“Huh? S-so she’s going to Zieghart on her own to save her subordinates?!”

“Yes. She’s on her own because bringing others with her might cause a war to break out between them. I don’t think I could even do that, it would be so scary…”

“Yes, she’s such a strong person! There’s no one like her nowadays!”

“Now that I think about it, I heard that the White Whale recently saved Chad Village from monster attacks and even helped their restoration afterward.”

“I heard it too. And Chad Village wasn’t the only one. Lots of other places were helped by them.”

The crowd gathered on the street was talking about every good deed that the White Whale had done before on top of praising the Thespian Emperor for visiting Zieghart on her own.

Their faces started to show their favorable impression towards the Thespian Emperor and the White Whale.


As the Thespian Emperor passed in front of them, people who’d already heard about her story started to cheer for her.


“Thespian Emperor! Thespian Emperor! Thespian Emperor!”

“White Whale! White Whale!”

“I wish you the best of luck at saving our subordinates!”

“I’ll be rooting for you!”

“Even Zieghart won’t be able to do anything to you!”

They cheered for the Thespian Emperor and prayed that she would safely rescue her subordinates.

The Thespian Emperor lowered her head towards the crowd slightly before she continued her advance.


Rugen furrowed his brow because of the ear-piercing cheers and withdrew from the scene.

‘This is no joke…’

Some White Whale warriors were definitely hiding among the crowd to form public opinion, but the reaction of the ordinary people was too serious.

It was an excessive reaction even though they were in a neutral area close to the Owen Kingdom. Her plan to act as a poster to advertise the White Whale seemed to be working.

‘That was a smart move.’ 𝓯𝘳𝘦𝑒𝓌𝘦𝘣𝓃ℴ𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝓬𝘰𝑚

She raised the White Whale’s reputation to a whole different level by involving Zieghart’s name and earned people’s favor by acting like a hero saving her subordinates. It was a simple operation, but it could only be described as amazing.

Moreover, the humble way she was acting even though her pressure and presence were powerful enough to overwhelm the entire crowd was giving goosebumps.

‘Even the house won’t be able to make a move.’

The entire continent’s public opinion was bound to turn against them if they stopped the Thespian Emperor. Zieghart could even be defined as evil or cowardly.

The great cause had recently started to follow them thanks to Raon’s actions, but they could potentially turn into villains even worse than the Five Demons if they made a wrong move.


Rugen sighed and covered his face with his robe.

‘This is a checkmate.’

He had already reported it to the house, but it was impossible to stop or attack her, and he could guess that the executives must’ve been annoyed by the helpless situation.

‘Even that person shouldn’t be able to do anything about this.’

He had only recently met Raon, but he looked like he could solve every issue in the world.

However, Rugen had the feeling that it was impossible to do anything about it even for Raon.

He shook his head and parted from the crowd.

The Thespian Emperor’s footsteps came to a halt the moment he left into an alley to give his report.

She looked at the alley Rugen had gone into with a faint smile on her face.

* * *

* * *

Raon practiced his sword from morning until midnight the next day before returning to the annex building.


Wrath was floating like a cloud with his shoulders drooping down.

The joy of life is gone. The King of Essence’s life as a human…


Okay, the King of Essence’s life as a demon is ruined.

He pouted while murmuring that his life was completely ruined.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Raon patted Wrath’s depressed shoulder and shook his head.

‘Because he has a hangover.’

He’d gone to the ice cream shop right after he woke up, but he’d only found a note saying that the manager would take another day off because of his hangover.

Just like Raon had previously guessed, the manager must’ve been suffering from a hangover after drinking too much.

The King of Essence won’t recognize a guy who skips work from a mere hangover as a manager! Tell Mustache to quit his work already!

‘What are you even saying…? You can’t even drink.’

Raon clearly remembered how Wrath had begged him to stop while crying when Raon was having a drinking contest against the Gambling Monster.

His pretentiousness was the one thing that was at a demon king’s level.

Uuh, the King of Essence is afraid to find out what’s going to happen tomorrow to stop him from having ice cream!

Wrath shivered, saying that he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to eat any ice cream even though he wasn’t even afraid of a war against the heavenly realm.

Ice cream… the mint chocolate ice cream is floating right in front of him. Yet, why is it impossible to eat it?!

He started to lick the round magic lamp on the ceiling. He must’ve started to hallucinate.

Hmm, it tastes like an orange…


The magic lamp indeed had an orange color, but there was no way it tasted like an orange.

He must’ve gone through a severe mental shock.

‘This is no good.’

Raon figured that he would have to break the bead ice cream shop’s door down if necessary to feed ice cream to Wrath the next day.

‘Tomorrow, I’ll definitely…’

He was hardening his resolve while clenching his fist.

He could feel a small presence around the window. When he turned his head, he saw Glenn looking through the window just like a month ago.

Wh-why is that geezer even here right now?! Are you trying to stop the King of Essence from having his ice cream again?! This is seriously driving him nuts!

Wrath started to flounder around upon spotting Glenn.

“M-my lord?”

Raon swallowed nervously and went towards the window. Glenn simply bobbed his finger, signaling him to come outside before he went away.

‘Woah… Why do they keep appearing out of nowhere?’

Both Glenn and Merlin bypassed his aura perception, and he could never get used to it. Raon shook his head and left the annex building.

Glenn was standing in front of the lake behind the annex building. He stayed still even though Raon was getting close to him, which implied that he wasn’t planning to go to North Grave Mountain like the last time.

“Greetings, my…”

“You shall stop greeting me in the future whenever we meet here. It’s getting annoying.”

Glenn turned around and shook his head when Raon tried to greet him.


Raon awkwardly responded.

“The sword duel yesterday…”

Glenn’s eyes turned cold. He didn’t look like he was about to say anything nice.

“…wasn’t too bad.”

However, he nodded in satisfaction despite Raon’s expectations.

“You had the advantage from the beginning to the end. Keeping the advantage from the start against an opponent at a higher realm than you isn’t an easy task.”


Raon held his slightly trembling hand. His heart tightened because it was the first time Glenn had complimented him like that.

“If I had to point out something, it would be your carelessness in the middle. Since it was clear that Ayad was planning something, you could’ve completely avoided any injury if you were a bit calmer. However…”

When Raon was about to lower his head to apologize, Glenn continued.

“The Azure Sky Sword at the end—it had your color. You even arrogantly declared that he should not hide your sky.”

“Ah, that was…”

Raon covered his mouth. His face was getting flushed from embarrassment when Glenn raised his chin.

“Don’t be embarrassed. It’s normal for a swordsman who can incorporate their will into the sword to be at least that arrogant.”

Glenn smiled faintly. It was strange, but it looked like his lips were trembling violently.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Raon bowed, and Glenn took out a rectangular box from his subspace. It had a luxurious appearance, but there was no way he wouldn’t recognize it.

“That box…”

“I picked it up on my way here. Since I don’t like sweet stuff, you should have it instead.”

Glenn handed out the ice cream box while saying that he didn’t need it.

“Th-thank you.”

Raon’s hands were trembling because he’d never imagined that Glenn would give him ice cream.

Huh? That’s ice cream!

Wrath, who’d been hanging like laundry, suddenly stood up upon seeing the box.

Grandpa! You are Grandpa now!

He stuck to Glenn and shouted that he was his grandfather.

Raon broke out in cold sweat because he was afraid Glenn would notice him.

“As I promised, the lessons about the Azure Sky Sword are over. You shall draw your own sky with that sword in the future.”

Glenn turned around since he’d delivered everything he came to say.

“Wait a moment, I’d like to have a word.”

Raon hurriedly stopped Glenn from returning.

“What’s the matter?”

“I heard that the Thespian Emperor is currently coming to Zieghart.”

“So you were aware of it.”

Glenn furrowed his brow in displeasure. He seemed to be also annoyed by the situation.

“Don’t worry about it. The higher-ups will take care of it.”

He turned around once again, telling him to focus on his training.


Raon took a step towards Glenn.

“…would like to participate as well.”


“Since I was the one who fought against the White Whale’s warriors and captured them, I believe I am entitled to join the meeting.”

He didn’t want Zieghart to be played by the Thespian Emperor’s obvious trick. He wanted to screw her up a big time.

“The ones at the meeting with the Thespian Emperor will be the high executives with at least the position of division leader. That’s why I believe something interesting is going to happen if an immature person like me joins the scene.”


Glenn slowly turned his head. His eyes started to look interested.