The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband - C.45


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Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Chapter 45: Just Because I’m Your Man! 1

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“Well, in that case, I won’t hold back.”

As a fanatic of good looks, it would be a crime against herself if she didn’t take a few shots of this great physique with her phone.

Just as Ye Xingguang was getting her phone out, she noticed another epitome of masculinity emerging from the changing room. Her camera instantly focused on him for he came from the same direction as Han Chengbei. This made it unclear whether she was photographing Han Chengbei or the latest entrant.

Seeing Han Chengbei pose and noticing Ye Xingguang excitedly snapping pictures of him with her phone, Ye Junqings face turned extremely dark.

How dare this little mermaid brazenly photograph other men right in front of him? Did she treat him like he was dead?

“Wow, wow, what a chest, those abs, that waist, those long legs…” Ye

Xingguang couldn’t help but cry out as she continued to snap pictures.

Han Chengbei’s physique was already very impressive but when Ye Junqing stepped out, she then understood the phrase ‘there is always someone better out there’. It seemed bloody unfair how he was blessed with all the best features.

Han Chengbei did have a good body, but when compared to Ye Junqing, it seemed instantly dull and unremarkable.

Was this man naturally born to outshine others?

“Alright, look at you drooling. I’m getting in the water now. Feel free to snap away also,”

Han Chengbei thinking that Ye Xingguang was marveling at him, dived into the pool, manifesting all his charm as he swam.

After Han Chengbei dove into the water, Ye Xingguang no longer dared to brazenly capture Ye Junqing and reluctantly put away her phone.

When Ye Junqing approached her and bent down to take his swimming goggles from the mattress, he leaned in and whispered, “Delete those pictures, or don’t blame me for dealing with you!’

Ye Xingguang was shocked, how did he know she was secretly photographing him?

Immediately, Ye Xingguangs ears turned red.

Like a child caught doing something wrong, her instinctive reaction was to retort, “l didn’t snap you. I was snapping Han Chengbei.”

She should have kept silent. Instead, she observed Ye Junqings breath getting heavier.

With great anger, he lowered his head and warned, “Woman, are you blind? Don’t make me say it a second time!”

Even if she couldn’t differentiate between specific muscle lines, she surely knew that comparing Han Chengbei’s physique with his, there was a long, long way to go!

The more Ye Xingguang felt guilty, the more composed she appeared on the surface, “l didn’t snap you. Why should I delete?”

“Because I am your man!” Ye Junqing stared at her. His deep eyes seemed bottomless, as if she dared not delete them, he was ready to grab her chin, bend down, and teach her a lesson – a punishment that he, a man, would give to a woman. She would think twice before ignoring his words and snapping others in front of him.

Ye Xingguang winced, although he didn’t take any action, she could already feel his scorching gaze, as if he was invading her every sense, making her body feel like it was on fire.

Ye Xingguang cursed her weakness silently, her body surprisingly responding to his threat. What was wrong with her?

She quickly stood aside, worried that she would allow her heart to race further. But did he just say he was her man?

What sort of man was he to her?

First, she was not allowed to approach him and must actively retreat whenever she saw him;

Second, there was no chance of feelings developing over time.

They were just two strangers forced together by national policy. Now he was upset because she had some nice pictures of him and demanded her to delete them with a dark expression. Which man wouldn’t let his woman keep a few of his photos in her camera?

Thinking that she was reluctant to delete and was planning to escape, Ye

Junqing held her wrist and ordered in a low voice, “Delete them in front of me.. Do it now!”f𝚛e𝐞𝐰𝚎b𝚗o𝚟𝚎l.c𝗼m