The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband - C.53


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Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Chapter 53 Explosive! Does He Really Like Young Boys?_l

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Ye Xingguang furiously said, “He attacked people for no reason, forced me into the car, and yet I’m not allowed to complain? Stop the car! I want to get

Ye Junqing signaled to the driver with a look. Sensing Ye Junqings warning through the rearview mirror, the driver didn’t dare stop. He ignored Ye Xingguangs demands and drove the car steadily.

Ye Xingguang repeatedly demanded to alight, but no one stopped the car. She turned her head, glaring at the powerful man beside her, “Ye Junqing, tell them to stop the car. If they don’t, I’ll call the police and report you all for an illegal abduction of a young maiden.”

“Are you even a girl?” Ye Junqing tilted his head, glancing at her carefully crafted male disguise.

Ye Xingguang froze. Could it be that Ye Junqing hadn’t recognized her?

Then why did he force her into the car unreasonably?

Ye Xingguang suddenly felt a little lost. She took a deep breath to calm herself down, trying to intimidate Ye Junqing, “Mr. Ye, why did you kidnap me? Don’t think I will succumb because of my appearances. I have no interest in men, especially crass men like you!’

Fu Zhuo sharply reprimanded her, “You’ve got quite the nerve, insulting our Master Junqing as being crude! ”

“Shut up!” Ye Junqing gave Fu Zhuo a cold glance.

Fu zhuo: t .

“If you dare to scold her again, you can get lost,” Ye Junqing ordered sternly, looking visibly upset.

“…Yes, Mr. Junqing.” Fu Zhuo was baffled. Whatever did he say wrong today?

Could Mr. Junqing actually be attracted to this young boy?

To Ye Xingguangs astonishment, she considered the same possibility. 𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖

She subconsciously folded her arms and moved away from Ye Junqing, exclaiming, “I’m really not interested in men!”

Ye Junqing remained silent, his gaze landed on the beautiful roses he had picked out on the passenger seat. He wanted to give them to her and apologize, but now…

Ye Junqing didn’t regret his loss of temper. If Han Chengbei dares to make another move on her, he wouldn’t be polite again!

Ye Junqing sulked in silence, not uttering a word.

His lingering gaze drifted over to her face; the depth in his eyes seemed to contain the entire universe. Just at a look, Ye Xingguang felt like she was about to be overwhelmed. Could the light in this man’s eyes indicate deep affection?

Shocking! Does he really fancy young boys?

No wonder he’s committed to bachelorhood; he has unique preferences!

Ye Xingguang suddenly felt a pang of sympathy for Ye Junqing. Forced to co-habit with her while being gay, no wonder he warned her to keep her distance; she finally understood!

“Um, stop looking at me like that, it makes me nervous. Where are you taking me? We can talk this out. Remember, strong measures do not always work, a straight man will always remain straight and can’t be swayed!”

Ye Junqings face twitched at her comments. He ignored her ill-intentioned inferences. Remembering that she enjoyed concerts, he asked Fu Zhuo to check, “Find out who’s performing at the sports stadium today.”

Very quickly, Fu Zhuo found the answer, “Mr. Junqing, there’s a concert by

Ling Han, a superstar among singers, about to start in half an hour.”

Ye Xingguangs eyes lit up, “The superstar Ling Han? Which Ling Han?”

Although Fu Zhuo didn’t want to entertain the young man who had insulted his Superior Junqing, he still handed his phone to Ye Xingguang.

Ye Xingguang stared at the photo on the phone.. The dazzling superstar was Ling Han? The one who had tried to buy regret medicine from her at the coffee house? Had she really changed her destiny and turned into a superstar