The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband - C.55 - – Hanhan, Fighting! _1


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Chapter 55: Chapter 55 – Hanhan, Fighting! _1

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She didn’t dare look back, running wildly away from the skyscraper that housed Star Talent Agency, wandering aimlessly through the bustling streets.

She swore she would never enter the entertainment industry again, crouching at the entrance of a shopping mall, sobbing uncontrollably.

A street musician playing a guitar asked her what was wrong; he saw her crying so bitterly. She didn’t answer. Instead, she just looked at the microphone standing in front of him. She had too many emotions she wanted to vent and started singing, pouring out all her feelings.

Lost in her heartfelt performing, she drew a large crowd.

She forgot how many songs she had sung. When she finally stopped, wiped her tears away, and was about to leave, the street musician stopped her.

The street musician handed her a card and asked if she would be interested in going to a recording company. It turns out that he was a retired veteran in the music industry and played guitar on the street just for fun.

The street musician told her she had a natural gift for music and hoped she wouldn’t bury her own voice.

Having decided never to set foot in the entertainment industry again, how could she jump out of one pit of fire, only to immediately enter another?

Perhaps the street musician truly admired her. He said that she could start by trying out for the record company without signing a contract.

After much hesitation, she was eventually persuaded by the street musician. Just as she received the card, she woke up.

Upon awakening, she thought she was still in the café. But when she looked around, there were many people bustling around her in the dressing room, and a concert was about to start.

Even weirder, her head was filled with new memories — so real, while all those painful experiences seemed just like a dream, becoming more and more faint…

At this moment, the door to the dressing room opened, and a stylish man walked in.

“Ling Han, what’s the matter with you? Are you nervous before the show? Hurry up, it’s almost time. Don’t mess up now.”

Ling Han looked at the man, and after what felt like an eternity, she said, “You’re my agent, Fan Fan?”

Fan Yuwen put his hand to Ling Han’s forehead, checking for a fever.

Fan Yuwen put his hands on his hips: “If I’m not your agent, then who am l?

I’ve spent three years grooming you and now I’m finally hosting your first concert. Don’t mess it up for me. Oh, my ancestors, hurry on stage.”

He had been grooming her for three years?

New memories told her that, years ago, she had left Star Talent Agency in a frenzy, only to meet a kindred spirit in her life — that street musician. Later she joined the record company, and Fan Yuwen became her assigned agent.

She never officially signed with the company. She was very headstrong and cautious, yet the company was still willing to invest heavily in promoting her. Her released singles became widely popular, and today was her first concert.

Critics say her voice is powerful, full of depth, as though a new sound has drifted up from hell, resonating with people struggling under societal pressures.

Critics say a young person like her shouldn’t have such a deep understanding of life’s phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes moments, but there’s an undeniable charm in her voice.

Fan Yuwen pushed Ling Han, lost in her thoughts, onto the stage, encouraging her, “Stop daydreaming, Ling Han, Fighting! Let your voice conquer the world!”