The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband - C.57 - There is another picture on her Weibo

The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband

C.57 - There is another picture on her Weibo

Chapter 57: Chapter 57 There is another picture on her Weibo

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She is now fully convinced, Ye Junqing is an authentic gay man!

On the way to the concert, someone as honorable as him actually humbled himself to personally buy her favorite pizza and milk tea, just for her.

Now, the man who clearly had no interest in the concert had half-eaten pizza still on his lap.

Ye Xingguang glanced at the man next to her from the corner of her eye, his elbow on his knee in a solitary manner, a stark contrast to the vibrant concert scene, looking at her with keen interest, not even glancing at Ling Han onstage.

Seeing her take a sip of milk tea and stop talking, he wrapped another small slice of pizza in parchment paper and offered it up to her lips.

Such indulgence!

Turns out, this man is not incapable of affection, it’s just that his affection is not intended for her, whom the nation has forcefully paired him with.

Thinking about this, Ye Xingguang felt a sense of disillusionment. After taking a bite of the pizza the man handed her, she pushed it away defiantly, “I’m not eating anymore. ” “Full already?”

Ye Xingguang pretended not to hear, and pulled out her phone to take photos of Ling Han on stage.

Ye Junqing tidied his eyebrows, originally planning to throw away the pizza she bit into. However, he unintentionally glanced at the words on the pizza box: “A kind of happiness, is sharing a pizza with you.”

Ye Junqing looked at it for a while, then unexpectedly took a bite of the remaining pizza. He didn’t particularly enjoy such sweet and sticky food, but at this moment he couldn’t bear to throw it away.

Even now, Ye Junqing thought that Fu Zhuo was joking with him. How could this little mermaid possibly sneak a photo of him?

The most depressing part was that he had no way of finding out, all the photos were bizarrely deleted. Damn it, Fu Zhuo!

Seeing the little mermaid lift her phone to take pictures of the stage, Ye Junqing changed to a more elegant pose, clearing his throat a little to attract her attention.

However, despite his several attempts to cough, Ye Xingguang didn’t fall for his elegant demeanor, instead moving further away, looking wary, “Do you have a cold? Then please stay away from me, don’t spread it to me.”

The arrogant man: .

With controlled frustration, Ye Junqing took a deep breath and continued to eat the pizza in his hand, biting into it with a crunch.

“Uh…” Ye Xingguang looked at the pizza in his mouth, her lips tightly sealed, as if she wanted to say something but stopped.

Upon hearing her, Ye Junqing changed his sitting position again, his face calm, noble and arrogant, waiting for her next words.

But Ye Xingguang didn’t say anything, just thought in her heart: That pizza, I’ve already eaten it, it might still have my saliva on it, this gay guy actually wants to have an indirect kiss with me?


That’s way too perverted!

With goosebumps popping on the back of her hand, Ye Xingguang hastily got up and said, “Hold my milk tea for me, I’m going to the restroom.”

Saying she was going to the restroom was just an excuse to slip away.

This malignant tumor of a man was extremely twisted, who knows if after the concert he might try to take her home and lock her up, and do whatever he pleased. What wouldn’t a powerful man like that do?

Wasn’t Ling Han bullied by such big shots to the point of wanting to commit suicide?

Preserving her life was more vital, time to run!

By the time Ye Junqing realized, she was already nowhere to be found.

On the way back, Fu Zhuo looked at Ye Junqings defeated expression in the rearview mirror, and finding it frustrating that Ye was still infatuated with the boy. He wanted to curse.

Fearing that Ye would never return from his gay path, Fu Zhuo contemplated the whole night and braced himself to say: “Boss Ye, for a thankless boy like him, why bother? I just realized, Miss Ye might have deleted all her photos, but there is still one on her Weibo..