Chapter 773: Bright Moon City

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Lin Zhengs eyes lit up when he saw Su Binglan. “Master, what are you doing here?”

He sounded childish and felt like he was about to cry.

Su Binglan’s lips twitched, but she looked at him, asking, “You haven’t slept well recently, have you? Are you tired from running the dessert shop?”

Lin Zheng hurriedly shook his head. “N-No, Master. I’m doing very well here. I can make desserts now, too.’

Making desserts was a valuable skill to him. With it, he could live a good life no matter where he was. Su Binglan had taught him to make her desserts, which meant she trusted him fully.

Lin Zheng did not know what he liked to do for a living last time. After learning to make desserts, he realized he enjoyed it. Moreover, he could enjoy the sweet fragrance and felt a sense of accomplishment whenever he saw the customers enjoying his desserts.

“Is there something on your mind?” Su Binglan asked.

Lin Zheng looked into his master’s eyes, realizing he could hide nothing from her. “You saw through me, Master.”

Because it was a secretive matter, he would not have told anyone else. However, he trusted his master most. Su Binglan asked, “What is it? Maybe I can help you.”

She knew Lin Zheng genuinely regarded her as his master, so she would do everything to protect her disciple.

Lin Zheng became teary eyes, saying, “You’re so good to me, Master.”

“All right, let’s discuss it.”

Lin Zheng quickly suppressed his emotions and said, “I seem to have another background.”

“What background?” Su Binglan calmly asked.

Lin Zheng asked back, “Don’t you think it’s strange, Master?”

“There’s nothing strange about it, but it’s obviously bothering you, right?”

Lin Zheng nodded. “Yes, I thought I was my family’s second son, but it turns out I’m not. Apparently, someone had entrusted me to my family, and that person has recently reappeared.

“He’s the real second son of the Lin family. He said that I’m the son of Bright

Moon City’s lord.”

‘The Bright Moon City?’

Su Binglan had come to this world and read many books about it, so she knew nearly everything about this continent. Bright Moon City was in the desert outside Chu State’s borders. It was a legendary city hidden in the desert.

There were many legends about the city, and most believed it was a mirror city. Some said it did not exist, while others believe there was a severe internal battle that destroyed it, leaving it in ruins.

People also told stories about Xuan Nation destroying Bright Moon City. Xuan Nation was a relatively mysterious country further northwest of Chu Country.

Su Binglan asked, “Do you want to go back?”

Lin Zheng shook his head. “I don’t want to. My second uncle said that my biological mother had no choice but to take me away from Bright Moon City to protect me.

“She died sending me here, so my biological father might not know about me.

Still, I don’t want to go back.”

Su Binglan gently said, “Don’t worry. You can do whatever you want to do. Don’t torture yourself for not wanting to get involved. It’s okay if you don’t want to go back.

“Besides, your current parents haven’t chased you away, right? Don’t they still treat you as their real son?”

After some thought, Lin Zheng agreed. “My heart feels lighter now that you’ve said that. I was just being hard on myself.”

Su Binglan said, “Since you no longer feel conflicted, I’ll arrange some tasks for you to do. You can expand the dessert shop’s brand elsewhere.”

Lin Zheng felt energized when he heard that. “Master, you’re finally preparing to expand! You have no idea how many traveling customers have asked if I’ll open a shop in their area.

“It’s so inconvenient for them to travel all this way just to buy our desserts. The customers say all our desserts are delicious and unique. They can’t get these anywhere else.”

Su Binglan smiled. “I’ll leave it up to you, okay? Here’s the starting capital. You can use it to expand.”

“M-Master, you’re leaving everything to me?!” Lin Zheng felt an overwhelming sense of trust.

“Of course. That’s because I believe in you.” Su Binglan smiled. “Besides, you can open shops in Bright Moon City if you someday decide to return. You have the experience to do it.

“You’ll have a right to influence in that city if you have some control over its economics. ”

Lin Zheng was delighted. He knew his master wanted to help him by entrusting him with the dessert shops. It was also to train his abilities further.

He said, “Thank you, Master.”

Su Binglan looked at him encouragingly, saying, “Trust your gut. If you face any problems, you can ask for my help. However, I will be visiting the prefecture soon, so you must wait for me to return if you need help.” “I understand, Master. Don’t you need me to accompany you there?”

“No need. Just focus on your business and continue learning.”

Since Lin Zheng had discovered his new identity, Su Binglan wanted to make more preparations for him. It would be fine if he did not return to Bright Moon City. Even so, he would need to be capable if he changed his mind.

Expanding Binglan’s Desserts would allow him to understand business more. In the future, he could entrust other managers to tend to his shops.

After giving Lin Zheng some instructions, Su Binglan left and walked around Tenghe Town. Soon, she reached Blue Mountain Academy’s entrance. She saw a vast piece of land behind it.

She had many thoughts and ideas after seeing the land. Suddenly, she clapped, and Su Chun appeared from the shadows. Su Binglan said, “Go to the town’s administrator and buy this land for me.”

“Right away, Master.”

While Su Yi was busy with his tasks, Su Chun became his replacement. If Su Binglan needed something, she would call for Su Chun. If not, he would remain in the shadows, ready for her call.

Su Binglan rubbed her chin and muttered, “I can build houses here. They should be in high demand since it’s so close to the school. Still, I must leave part of it to Nir. Kong to use as a welfare room.

“With this spare land, Mr. Kong could poach some Confucians to teach at the school.’

After Su Chun completed the purchase of the land. Su Binglan quickly told Su Xueye to build houses there. After arranging many other things, Su Binglan brought Su Yi and Su Chun to the prefecture.

Dingzhou’s prefecture looked massive, but it was still desolate compared to the bustling capital. Even so, there was already a hotpot restaurant in the prefecture.

Su Binglan saw the restaurant as she traversed the streets. The plaque on it was the same as those in Tenghe Town—Su’ s Hotpot. The restaurant looked lively from afar. Many were in and outside the shop.

“Master, there’s a Su e s Hotpot here too. Everyone looks like they’re enjoying themselves.” Su Chun was delighted to see it. “However, this is the only place that’s bustling with activity.”

Su Binglan brought Su Chun along because he had a slightly more carefree attitude than the other Sacrificials. She said, “The prefecture will be even more lively with proper planning and construction..”