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Old Master Cao and his wife were shocked when Su Binglan told them everything. It took them a while to return to their senses. They were so excited that they could barely speak.

The older couple knew Su Binglan was honest because the general was with her. Still, they were surprised that the prince remembered the families of the soldiers who had sacrificed their lives on the battlefield.

Old Master Cao and his wife had received a pension, but they needed to raise their grandchildren all these years. Therefore, they barely had enough and could only rely on crops to survive.

Su Binglan had even healed their bodies and offered their grandchildren a free education. If their granddaughter wanted to study medicine, she could do it for free.

Of course, the older couple knew that not just anyone could become a doctor, let alone have the opportunity to study medicine. Therefore, the older couple were highly grateful to Su Binglan.

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She also gave the family plenty of daily necessities as well as an invitation card and money for their travel expenses. After packing up, the family could set off for Su Teng Village.

The villagers soon heard the news. They were shocked and speechless. The princess had healed the older couple’s bodies and left them medicine. The villagers also heard that the family had packed up and would be going to work at Su Teng Village’s paper mill in a few days.

“Prince Ruozhu cares for them because their sons were once soldiers.’

“Prince Ruozhu is an excellent leader. We need not fear war in Dingzhou. We can trust the prince and his army to protect us.”

“l agree. I heard there are constant wars and bandits outside of Dingzhou. It sounds terrifying.”

“Dingzhou is the safest in that regard. Prince Ruozhu reduced everyone’s taxes and considered the commoners in every decision he made.” freeweb(n)

“Being a soldier for Dingzhou has its benefits. At least Prince Ruozhu remembers everyone’s sacrifices. If we were in another province or a soldier in the Imperial Court’s army, we might not be so well off.”

“Shh, you can’t say that.”

“What are you afraid of? We’re in Dingzhou, not anywhere else.”

Everyone held Lan Ruozhu in high regard. The people of Dingzhou felt safe and at ease living under his care. They knew he would protect the commoners no matter what.

When Ji Xingye went back that night, he could not stop thinking about the meat buns Lan Ruozhu had sent him. The former reheated the meat buns and was shocked when he took a bite.

Ji Xingye muttered, “l didn’t know it tasted this good. The meat inside tastes different from the ones I usually eat. It’s so fragrant, too.”

Lan Ruozhu had sent him plenty of meat buns. Even so, he ate three in one go. Afterward, he rubbed his stomach and mumbled, “Ah, I’m so full after eating three full meals today.”

It was Ji Xingye’s first time realizing how charming food could be. In the past, he did not care how food tasted, especially during missions. He only cared whether or not he was full.

He finally understood what good food tasted like and even looked forward to what to eat the following day. Ji Xingye looked for an excuse to visit the deceased royal’s mansion to freeload.

However, he was busy accompanying Su Binglan during her time in the prefecture as she visited many families. He thought he should be able to eat the delicacies she made.

Ji Xingye was full of anticipation just thinking about it. According to Su Binglan, there were countless delicacies in Su Teng Village. The next time Lan Ruozhu would visit the village, Ji Xingye would want to follow.

Su Binglan stayed in the prefecture for a long while and was always busy visiting families. However, she did not know she had become famous throughout the prefecture.

Niany chatted about the princess who loved and cared for people as her own.

“The princess from the deceased royal’s mansion is beautiful. She resembles a guardian angel.”

“She has also visited and helped the soldiers’ families by giving them plenty of daily necessities. She also taught them many things and gave them job opportunities. These families can now earn excellent incomes.”

“Not only that, but Her Highness has also done many other things silently. She sent the soldiers and their families instant noodles, sausages, and other things during last year’s war.”

“l heard her food items are delicious.’

“Prince Ruozhu and Princess Binglan are so good to us.”

Meanwhile, Lan Ruozhu had already divided the soldiers in the camp into teams. He also gave them land and seeds to sow. The soldiers were dumbfounded as they looked at the potato and sweet potato seeds. After all, they had never seen such a thing before.

Most who joined Dingzhou’s army were from poor families and had helped their parents farm since childhood. Hence, they were very familiar with food crops.

Still, they had never even heard of potatoes and sweet potatoes. As the teams prepared to head to the fields, Su Binglan explained what potatoes and sweet potatoes were.

“You can use these to make many delicacies because you can stir-fry, boil, or roast them. What matters most is the high yield of potatoes and sweet potatoes.

“These seeds are highly adaptable to the soil and weather. They can grow even in barren land. One acre of land can probably produce a few thousand pounds of potatoes.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard the last part. They knew everyone would have more than enough food if they planted these seeds in Dingzhou’s wastelands.

The soldiers realized they could yield several thousand pounds of potatoes and sweet potatoes with the barren land they had. No matter what, they would listen to Su Binglan.

Everyone was in high spirits and prepared to work hard after Su Binglan’s encouraging words. Meanwhile, Lan Ruozhu had gotten someone to forge the farming tools his sister had designed. freew(e)bnove(l)

Lan Ruozhu ordered several people to forge hundreds of farming tools overnight. He needed enough for everyone to use during farming. He even told the blacksmiths to continue forging for future purposes.

Su Binglan personally taught everyone how to plant the seeds. After teaching the first batch of teams, she would have them teach others. That way, she would not have to visit the fields so often to supervise everyone.

When she returned to the mansion at night, Lan Ruozhu looked at her with a sense of heartache, saying, “l told you not to go there personally. You should have taught one person and told them to teach everyone else,”

Su Binglan shook her head. “But I feel uneasy doing that. I’ll only feel confident enough if I teach them myself. Brother, when the soldiers harvest the potatoes and sweet potatoes in the summer, keep some as seeds.

“Then, you should distribute them to the commoners for summer planting.

When autumn arrives, they will have their own yield of potatoes and sweet potatoes..”

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