The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.103


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Song Luokui's face flushed red as she turned around, absentmindedly squeezing out sunscreen and rubbing it on her legs.

Chi Yu sat behind her, one arm wrapped around her, his head resting on her shoulder.

"You've already covered this part, how about a different area?" Chi Yu suddenly spoke, noticing that she had been rubbing the same spot over and over again for four or five times.

Song Luokui paused, then immediately switched to the other leg, her gaze wandering, speaking softly, "Are you... done yet?" Although the servants around them couldn't understand Chinese, Song Luokui still kept her voice down when talking to Chi Yu.

Chi Yu had his arm around her waist and shook his head, "Just a little while longer."

...Why is it taking so long? Song Luokui grumbled in her mind, continuing to rub her legs.

Chi Yu suddenly said, "Do you want me to help you with your back?"

Song Luokui stiffened, "No... that's not necessary."

Chi Yu lifted his head and placed his hand on the back of her neck, "How about this area?"

Song Luokui: "Okay."

Chi Yu: "Then let me help you." He took the sunscreen, squeezed some onto his hand, and then directly applied it to the back of her neck, also spreading it down to the nape of her neck.

Song Luokui had her hair tied up today, exposing her slender, fair neck. A few strands of hair had fallen down and were gently draped over it, and just by looking at her, Chi Yu couldn't help but swallow hard.

If he wasn't afraid of being seen as a scoundrel, he would have wanted to just lean in and kiss her right then. Chi Yu closed his eyes and took a deep breath - the person in front of him was even more alluring than he had imagined.

"All done." Chi Yu's voice was slightly hoarse.

Song Luokui turned around, took the sunscreen, glanced down at it briefly, "Are you done?"

Chi Yu: "Yes." He pulled her up, "Shall we go have some barbecue?"


Over there, the servants had already roasted some food, so the two of them could just take and eat.

Chi Yu somehow produced a bottle of red wine, pouring it into a transparent wine glass, and asked Song Luokui, "Would you like a sip?"

Song Luokui hesitated for a moment, "Then... just a small one? The alcohol content shouldn't be too high, right?"

Chi Yu: "It's not high, but..."

Song Luokui knew what he meant. Even low-alcohol sweet wines could make her tipsy. But she seemed to have drunk a whole bottle last time, "Just a small one, I should be fine."

Chi Yu: "Mm, just a small one." He poured her just a tiny bit, truly just a small sip. 𝐟reew𝗲b𝐧𝚘𝐯𝐞l.c𝚘m

Song Luokui swirled the wine glass, sniffed it, the sweet wine aroma wafting out. She first licked the wine, finding it quite good, and then drank the small amount.

"Ah. Delicious." Song Luokui's eyes were bright and shining.

Chi Yu also took a sip, his gaze fixed on her the whole time, "How is it?"

Song Luokui nodded, "It's fine, I don't feel dizzy." She then ate several more skewers of the barbecue.

As they ate and chatted, looking at the distant sea view, Song Luokui picked up the binoculars and spotted dolphins in the distance.

"Dolphins!" Song Luokui was a little excited. She handed the binoculars to Chi Yu, then picked up a camera, zooming in to start filming.

"Click, click, click."

After a while, the dolphins swam away and disappeared from view, but Song Luokui was quite satisfied looking at the photos. She then ate several more skewers of barbecue.

She looked at Chi Yu pouring more red wine into his own glass, and she handed her glass to him, "Give me another small sip, just a little bit is fine."

Chi Yu: "You'll get drunk. Be good, no more drinking."

But Song Luokui looked at him, "I want to drink. Otherwise... you have to drink it for me?" She leaned in and directly took a sip from his glass.

"Delicious!" Song Luokui blinked, unaware that her face was already starting to flush red.

Chi Yu reached out and gently stroked her cheek, "It's red."

Song Luokui: "Hm?"

Chi Yu turned to the side and said to one of the servants, "Could someone please go back and make me a hangover soup? Thank you."

One of them, who was the chef, immediately stood up, "Of course, sir, I'll go right away."

Song Luokui: "I'm not even drunk?"

Chi Yu: "Just in case." He handed her a drink, "No more drinking from now on." He had originally suggested just a sip to let her try the taste, but when her face turned red after the second sip, he felt she would get drunk if she had a third.

Song Luokui took the drink, "Okay."

Among the servants, one suddenly took out a guitar and started strumming and singing, and the rest of them cheered. Chi Yu and Song Luokui also turned to look.

A romantic foreign song rang out by the seaside, and everyone started clapping along and listening intently.

Although Song Luokui didn't understand the lyrics, the melody was very pleasant. She poked Chi Yu, "Do you know how to play the guitar?"

Chi Yu grasped her hand, "I do."

When the song finished, he kissed her hand and stood up, "Let me sing one for you."

Song Luokui was delighted, "Okay!"

Chi Yu went over and said to the man with the guitar, "May I borrow the guitar to play a song for my girlfriend?"

The servant: "Of course, sir." He handed the guitar to Chi Yu and went to sit down, and everyone cheered and clapped as Song Luokui enthusiastically joined in.

Chi Yu gestured for everyone to be quiet, and as soon as they fell silent, the opening chords rang out, and soon Chi Yu started softly singing, "My dream, the boundless sea can gently hear, in the romantic sunlight, the girl is dancing, the one I love most is her smile... I like you, my sun..."

This was a love song, and although the others couldn't understand the lyrics, they felt it was very beautiful. Song Luokui, however, understood it, and her already flushed face became even redder, but she kept smiling and gazing at Chi Yu.

As the song ended, everyone cheered, and Chi Yu returned the guitar, walking back to Song Luokui and gently kissing her forehead, "I like you."

Song Luokui closed her eyes and then opened them, snuggling against his arm as he sat down, "Mm, thank you, I really like it."

They sat in the back as the others performed more acts, Chi Yu and Song Luokui continuing to eat and watch, the atmosphere very joyful.

Song Luokui looked at Chi Yu taking another sip of red wine, and she started feeling a bit restless again. Somehow, she was a little excited today, so her courage was also a bit bolder.

"I want to drink more." She stared at the red wine in his hand.

Chi Yu raised an eyebrow, "Really? Not afraid of getting drunk?"

Song Luokui: "If I get drunk, you can just carry me back and let me rest."

Chi Yu studied her steadily, "Are you sure you won't regret it?"

Song Luokui: "I won't regret it. I want to drink."

Chi Yu looked at her flushed lips, "Okay."

The next moment, Chi Yu took a sip of the red wine, then used his hand to grip her chin, directly stealing a kiss from her lips.

Song Luokui's pupils dilated, and her hand immediately clutched the front of Chi Yu's shirt.


The wine flowed down her throat, and Song Luokui blinked her eyes, then closed them.