The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.107


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The driver transported the two of them to a castle, where the brand's director, Luo Wei, welcomed the guests at the entrance. Upon seeing Chi Yu's car, Luo Wei promptly ran over and opened the door for him, "Welcome, Mr. Chi Yu. Your presence truly honors us."

Chi Yu shook his hand and nodded, "Hello, apologies for one moment." He walked over and opened the door for Song Luokui, placing his hand on the roof to prevent her from bumping her head and using his other hand to help her out.

Luo Wei's eyes lit up when he saw Song Luokui, and he approached them, "And who might this be?"

Chi Yu: "This is my girlfriend."

Luo Wei exclaimed in awe, "Oh, you two are truly a match made in heaven. It is our utmost honor to have you and your girlfriend here today."

Song Luokui extended her hand to shake his, "Hello, I'm Song Luokui. You can just call me Song."

"Hello, hello, I'm Luo Wei. Please, follow me this way."

The two followed Luo Wei into the castle, where seating had already been arranged, with other celebrities present.

Some people were surprised to see Chi Yu enter and immediately approached him, "Mr. Chi, I didn't expect to see you here. Do you remember me?"

Chi Yu conversed with them effortlessly and introduced Song Luokui, "This is my girlfriend, Song."

Song Luokui sensibly stood beside him as a beautiful ornament, maintaining the same smile unless someone came to provoke her.

"Chi, is this the one you said you like? Besides her good looks, I really can't see what other virtues she possesses," a girl said in F language as she walked over, clinging to a man's arm while scrutinizing Song Luokui.

The man beside her immediately scolded her upon hearing this, "Lili, don't be so rude." He also spoke in F language, then turned to Chi Yu and extended his hand, "Apologies, my sister is quite immature."

Chi Yu ignored him and declined to shake his hand. Song Luokui beside him blinked and responded to Chi Yu in F language, "Do they think I don't understand F? To openly insult me like that?" She then scrutinized the girl, "Frankly, at least I have the virtue of good looks, but I don't see you possessing even that, let alone any other virtues."

Her words instantly turned the two people green with embarrassment. They truly believed Song Luokui didn't understand F language, assuming most people from China only spoke Y language.

The man smiled awkwardly, "Excuse us." And they left.

Chi Yu led Song Luokui to their seats, "Don't mind them, just some minor nouveau riche."

Song Luokui looked at him, "Your admirer?"

Chi Yu shook his head, "No, someone who knew me likely expressed interest before, but I directly rejected them. I told them I had a girlfriend and that I really liked my girlfriend." Chi Yu held Song Luokui's hand, "Even though you weren't my girlfriend at the time."

The dinner was about to begin, and Song Luokui playfully scratched his palm, "I'll interrogate you about it later."

Chi Yu felt delighted, implying Song Luokui cared about him, "Sure, you can ask me anything."

Song Luokui raised an eyebrow, about to say something but feeling the setting was inappropriate, so she swallowed her words, deciding to ask later.

At that moment, the brand's director Luo Wei took the stage, "I'm delighted to have you all at our Dignifi dinner tonight. On behalf of Dignifi, I'd like to raise a toast to you all for an enjoyable evening."

He raised a glass of champagne, and Chi Yu and Song Luokui also raised their glasses, though Chi Yu replaced hers with soda when she drank.

After everyone took a sip, Luo Wei set his glass down and continued, "First, I'd like to extend a special welcome to a few individuals. The first is Mr. Chi Yu and his girlfriend. As Dignifi's largest raw material supplier, I hope we can maintain a close partnership. I truly didn't expect you to attend today, and I'm deeply honored."

Luo Wei raised his champagne glass to Chi Yu, who reciprocated out of courtesy.

"Next, I'd like to welcome our dear friends, the Najil couple..."

"Lastly, I'd like to thank our brand's global ambassador, Miss Su Xihua..."

Su Xihua, also from China, was a very beautiful woman wearing Dignifi's latest jeweled necklace. ๐–‹๐–—๐–Š๐–Š๐–œ๐”ข๐”Ÿ๐–“๐–”๐”ณ๐”ข๐”ฉ.๐” ๐–”๐”ช

Chi Yu noticed Song Luokui admiring the necklace, "Do you like it?"

Song Luokui: "What?"

Chi Yu had already summoned someone, "Please have that entire set packaged for my girlfriend."

Song Luokui: ?? Like packaging leftovers?

Song Luokui tugged his sleeve, "I was just looking, doesn't mean I want to buy it."

Chi Yu: "It's alright, I want to buy it for you."

Although reluctant to admit it, Song Luokui felt she was being defeated by Chi Yu's gift-giving. She beckoned him closer with her hand, "Lean your head down?"

Chi Yu lowered his head, thinking she wanted to say something, but to his surprise, Song Luokui kissed his cheek. Chi Yu was instantly delighted and nuzzled his cheek against hers.

Nearby, Lili, who had previously mocked Song Luokui, secretly took a photo and sent it to her faux friend Siliya, "Dear, Chi Yu really does have a girlfriend, and they seem very affectionate."

After sending it, Lili smiled, pleased to imagine the hideous expression on Siliya's face. Siliya always boasted about being the top socialite, claiming no man was beyond her reach.

On the other side, Siliya indeed looked hideous upon seeing the photo. She thought Chi Yu had deceived her, never expecting it to be true. She didn't recognize the Chinese girl in the photo, assuming she must be from some nouveau riche family, just a pretty face trying to snag a wealthy man. Siliya believed Chi Yu was simply toying with the girl.

Unaware of Siliya's assumptions, on the stage, a one-of-a-kind princess crown was displayed. Chi Yu immediately raised his paddle, determined to obtain it.

Luo Wei's mouth remained agape, grinning. This princess crown was worth 2.1 billion, and he didn't expect to sell it that night, let alone to Chi Yu.

When Chi Yu raised his paddle, Song Luokui was still eating cake, unaware until Luo Wei expressed gratitude, and she realized Chi Yu had spent a fortune just to buy her a crown.

Song Luokui: "...Why did you buy it again?"

Chi Yu: "I wanted to buy it for you, as a birthday present for your coming of age. Consider it a gift I never gave you, for my Princess Kuikui."

Song Luokui: "That money would be enough for my birthday gifts for the next twenty years. And don't call me Princess Kuikui."

Chi Yu: "It's not enough." His treasure deserved everything good.