The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.116


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It was not Chi Yu or Song Luosheng who represented the company at the speech, but rather an older senior student from the Faculty of Liberal Arts.

There was also a donation ceremony at the end, where the invited business tycoons donated - one donated 10 million, another donated 20 million.

Chi Yu directly donated an entire building, and not to be outdone, Song Luosheng also donated a building...

Everyone in the audience gasped in shock and burst into thunderous applause, with the institute's leaders grinning from ear to ear. 𝘧𝓇𝘦𝘦𝔀ℯ𝘣𝓃𝓸𝓿ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓂

Finally, the university leaders presented the new students with the institute's badges. After that, everyone sang the Faculty of Liberal Arts' anthem, followed by the national anthem. Each new student was filled with anticipation for the future.

Before the ceremony ended, the leaders took photos with the invited alumni and business leaders.

The leaders also called Song Luokui over, "Student Song Luokui, come join us, it's okay, come on over."

Song Luokui had no choice but to walk over, and Song Luosheng immediately called out, "Kui Kui, come stand over here."

Then Song Luokui ended up standing right next to Song Luosheng, and Chi Yu immediately changed his position to stand beside Song Luokui...

After the opening ceremony of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, everyone was buzzing with discussion.

"It was so worth it today, we got to see incredibly handsome seniors and an extremely beautiful sister. Oh my god, you know when they appeared? Everyone just went 'Wow!'"

"I had already heard some gossip about the two senior brothers in the freshman group, but there was no gossip about the beautiful sister?"

"I heard the sister is very low-key. Apparently, she played the piano at a previous gala, performing an epic piece, but after that she rarely appeared in public."

"The school's publicity department tried to get her to film promotional videos many times, but she always refused."

"I don't know what the leaders said to her this time, but she actually agreed to be the student representative and give a speech, wuwuwuwu."

"Aaaahhhh, I was sitting right behind the sister at the time, she really is extremely beautiful! I took photos, but the photos don't capture even a tenth of her beauty when seen in person."

"And the sister is always ranked first in her grade. I heard that her articles have been published in newspapers many times."


After the speech, Song Luokui sat waiting for Song Luosheng, who had gone to the restroom.

Chi Yu also sat nearby, their eyes not meeting. Occasionally Chi Yu would glance at Song Luokui, then immediately look away. Chi Yu sent her a message: "Your speech today was great."

Song Luokui: "I was afraid my brother and you would get into a fight." Although she knew it wouldn't happen.

Chi Yu: "I definitely wouldn't fight back."

Song Luokui: "How did you explain coming to see me?"

Chi Yu: "I just said I was going to donate an entire building to the Faculty of Liberal Arts."

Song Luokui: "..." He donated an entire building just to see her speech...

On Song Luosheng's side, as soon as he came out of the restroom, he suddenly bumped into a female student, or rather, a female student bumped into him. However, Song Luosheng still helped her up, "Are you okay?"

But that girl immediately hugged him tightly. Song Luosheng's expression changed instantly as he forcefully pushed her away and threw her off.

He was about to question her when she quickly ran away.

Song Luosheng frowned, thinking she was just someone who secretly admired him - not that he was conceited, he just had that kind of status.

Not thinking too much of it, Song Luosheng went out, "Kui Kui, let's go. I'll take you home."

Song Luokui quickly put her phone on silent mode, "Okay." As she turned to leave, she exchanged a brief glance with Chi Yu.

After they left, Chi Yu also got up and left.

The next day, a post quietly appeared online.

Exposing the Young and Accomplished Chairman of Songhua Technology

"Everyone knows that a certain Chairman Song is the head of a major company at a young age, and he's also quite handsome, with many female fans online. But you probably don't know what he's really like in private, do you?"

"[Image with face blurred] [Image with face blurred] [Image with face blurred]"

"Each image shows a different girl, you know. And you didn't think that was just three girls, did you? It's impossible, these big shots couldn't have been playing with just three women in private. And... you all know, right, as a big shot, some people will directly offer him... ahem, you know what I mean."

"I wonder how those fans who said they would have his children feel, when in private he's probably slept with countless fans already. Let me say something everyone knows - in the rich circles, that's just how it is. Getting a girl pregnant isn't a big deal, they can just pay to take care of it."

At first, no one really paid attention to this post. But somehow, the heat quietly started rising.

Of course, Songhua Technology's PR team noticed this post and immediately contacted the poster to warn them and request they take it down. Although it didn't name names, the implication was very clear.

The poster then made another post: "Scared, scared, the PR team is coming for me so I have to delete it."

Shortly after posting that, they deleted the original post. But what's the point of deleting it when netizens had already taken screenshots?

Initially, it was only a small number of people discussing it. But in high-level corporate warfare, they usually wait for the opponent to make a mistake before adding fuel to the fire. So this post was propelled to become a trending topic.

Within just an hour, it had blown up into a major trending topic.

"They're talking about Songhua Technology, right?"

"Although there aren't many pictures of the Songhua Chairman online, I've seen him in person once, and while they say he's handsome, I think his facial features look untrustworthy."

"Some people will try to defend him by saying it's just a moral failing, and since he's not married, it's consensual. But I can only say that for such a dirty man, I feel his company's products are dirty too."

"On the surface it may seem like he's just playing with a lot of women, but doesn't everyone know that in their circles, they can freely play with any kind of woman?"

"Let me say this, I think he's very disrespectful towards women, treating them like commodities."

"I heard all his staff are male, maybe he's actually a misogynist? Or maybe he's gay? He plays with women to cover up his orientation? Or to vent his psychological issues? Isn't that how some rich people are?"

Songhua Technology's PR department immediately activated their emergency response plan, issuing statements and legal letters.

But many people had already seen the posts, so some didn't believe the official response. The hashtag


was also gaining heat.

As the person at the center of it all, Song Luosheng was of course aware of the situation. It was clearly just a rumor, but he didn't expect it to blow up so big, with all sorts of vicious speculation emerging.

Song Luosheng said, "I don't believe there's no one behind this pushing things forward. Zhou Yuan, look into who might be the one pulling the strings from behind the scenes."

"What is the Legal Department doing? They should be working on this."


Of course, Song Luosheng was aware of the blurred photo. One showed him chatting with the disgusting woman sent by Wei Qing in a restaurant. Another showed his supposed blind date partner, and the third showed the girl he bumped into yesterday when he went to see Chi Yu's speech.

He thought they were all coincidences, but it turned out someone had deliberately orchestrated them?

"Find out about the girl I ran into at the Faculty of Liberal Arts last night."