The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.118


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Manager: "For now, stay off the internet and put work on hold until the situation at Songhua Technology is resolved."

After Mu Yinger posted in support of Song Luosheng on social media, some other celebrities who also endorsed Songhua Technology's products began posting messages of support for Song Luosheng as well.

"I believe in Song Director's character."

"No need to say more, it's just rumors! Please don't spread unverified information."


Slowly, some people started to believe in him.

"Come to think of it, although Song Director's photos haven't circulated online yet, I did catch a glimpse of his true appearance once. He really was a handsome man. Appearances reflect one's inner self, so I don't think he would be the kind of person described in those rumors."

"Songhua Technology has already issued a clarification, don't you all believe it?"

"These days, clarifications don't seem very credible, especially from the entertainment industry where celebrities often release unconvincing clarifications."

"It would be better to report this to the police!"

"Even if it's reported, some people still won't believe it. Some only want to believe what fits their expectations and usually won't believe anything contrary."

"With all this discussion, why doesn't Song Director just come out and clarify things himself? He could even do a livestream."

"If you're talking about a livestream, I'm all for it! I solemnly request that Song Director do a livestream!"


"+Phone number!"

Two days into this escalating situation, Song Luokui had been closely following developments online. That day after class, Chi Yu came to have dinner with her at a restaurant near the school. 𝚏r𝐞𝗲𝚠eb𝚗o𝐯

"I wonder who my brother offended."

Chi Yu: "Don't worry, have faith in your brother."

Song Luokui: "I do trust him, but I'm still worried. Could it be someone from the Wei family?"

Chi Yu: "Who? Wei Qing? Why would you suddenly think of him?"

Song Luokui then remembered that message. After reading it, she hadn't paid it much mind. She took out her phone. "Oh right, I don't know how he got my number either. Take a look." Song Luokui handed her phone to Chi Yu.

Chi Yu appeared calm on the surface when he saw it, but the hand holding the phone instantly tightened its grip. "I'll handle it, don't worry about him."

Song Luokui: "Oh, I haven't told my brother about this yet, mainly because I didn't want to add to his troubles recently."

Chi Yu: "Mmm, I'll take care of it."

Song Luokui: "Okay."

After dinner, Chi Yu walked Song Luokui back to her dorm and kissed her forehead. "Go on in."

"Mmhm, bye bye."

Watching Song Luokui enter the dorm, Chi Yu made a call to Li Yanbei. "Help me find some people..."

Wei Qing had just left home, heading somewhere, when suddenly his car was surrounded by several other vehicles.

It was a deserted stretch of road, and Wei Qing's car was forced to a stop.

Wei Qing glared. "Get out and see who it is."

"Yes." But before the driver could even finish the question after stepping out, he was knocked unconscious on the side of the road.

Someone knocked on Wei Qing's car window. "Mr. Wei, our boss requests your presence."

Given the circumstances, Wei Qing had no choice but to get out of the car and see who dared to cause him trouble like this.

As the window rolled down, Wei Qing was stunned to see Chi Yu inside, then laughed. "Chi Yu, if you wanted to see me you could've just called. Was all this really necessary?"

Chi Yu opened the door and stepped out, walking up to Wei Qing and punching him square in the stomach. Wei Qing doubled over in pain, gasping for air as he prepared to fight back, but was immediately restrained by two men.

Wei Qing had trained before and tried to struggle free, but in the next moment Chi Yu struck his face, then continued raining blows on other parts of his body, punch after punch.

Wei Qing couldn't help but collapse to the ground.

Originally, Chi Yu had planned to have others do this, but then decided it would be better to handle it himself. Chi Yu crouched down and slapped Wei Qing's face. "Didn't I tell you not to bother her?"

One of Wei Qing's eyes was swollen and bruised. "Who?"

Then, as if realizing, Wei Qing smiled. "You mean little sister Kuikui?"

But no sooner had he said "little sister Kuikui" than he was punched again. "You are not entitled to call her that nickname, and she is not close to you."

Wei Qing: "How do you know we're not close? I even have photos of us together."

Chi Yu: "You mean those photos that have already been deleted?"

Wei Qing looked at him. "It was you? You deleted my photos?"

His phone had been lost and recovered once before, and when he got it back, all the photos of Song Luokui were gone, not just the ones on his phone but also those uploaded online.

Chi Yu: "Don't even think about getting involved with her. You had a hand in that incident in Country X too, didn't you? How dare you show your face in front of her?"

Wei Qing: "Do you have any proof?"

Chi Yu: "If you harass her again, I won't let you off so easy!" With that, he stood up, got into the car, and the rest of the men followed, driving away.

Inside the car, Li Yanbei asked, "Brother, that's all you're giving him, just a small lesson?"

Chi Yu: "Isn't that what the Wei family wants, that position? It's better to give them a glimmer of hope before shattering it, isn't it?"

Li Yanbei: "As ruthless as ever, Brother."

The next day, Friday, Song Luosheng left the company to pick up Song Luokui from school so they could go home together. Their parents would also be home tonight, and they were all going to have dinner out.

Meanwhile, not far away, someone had already secretly started following them by car.

However, those people couldn't get onto the school campus. Song Luosheng picked up Song Luokui directly in front of the girls' dorm building, and as soon as he had her, they left the school. The people outside could only see a woman get into the passenger seat, and immediately started snapping photos.

The two arrived at a restaurant and went inside, leaving those people to wait outside.

In the private room, Song Luokui hugged her parents. "Mom, Dad, you finally have some free time."

Sheng Rong stroked her face. "Sorry, we always leave our Kuikui home alone." She then looked at Song Luosheng. "Luosheng, come home and keep your sister company whenever you can."

Song Luokui waved dismissively. "No need, I'm all grown up now. Just focus on your work, but take good care of yourselves."

Sheng Rong's gaze softened. "What a good daughter, always concerned for your parents."

Song Luosheng: "...Mom, Dad, I'll come home often to keep Kuikui company."

Song Moqian: "Just don't cause any trouble. I've heard there are going to be a lot of malicious rumors about you on the internet lately."

Song Luosheng's expression changed, "Father, I will resolve it quickly."

Song Moqian: "Hmph! Just don't get your sister involved."

Song Luosheng: "I know."

Soon the dishes were served, and the family didn't discuss those unhappy matters. They happily enjoyed the meal together.

After the meal, Song Moqian and Sheng Rong had some matters to attend to, so they quickly left by car. Song Luosheng was also preparing to take Song Luokui back home. Song Luokui clung to his arm as they were about to leave the restaurant. However, just as the two were about to reach the car, a few reporters suddenly swarmed them, "Song Director, aren't you going to clarify the recent issues?"

They then looked at the young woman beside him, their eyes lighting up as they immediately started taking photographs!

Song Luokui was completely startled and stood there stunned.